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10 blind anime characters that can’t be ignored

Not all of the strongest characters in anime appear to be in perfect shape. Some of them have flaws that people in the real world also have. From paralysis, loss of limbs, inability to speak, even blindness. But, that doesn’t mean they can be ignored.

Some anime characters who are blind or unable to see are known to have abilities that are not inferior to those with normal eyes. They also have an important role in the direction of the story in the story. In addition, they are characters that many other characters or fans respect.

These blind characters never give up their status. Instead, they will find the right solution to solve the problem. They can be an inspiration to those who have flaws in life. Who are these blind anime characters that cannot be underestimated? Quote Game Rant, here is the review!

Anime Uzu Sanageyama – Kill la Kill

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

Uzu Saneyama’s fandom suits the character in this series because he has an eccentric personality. As a member of Honnouji Academy’s Elite Quartet, he was initially quite loud and condescending. However, she was completely changed after suffering defeat at the hands of the main character of the series, Ryuko Matoi.

Uzu is a strange case because he chose blindness for himself. After losing to Ryuko, he decided to have his eyes sewn up again because he believed that his dependence on them was the cause of his loss. Surprisingly in the rematch, his pick was in favor as he was ahead of Ryuko. He made up for his shortcomings and turned his disability into a considerable strength.

Anime Ryo Shimazaki – Mob Psycho 100

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

This series features a lot of strong people, most of which are in the esper and psychic genres. In the world of this series, Ryo is considered one of the strongest even though he cannot be seen. Ryo overcomes this helplessness with Extrasensory Perception. This ability helps him to understand his surroundings better than others with perfectly functioning eyes.

While battling the Mob’s allies, he awakens an evolved form of power called the Mind’s Eye. It is a state achieved with intense concentration, where he closes off unnecessary entities and focuses on the objects around him that he wants to feel. This condition makes him almost invincible.

Anime Okada Nizou – Gintama

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

This cold-blooded assassin became one of Gintoki Sakata’s main enemies during the Benizakura arc. He has higher senses since he cannot see but relies mainly on his sense of smell to navigate. He is a blind assassin who took the first steps in the series while trying to win back a man’s grandson named Hashida Kohei. However, he was defeated by Gintoki.

Nizou is a man who claims to be able to see the “light” in people that shines brightest when they die. This feature stands out as one of the main reasons to kill it. At the height of his war with Gintoki, he pushed the samurai to his limit. He even seriously injured Gintoki. Although he lost the final battle, he will be remembered as the one who pushed Gintoki to his limit.

Anime Uonima Usui – Rurouni Kenshin

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

Uonima Usui is a member of the Juuppongatana, an elite group of warriors during the Meiji period. The group was formed to lead the revolutionary forces to overthrow the government. Usui joins the group to avenge the series’ leader and main antagonist, Shishio Makoto, for stealing his sight.

Usui is a talented assassin who relies on his other senses. That consciousness was raised to a superhuman level after he lost his eyes. He is considered the second strongest in Juuppongatana. His power is emphasized in the Kyoto Story Section, where he kills 50 policemen in less than 2 hours.

Anime N’doul – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

N’doul was the first enemy the Joestar gang faced upon arriving in Egypt. N’doul is one of Dio’s men. N’doul is a blind man with extraordinary taste. The most impressive is his hearing. He can hear the quietest sounds from 100 meters away.

In addition, he has a Bracket called Geb that is in the form of water and can cut anything that comes in contact with it. He is also a very respectable character. This was seen when he committed suicide after losing at the hands of Joestar Group. This step is taken to ensure that he does not reveal Dio’s secret.

Anime Nunnally Vi Britannia – Code Geass

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

Nunnally is a former princess of the British Empire and the younger sister of the series’ protagonist, Lelouch. He is the victim of circumstances unfolding in his home kingdom where his father, the King of Britannia, is a ruthless figure. In most of these stories, Nunally is the main driving force behind whatever Lelouch does. As the story progresses, he takes on a more important role.

Nunnally lost her sight as a child after the death of her mother, after which her father exiled Nunnally from her homeland along with her brother. Nunnally often wants to make a difference but is often taken advantage of because of her noble heritage and childlike appearance. But, despite her blindness and cruel treatment, Nunnally still has a kind and gentle personality. She often provides emotional support to those in need.

Anime Kaname Tousen — Bleach

10 blind anime characters that can't be ignored

This traitorous shinigami is a former captain of the 9th division of the Gotei 13. He is known for his pacifist thoughts. He said his approach always follows the path of least bloodshed. Kaname can sense the presence of others even though he is blind. Meanwhile, he also has a lot of impressive skills. This allows him to fight on par with many very strong opponents.

When using Resurreccion, he gains immense strength and the ability to see. However, the ability to see this doesn’t need to translate if he’s going to perform better on the battlefield. This was shown when he lost at the hands of Hisaki’s Zankupato despite being visible.

Anime Gyomei Himejima — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

10 Karakter Anime Buta yang Tidak Bisa Disepelekan

Hashira is the highest rank in the Demon Slayer Corps. They are the strongest demon slayer in the legion and have different breathing styles. One of the current members of Hashira is Gyomei Himejima, the Hashira Stone. About 2.2 meters tall, Gyomei looks like a giant among the Hashira. Currently, Gyomei is the strongest Hashira alive.

Despite his appearance, Gyomei is a soft-hearted person. He’s also smart. Gyomei was able to rank like Hashira just two months after joining the legion. Despite being blind, Gyomei is able to interact with his surroundings naturally. He makes it seem like his eyes are working perfectly.

Anime Laksamana Fujitora — One Piece

10 Karakter Anime Buta yang Tidak Bisa Disepelekan

The Marine Corps is a military organization consisting of officials of various ranks working under the control of the World Government. The highest ranking officer is the Admiral. Issho, also known as Fujitora, is the admiral appointed after the best part of the series ends. Despite being blind, that condition did not hinder his ability to fight.

His mind eye allows him to visualize people’s auras as colored shadows. In addition, he also has the very impressive Kenbunshoku Haki and the power to control gravity. Fujitora is also someone who knows how to choose for herself the difficulties. He decided to blind himself because he was too tired to see the evil in the world.

Anime Komugi — Hunter x Hunter

10 Karakter Anime Buta yang Tidak Bisa Disepelekan

Unlike many on this list, Komugi doesn’t make up for his blindness to superhuman senses that make him fight dangerous enemies or perform supernatural things. His growth in anime is the main reason why he made this list. Initially, she is a very shy girl and lacks a proper sense of self-defense, but has a great talent for the game called Gungi.

After being invited to Meruem’s palace to prove his superiority in the game Gungi, the two strike up an unexpected relationship. The two characters have experienced strange emotions many times. Despite not having any significant physical strength, his existence became the first real test of the seemingly invincible Ant King, Meruem.


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