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10 Best Space Movies of All Time

If we ask young children about their dreams, maybe some of them will answer that they want to be astronauts. Who knows, when you were a kid, you used to have such an answer? Of course, with an obscure backstory, we already know how exciting it is to be an astronaut. It seems that to this day, astronauts are still one of the most exciting professions in the world.

Movie about astronauts

Astronauts can be considered very cool because there are very few of them. It also makes information about astronauts limited. In addition to books, we can better understand astronauts through movies about astronauts. For those of you interested, here are 10 movies about astronauts that could be an option.

The Martian [2015]

An Ares III mission run by American astronauts faced many problems. Mark Watney trapped in debris and dust is presumed dead. Melissa Lewis, the commander of this mission, was forced to make the decision to leave Mars without Mark. They didn’t know that Mark was still alive.

The problem is, how does Mark manage to contact NASA and survive until help arrives? Mark was able to contact NASA but it took about 4 years for Mark to bring him home. Did he manage to survive there? That’s what makes this movie so interesting. An unusual rescue mission as it involves two different planets.

Apollo 13 [1995]

NASA’s human journey into space continues to be pursued. Apollo 1, the first ship to go to the moon, failed because it caught fire. The next mission, Apollo 12, managed to land Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldin on the moon. Not quite there, Apollo 13 was developed for another trip into space.

A team of astronauts was formed to carry out the Apollo 13 mission. To minimize the possibility of simulation failure, Jack Swigert, who replaced Ken Mattingly, failed and he had to go with Jim Lovell and Fred Haise. On April 11, 1970, Apollo 13 departed. Will they manage to land on the moon? Follow the process in this movie!

Interstellar [2015]

Interstellar is a science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan. Tells about the earth getting older and damaged, forcing people to find a place to live other than Earth. A team is formed to search for another planet where humans can live.

A NASA scientist who has conducted decades of research has discovered a gravitational anomaly near Saturn known as a black hole. To be sure, 12 astronauts were sent through the black hole. What did they find there? They risk their lives to find the answer.

Contact [1997]

Ellie Arroway, a woman who loves astronomy, managed to get into the satellite program at the Arecibo observatory, Puerto Rico. There he met Palmer Joss, a writer by profession. Ellie is a master of science while Palmer is a religious man. Funding for the study was cut off because it was thought to have no real results.

Ellie continued her studies in New Mexico 4 years later. He finds a message containing the design of the machine and makes him believe that there is life in outer space. Exactly in vega star with a distance of 26 light years. With the help of SR Hadden, Ellie begins to demonstrate her research as a lone crew.

Armageddon [1998]

An asteroid is moving towards Earth and threatening human life. NASA is conducting research on how to stop objects in space. They found a way to save the earth with a mission to space, but the people who set out were not researchers or astronomers but drillers.

Harry S. Stamper is a driller at an oil refinery. His name has become known as one of the best in his field. He was recruited by NASA to form a team of the best drillers for a successful asteroid containment mission. The team that Harry formed was set up in a way that was about a mission to space that he had never anticipated before.

Moon [2009]

Sam Bell was sent to the moon to discover the power source of Helium-3. He is accompanied by a robot named Gerty. He has an accident and when he wakes up he finds someone who looks a lot like him, and it’s a clone. Is it real or just an illusion? This movie takes on a different story focus than other movies about astronauts.

Moon depicts the human side of astronauts who have to go into space. Solo traveler Sam has managed to convey an aspect of psychology that is often not discussed. The loneliness and disappointment of being in a place far from earth, away from family. His sanity was tested as he had to survive in opaque conditions.

Red Planet [2000]

The condition of the earth is increasingly damaged and unsafe, so research on other planets continues to be carried out. One of the planets most suitable for human habitation is Mars. But the decision to send humans to Mars was not an easy one. Research should be done with the suspicion that the air there is toxic.

A group of people with different skills have set off to Mars. Their mission is to conduct experiments and prove that Mars can be inhabited by humans. The departure was prepared, but an accident happened that killed one of them. They also have to deal with ferocious robots and insects that threaten their lives.

First Man [2018]

Speaking of astronauts and outer space, there is an unforgettable name, which is Neil Armstrong. His name is better known for his first landing on the moon than two other colleagues, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Armstrong’s iconic image is the main theme discussed in this film.

Damien Chazelle, who plays the role of director, once again demonstrates his skill in portraying the character’s psychology. Ryan Gosling has very well embodied the image of Armstrong. Armstrong, who despite his intelligence, has a fragile side. Another advantage of this film is the beautiful cinematography.

The Space Between Us [2017]

There are 15 astronauts sent to Mars not only to study but also to stay. The goal is to see how ready the place is for human habitation. One of them turned out to be pregnant. Since he could not return to earth, he had to go through the process of being born on Mars.

Gardner Elliot was born and raised on Mars with only 14 other people. He grew up to be a smart boy until once he met a girl online. His desire to return to earth grows older and old enough, he will make his first space trip, which is to return to earth. The fictional story is fun and refreshing to watch.

Space Odyssey 2001 (1968)

  • Release year: 1968
  • Genre: Science Fiction / Adventure
  • Produce: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
  • Actors: Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood

This Stanley Kubrick film pioneered space fiction films that came many years later such as Star Wars and Star Travel. But with Kubrick’s stamp, don’t expect this movie to be a “mediocre” movie with a simple plot. The story line needs intense concentration if you want to really listen.

Space Oddyssey is divided into 4 sessions, and connecting the four sessions is a monolith. Each session has a unique story with many different characters. This movie is suitable for people who like adventure, fantasy, space stories. If you are one of them, try to take the time to watch this movie.

Those are the 10 recommended astronaut movies. If you want to dig deeper into astronauts, these 10 movies about astronauts are not only entertaining, but also add insight. If you have other movie recommendations, a comment column has been provided. There, you can contribute by sharing information.

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