10 Best Movies of Wang Chu Ran

In recent times, the allure of Chinese television dramas has been steadily on the rise, captivating audiences far beyond the borders of China itself. Among the constellation of talented actresses that shine brightly in the Vietnamese entertainment scene, one name that frequently commands attention is Wang Chu Ran. With her pedigree as a graduate of a prestigious theater academy in China, her acting prowess is beyond reproach.

What’s truly remarkable is how swiftly Wang Chu Ran has ascended in the Chinese entertainment realm since her debut in 2017. Directors clamor to secure her for their projects, recognizing her ability to breathe life into diverse characters with depth and authenticity.

Personally, I’ve found myself deeply moved by Wang Chu Ran’s performances, captivated not only by her acting prowess but also by her serene, poised, and graceful demeanor on screen. She possesses a rare gift for evoking a myriad of emotions within her audience, leaving a lasting impact.

For those keen on exploring her repertoire, Salenhanh offers a curated list of the finest Chinese dramas featuring Wang Chu Ran. From tales of romance to stories of intrigue, there’s a wealth of cinematic experiences waiting to be discovered. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the gems she has graced with her talent.

Movie Love Heal

  • Release year 2023
  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Director Duong Duong
  • The cast of Wang So Nhien Bang Guan Ying

Love Heal

Love Heal or Have a Crush on You deserves to be called the best drama ever with the participation of Wang Chu Ran. For me, this movie has a unique and dramatic story. While most dramas are about the sweetness of first love, this one feels more realistic as it presents a slightly different story.

Love Heal really focuses on telling the story of a divorced couple’s second chance. The story begins when Ruan Liu Zheng (Wang Chu Ran) falls in love at first sight with one of his seniors in school, Ning Zhi Qian (Peng Guan Ying).

They were once married, but unfortunately the happy life that Luu Chinh dreamed of was just an illusion because Ninh Chi Khiem never loved him at all. She married Ninh Chi Khiem just to make his family happy.

In fact, Ninh Chi Khiem never considered her his wife, even though Nguyen Luu Chinh tried his best to become an ideal wife. They decided to divorce and live their own lives.

Seven years have passed, Nguyen Luu Tranh has graduated from university and is working as a new doctor at Bei Ya hospital. How surprised Ruan Liu Zheng was to learn that her ex-husband was a senior doctor at the hospital and was now her mentor.

The two agreed to pretend like they didn’t know each other. However, there is something different about Ninh Tri Khiem. Before, he didn’t seem to care about Nguyen Luu Tranh, but now he looks at him from afar. Is it true that Ninh Chi Khiem realized his past mistakes and began to love Liu Chinh’s Room?

Rated 7.6/10 on MyDramaList, Love Heal has a classic but profound plot. This type of story is not suitable for teenagers but is suitable for adults. The film focuses on understanding each other and finding the meaning of love in a family.

Movie Fireworks of My Heart

Fireworks of My Heart

Fireworks in My Heart is a much-discussed film by Wong Chu Ran. In fact, this movie received high ratings with positive reviews, however Wang Chu Ran was criticized because the character Hua Tan played was considered too cute.

It’s a bit strange, but if many people were moved when they saw the character played by Wang Chu Ran in the movie, it means her acting was very convincing, right?

To be honest, I also feel that Xu Qin’s character is too cute, but that’s just her character in the movie. Wang Chu Ran has no control over changing the characters that the story writer has created. So what is Hua Tan’s love story like?

The story begins when Xu Qin and Song Yan (Yang Yang) meet as children. The two grew up together and formed a very close friendship. However, problems between the two families caused Xu Qin and Song Yan to break up.

At the age of 10, Xu Qin became a doctor in the emergency department of a large hospital in China. Meanwhile, Song Yan is a brave, intelligent fire captain who does not give up easily.

One day, Xu Qin and Song Yan met at a disaster site. This is where long-broken relationships can be re-established. However, both Xu Qin and Song Yan want to take this relationship to a more serious level than just friendship.

Unfortunately, the love story between Xu Qin and Song Yan met with their parents’ blessing. Xu Qin loves Song Yan so much that he is willing to disobey his mother. So will Xu Qin and Song Yan be able to maintain their love this time?

