10. Battlestrike Shooting

The first game on this list is Battlestrike Shooting, an FPS game that promises a nice graphical display with sound effects that aid its gameplay. This game is a battlefield game that brings a lot of fun.

You will be told as Dmitri, a young soldier fighting alone against invaders. In addition to Battleground, you can also play as a sniper who kills scary zombies in zombie mode.

In addition to playing offline, you can also play online multiplayer. As an offline FPS game, this game is quite interesting, especially given its relatively light capacity.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 120MB
  • Download Battlestrike Shooting

9. Gunfire: Endless Adventure

The best offline FPS game 2022 that can be played on the Android platform is Gunfire: Endless Adventure. This game offers an FPS game where you will go on an adventure in a dungeon facing many ferocious monsters that are trying to stop you.

Graphically, this game looks quite unique compared to other FPS games. This screen makes this game comfortable to play in terms of visuals, where you can more easily identify the enemy in front of you.

Along the way, you will see various magic boxes that will give you more ammo, various items, and resources when destroyed. In addition to focusing on shooting action, this game also adds RPG elements for character development.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 56MB
  • Download Gunfire: Endless Adventure

8. Drone 4: Zombie Strike

Next is a best offline FPS game for Android 2022 with a zombie apocalypse theme that comes with a pretty unique concept. Here you do not have to take up arms and fight directly with the undead, but you will be a drone pilot to destroy the monsters. Since the perspective is taken from a drone, this FPS game is presented with a top-down camera view.

In every battle you face, you won’t be alone. The drone you control will help ground troops from the air destroy the undead. You won’t run a battle over and over because where you face enemies is quite diverse.

Along with progress, upgrading weapons or replacing them with many other weapons can be done to increase combat power. Not only weapons, you can even choose different types of drones to use.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 284MB
  • Download Drone 4: Zombie Strike

7. WarStrike

Our next recommendation is WarStrike. This FPS game is packed with smooth graphics quality and can be played offline. Here you can upgrade weapons to enhance combat power. The types of weapons available are quite diverse.

The game will be carried out in the various missions provided. Where the mission will take the player to carry out war actions. The quest is also an illustration of the story presented by this game.

Overall, WarStrike offers intense gameplay with smooth graphics, supportive sounds, and smooth game controls.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size: 88MB
  • Download War Strike

6. Burning to death

Burning Dead is a zombie-themed FPS game that deserves a nomination on this list. You will play in mountainous locations filled with scary zombies. You need to survive there and also save your kids.

Apart from the scary burning zombies, the highlight of this game is the location. Forests and mountains with minimal ramp and light conditions make this game more fun and challenging. The extreme track also makes you need to jump or climb, so you’ll often do the parkour action here.

In addition, the match became more intense because the harsh track was combined with the very harsh conditions, namely the forest fire. Plus deadly creatures are also a threat.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 301MB
  • Download Burning Dead

5. Sniper Mission

Sniper Mission can also be an alternative if you are looking for the best offline FPS game 2022 to play this year. As the title suggests, you will act as a sniper and perform various missions. Like other sniper games, you need to be patient and aim accurately.

You will receive a reward if you successfully complete the task. You can use these rewards to buy different weapons to make your photos even better. The more missions you complete, the better weapons you can use.

Visually, this game is presented in a cartoon style so it is quite light to play. Design direction is indeed a casual game with many different tasks but contains humor. The cool thing is that you can try to kill enemies indirectly, by shooting objects like oil drums that have the potential to explode.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 113MB
  • Download Sniper Missions

4. Sky Trail

Another FPS game that might be your choice this year is Sky Trail. This portrait mode mobile game is perfect to accompany your leisure time because in terms of gameplay and visuals, the game is quite ordinary. By design, the characters are made in a playful style with a choice of bright colors.

Gameplay wise, you need to complete each level by defeating the enemy in a gunfight. Since the place where you fight is the terrace, the parkour element is quite thick in this game. You will jump from roof to roof when completing each level.

As we mentioned earlier, this game is a casual game without any deep story and complex missions that require you to think deeply. So Sky Trail is a suitable game to play to fill your spare time.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 72MB
  • Download Sky Trail

3. Combat Master

Going back to the game that offers realistic 3D graphics concepts, there is a game called Combat Master. This FPS game is quite interesting with AAA graphics and quite thrilling gameplay. There is no auto-firing or aiming mode so the accuracy of the shot really depends on your ability to control the shot.

Regarding the gameplay, here you will fight in the multiplayer based game. Where you will be divided into 2 different teams just like Counter Strike game.

But since it can be played offline, of course the enemies to fight are some bots. In terms of concept and presentation, this game really has a lot of potential although it still has many shortcomings.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action, FPS
  • Size: 466MB
  • Download Combat Master

2. Pure Sniper

Next is an FPS game with a long-range shooting theme called Pure Sniper. This game offers pretty smooth 3D graphics with sweeteners in the form of slow bullet motion, assistive sounds and controls that are smooth and easy to master.

There are several playable modes, ranging from campaign mode, ranged competition, etc. Where the game mode will take the player to complete different challenges.

As you progress, the assigned tasks will become more difficult and complex.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 104MB
  • Download Pure Sniper

1. The Ultimate Adventurer

Finally, there is a best offline FPS game 2022 called The Last Adventurer. As the title suggests, here you will be the last explorer on earth. Having said that the rest of the human population has been infected with the zombie virus. But you’re still looking for other humans who might still have survived the destruction.

This game will take you to various places with cinematic setting, from forest, abandoned city, mountain, river and other places. This game also invites you to live an exciting story with intense action against the undead.

One of the advantages lies in the quality of the images served. Throughout the game, you will be pampered with the look of the very eye-catching environment.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size: 255MB
  • Download The Last Adventurer

Those are recommendations for the best offline FPS games you can play on your smartphone in 2022. So which do you think is the most fun?


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