Movie Oh My General

Oh My General

Oh My General can be said to be Wang Churan’s most memorable Chinese film. Just imagine, Wang Chu Ran was immediately appointed as the main actor in this movie. In fact, at that time she was still in high school and had no acting experience.

This movie, directed by directors Ye Tian, ​​Wen Jie and Clarence Fok, is really fun to watch. Oh My General has a unique plot, classy acting, strong chemistry between the main actors and a catchy soundtrack. Want to know what that story is like?

Set during the Song Dynasty, a tomboy named Ye Zhao (Ma Si Chun) is determined to disguise herself as a man. To her surprise, she won the highest marks from the other royal soldiers and was made a general.

Afraid that Ye Zhao will control the army, the Queen plans to marry her to Zhao Yujin (Peter Sheng), a prince with a taste for dressing up and being lazy. For various reasons, Zhao Yujin and Ye Zhao finally agreed to get married.

Having a loveless marriage, they agree to live as good friends. Initially, Zhao Yujin only helped Ye Zhao investigate various cases in the kingdom, but gradually, love arose between them. However, their family conditions are very special because Ye Zhao’s wife is the one in control.

In this film, Wang Choran plays Liu Xi Yin, Ye Zhao’s wild, passionate and persistent nephew. For Luu Hi An, love is a sacred thing, but she herself does not know what true love is.

His fate was quite tragic because he was caught up in the conflict between King Qi and prince Zhao Yujin. In the end, Liu Xi Yin decided to commit suicide after many insults and betrayals.

The Last Goodbye to Mama

The Last Goodbye to Mama

Moving into the tragic genre, The Last Goodbye to Mother will make you cry. Reaching a rating of up to 8.2/10 on MyDramaList, this family film has a plot related to many different issues of parents and children in general. What’s the story like?

Set in a small town in Subei, 18-year-old Ding Xiao Jun (Yin Fang) lives with his mother, Ding Bi Yun (Dong Jie). That day he received news that he had been accepted into Peking University. Thinking this time it would be fun, Ding Xioa Jun became the object of ridicule from his classmates.

Not staying silent, Ding Xiao Jun tried to fight them. Unfortunately, her protest was called a rebellion and the university threatened to not graduate her. Luckily Dinh Bi Yu arrived on time. He tried to help his son calm down and spend his college years well.

After graduating, Ding Xiao Jun has hope to change his fate. This man intended to go to Japan to find a job but was rejected by his mother.

Sure enough, in Japan Ding Xiao Jun is no different from a homeless person who was deceived by a job broker. But Ding Xiao Jun did not want to give up on the situation. After working hard, he finally tasted success while working in Beijing.

His happiness collapsed when he learned that his mother was terminally ill. Faced with a choice about career and family, what will Dinh Tieu Quan choose?

In this film, Wang Chu Ran is classified as a supporting actor. She plays Yu Ya, a girl who migrates to Shanghai to pursue her dreams. He studied at the same university as Ding Xiao Jun.

Movie The Longest Promise

The Longest Promise

Making a brief appearance in the famous TV series called The Longest Promise, Wang Chu Ran appeared as a supporting actor named Bai Xue Lu. This character is the daughter of a concubine of the Bai clan.

Since childhood, Bai Xue Lu has been obsessed with marrying a prince from the Eastern Palace. This is what makes her a feisty, ruthless and very competitive woman.

To achieve what she wants, Bai Xue Lu does not hesitate to hurt others. But after the kingdom fell, Bai Xue Lu realized that there were many ways to become queen. Unfortunately, his eyes were already clouded by greed and obsession, so he chose the wrong path.

The Longest Promise is a martial arts film in the romance and fantasy genre. The story idea is adapted from Thuong Nguyet’s novel. This movie has a rather complicated plot but the character development, visual effects and costumes are all very interesting.

The film tells the love story between a teacher and his student. Prince Shi Ying (Xiao Zhan) is banished from the palace to Jiu Yi Mountain, after being caught up in a scandal. There, prince Shi Ying focused only on cultivating and honing his abilities.

One day, a princess of the Chi Yi clan suddenly came to Jiu Yi mountain. It turns out that the princess is running away from her family because she refuses to be with another man. Seeing Shi Ying’s extraordinary abilities, Princess Zhu Yan (Ren Min) begged to be her student.

Initially Prince Shi Ying and Princess Zhu Yan were only focused on gaining power but their relationship gradually turned into love. However, Prince Shi Ying could not express his feelings because he had promised to only be Princess Zhu Yan’s teacher.

On the other hand, Prince Shi Ying cannot be with Princess Zhu Yan because they will eventually confront each other since they are from two different clans. Both try to protect their kingdom, but are they willing to put their feelings aside?

Movie Royal Feast

Royal Feast

Once again classified as a supporting role, in the romantic movie called Royal Feast, Wang Chu Ran plays the role of Su Yue Hua.

Working as a security guard in Jinyi, Su Yue Hua was known as a curt and sarcastic woman. She is very dedicated to her work, it is not surprising that Su Yue Hua can be cruel and ruthless when carrying out her duties.

But behind her very scary personality, Su Yue Hua is blessed with a beautiful face. He is also good friends with Zhu Zhan Ji (Xu Kai), the main male character in this movie. Although she looks very close and intimate, it turns out that there are many secrets that Su Yue Hua is keeping from her best friend.

Royal Ceremony tells the love story between a good soldier and a beautiful chef. Yao Zi Jin (Wu Jin Yan) tries his best to pass the royal staff exam because this is his long-standing dream.

Yao Zi Jin is known to be an excellent chef. The food is very delicious and is always loved by many people. Although busy with daily kitchen work, Yao Zi Jin also occasionally goes to other fields to help his friends with their work.

One day, Yao Zi Jin met a high-ranking royal official, a man named Zhu Zhan Ji. It turns out she is investigating various cases related to the kingdom. Zhu Zhan Ji and Yao Zi Jin also worked together to find out the truth and data related to several cases.

Along the way, they fall in love. However, this relationship did not go smoothly due to the political situation and intrigues in the kingdom. There were three emperor changes, followed by bloodshed that tormented royal members and the people. What will happen to both?

Combining romance and crime, I highly recommend Royal Feast. From the list of celebrities appearing in this movie, their acting is definitely top notch.

What I like about this movie is the beautiful costumes and makeup. It’s not surprising that MyDramaList gave this movie a score of 7.9/10.

Movie The Legend of Xiao Chuo

The Legend of Xiao Chuo

Still in the historical genre, another best Chinese drama by Wong Chu Ran that you can watch is The Legend of Xiao Chuo. This film directed by Jeffrey Chiang and Peng Xue Jun is adapted from the famous novel Yan Yun Tai by Jiang Shen Nan.

Many viewers praised the choice of actors in this film. No doubt, The Legend of Xiao Chuo stars some of China’s top celebrities such as Tiffany Tang, Shawn Dou and Jing Chao, a series of celebrities with impressive acting histories .

In this movie, Wang Churan appeared as one of the supporting characters and the character he played was named Yu Xiao. This woman was the concubine of the fifth Emperor of the Liao Dynasty named Liao Jing Zong. Yu Xiao is a simple woman, she loves her husband very much and is willing to do anything for him.

Unfortunately, Liao Jing Zhong loves Xiao Yan Yan (Tiffany Tang) more than him. In fact, after many sacrifices by Vu Hieu, he finally decided to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, Tieu Chuo Truyen Ky tells the story of the chaos during the Liao Dynasty in the 10th century. At that time, the Liao Dynasty controlled most of Northeast China, Mongolia, Russia, and the Korean Peninsula.

Xiao Yan Yan was the daughter of a prime minister but grew up to become a great woman. In addition to being beautiful and having a good temperament, Xiao Yan Yan also has extraordinary fighting abilities. He loves his childhood friend Han De Rang (Shawn Dou), but this story ends like that. His father married Tieu Dien Duong to Emperor Lioa.

As Empress Liao, Xiao Yan Yan is a persistent character because she is not afraid to go into battle. In the palace, Tieu Dien Dien became entangled in the concubines’ love affair, causing her injury. On the other hand, Xiao Yan Yan still loves Han De Rang.

With You

With You

  • Year of release 2016
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Life, Romance
  • Director Luc Anh
  • Cast Tan Songyun Liu Haoran Dong Qing Chen Mengxi Li Jia Cheng

With You is a Chinese drama project dedicated to those who are fighting against Covid-19 in Wuhan, China. This film contains true stories from medical staff, soldiers, civilians, and victims of the pandemic.

This film is one of the collaborative projects of famous Chinese directors, screenwriters and actors. Wang Choran appeared as a supporting actor in episodes 11 and 12. He played the role of Yao Ning and acted alongside top celebrities such as Lu Yi, Adi Kan, Lu Zi Zhen and Tu Ling.

Yao Ning works as a nurse in a hospital. Because the situation was not good, Yao Ning was transferred to logistics work. He is tasked with ensuring adequate supply of medicine, oxygen, masks and other medical equipment for all patients and medical teams on duty.

In Wuhan, there was a sudden outbreak of patients with a strange disease. Doctors and nurses try their best to provide the best medical services. They must also be careful not to get infected.

Unfortunately, hospital logistics supplies are running out. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff must brainstorm ways to maintain logistical supplies amid the influx of patients.

When you watch With You, you will see how the Chinese people work together to overcome this infectious disease. Various heroic and sad stories are presented here.

When you watch this movie, you will feel goosebumps and cry uncontrollably. It’s not surprising that MyDramaList gave this movie a score of 8.3/10, because the plot is very touching and profound.

Movie Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of Peaceful Joy also belongs to the historical genre, adapted from Gu Cheng Bi’s famous novel Milan Lady. This film is directed by director Zhang Kaizhou and has the participation of several famous figures in China.

As usual, Wang Churan appeared as a supporting actor, that of Zhang Noble Consort. In this movie, Wang Chu Ran looks very beautiful with makeup and many different outfits. Regarding acting, his performance is quite satisfactory even though Wang Chu Ran is acting with big names.

Emperor Renzong’s name is Zhao Zhen (Wang Kai), and he has just discovered that his biological mother is a servant of Empress Li. Feeling indebted to his family, the emperor asked his daughter, Zhao Hui Rou (Ren Min), to marry the son of the Li family, named Li Wei (Lu Xing). In fact, Trieu Huy Nhu already has the man she loves, Luong Hoai Co (Bian Cheng).

Zhao Hui Rou’s refusal also heated up the political situation in the kingdom. Officials demanded many things from the emperor, even threatening to depose him from the throne. Therefore. What will Emperor Zhao Zhen do to save his kingdom?

Movie Challenges at Midlife


In the movie The Challenge of Middle Age, Wang Chu Ran appeared as one of the guests. This beautiful actress appeared briefly in an episode and played the role of Cheng Ke Xin. His presence surprised fans because of his charming acting and appearance.

The film tells the story of Jian Hong Cheng (Lei Jia Yin), the heir of a large agricultural factory who is still single. He was used to focusing on work so he forgot about having a family. In addition, Jian Hong Cheng once felt heartbroken because she felt no longer interested in love.

When Jian Hong Cheng was in college, he fell in love with a girl named Ninh Yu. Unfortunately, his love is only one-sided. Ning Yu rejected Jian Hong Cheng’s love and decided to marry another man.

After many years, Gian Hong Thua met Ninh Ngoc (Vien Tuyen) again. But Ning Yu’s condition is not good because her married life is not going smoothly. All this time, Ninh Ngoc’s husband betrayed her until they decided to divorce.

Still having feelings for Ning Yu, Jian Hong Cheng tries to approach her. But he’s not young anymore, is Ninh Ngoc ready to have a new relationship?

Those are some of Wang Chu Ran’s dramas that you can watch. This woman really deserves to be on the list of top Chinese actresses.

In addition to her beautiful appearance, her acting talent is also very promising. In addition, dramas starring Wang Chu Ran never disappoint the audience. From the suggestions above, which movie do you like the most?

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