Tom Hanks is one of the favorite actors when he has appeared in dozens of classic movies and has been nominated for Best Actor many times at the 2001 Oscars. If you are a fan of actor Tom Hanks, then below are the best movies for you that Salenhanh reviews can summarize

Tom Hanks is one of the favorite actors when he has appeared in dozens of classic movies and has been nominated for Best Actor many times at the 2001 Oscars. If you are a fan of actor Tom Hanks, then below are the best movies for you that Salenhanh reviews can summarize


Top Tom Hanks movies for you

Woman Hunter (2004) – IMDb: 6.2

The movie “The Ladykillers”, in which Ethan Coen and Joel Coen are in the director’s chair, was shown in 2004. Tom Hanks, Irma P. Hall, Marlon Wayans and JK Simmons are the main roles in the film, where  the horror film Comedy  and comedy are experienced together. A professor of fraud who plans to rob a casino will rent an old woman’s room for all her dirty dreams. Understanding the purpose of men early, the woman will be nosedive with death. Of course, this time, things won’t be as simple as expected…

Phim The Money Pit (1986) – IMDb: 6.5

The movie “The Money Pit”, which was brought to the big screen under the direction of Richard Benjamin, deals with the events that occur in the new home of a young couple, who have been moved out of their apartment. in Manhattan. Starring Tom Harks and Shelley Long, the film tells the story of married couple Walter and Anna Fielding, who bought their dream home, about endless home expenses. The young couple are struggling with a relationship on the one hand, and on the other hand, a blank with their bank accounts.

Phim You’ve Got Mail (1998) – IMDb: 6.6

The movie “You’ve Got Mail” first debuted with the movie “Corner Shop”, which was released in 1940. The director’s chair included Nora Ephron, and the leading roles were Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Gray Kinnear and Parker Posey. Joe Fox, who lives in New York City, will decide to open his own bookstore. Suddenly, in the online talk show, the young man who meets a woman named Kelly will find that he has fallen in love with him over time. Kelly owns a bookstore that sells her children’s books. A big surprise will be waiting for them when they decide to meet some common partners.

Phim The Davinci Code (2006) – IMDb: 6.6

The movie “The Da Vinci Code,” which has Ron Howard in the director’s chair, left the Christian world and the Vatican in a difficult situation when it was released in 2006. Dan Borown, Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou are the roles. The main character in the film, which is liked and criticized by millions of people. Finding himself in the middle of a murder mystery, Robert Langdon will travel from Paris to London to bring all the facts to light. Along the way, iconography expert Robert, who appeared with Sophie, who found some hints about the Da Vinci painting, had no idea that he would find himself in a completely different situation.

Angels and Demons (2009) – IMDb: 6.7

The film Angels and Demons, a screen adaptation of Dan Brow’s Angels & Demons forest, met the screen on May 19, 2009. The subject of the film, starring by Tom Hanks, Ayelet Zurer and Ewan McGregor; The underground network is about the Illuminati community. Robert, a technologist, will know that the community has been revived. The Illuminati, threatening the Catholic Church with death, will mobilize Robert, who is extremely knowledgeable and conservative about religion.

Phim The Ties of Love (1993) – IMDb: 6.8

The film “Insomnia in Seattle”, which tells the story of Jeff Arch, was screened in 1993 by the successful director Nora Ephron. Sam Baldwin, who lost his wife, moved to Seattle with his son. Although many years have passed, the father and son, who want to escape the pain of his wife Maggie, continue to face the same problem. Having trouble sleeping, Johan will do his best to find a new woman for his father. Connecting to the radio station on a Christmas evening, Sam will come to a new love.

Dream Song (1996) – IMDb: 6.9

The movie “Dream Song” directed by Tom Hanks was directed by The Wonders, “That Thing You Do! Adapted from the song. His leading roles include Tom Hanks, Tom Scott, Steve Zahn and Johnathon Schaech. The adventure, which begins with the injury of a drummer participating in a local talent competition, will be taken on a completely different life with the young salesman’s acceptance to play instead.

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) – IMDb: 7.0

“The Charlie Wilson War” is about financing the secret weapons of the Mujahideen who fought the Soviets during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The main roles include Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt. Moving from a real-life story to the screen, the film deals with what happened to Texas congressman Charlie Wilson, who provided secret weapons and financial support to the mujahedin.

The Post (2017) – IMDb: 7.2

“The Post,” directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, deals with the legal process surrounding the Pentagon in 1971. In the film starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Sarah Paulson, they will decide. leaked information from the Pentagon. Katharine Graham, who discovered a huge scandal with the leak of information, will start a major legal battle.

The Girl in the Field (1992) – IMDb: 7.2

Directed by Penny Marshall, the movie “A Leahue of Their Own” is about the real-life All-American Professional Baseball League. Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Madonna, and Lori Petty play the leading roles of the film, which premiered in 1992. Industry leaders, who didn’t want baseball to stay in the background during World War II, sent troops. The team goes looking for players from all over the world. Gathered with great effort, the team will find themselves in a bad situation with manager Jimmy Dugan’s drinking habits.

Phim Tom Hanks: Great (1988) – IMDb: 7.3

The movie “Big”, for which Tom Hanks has received awards in 4 different branches, is a great TV series and movie that was brought to the screen in 1988. Stars Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, David Moscow and Robert Loggia in the movie. The film’s other character, Josh, goes to an amusement park. When he said that he wanted to grow into the desired machine in the amusement park, things were completely different. Accepting Josh’s wishes, the machine will bring him into the world as a grown man.

Phim Tom Hanks: The Terminal (2004) – IMDb: 7.3

The movie “The Terminal” starring Tom Hanks was inspired by Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who lived at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport for 18 years. Directed by Steven Spielberg with a Best Director Oscar, the film Terminal is one of the most popular comedy-drama series released in 2004. The theme of the film; It started with Viktor Navorski’s inability to enter the United States after his passport was invalid. Preparing to return to his country, the man is shocked by a news he saw on TV. Hearing news of a war in his country, the man will learn to live at the airport after being rejected by the US.

Movie Sully (2016) – IMDb: 7.4

Sully, adapted from the autobiography “The Highest Task Force”, was screened under the direction of Clinton Eastwood, the most Oscar movies. It’s about heroic pilot Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully landed a failed passenger plane in 2009 to the Hudson River. Chesley, who saved 155 passengers, will not be able to win the company’s appreciation, despite its high public and media appreciation.

Cloud Map (2012) – IMDb: 7.4

The film, adapted to the screen from the novel “Cloud Atlas”, is directed by brothers Tom Tykwer and Wachowski. The main roles of the film are Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving and Jim Sturgess. In the year 1850, you will witness the change of their fortunes in the historic corridors of a traveler, a hardcore composer, a journalist living in California, a publisher on the run from the underworld. and one serving in a deadly cell, making a difficult transition from the Pacific Ocean.

Phim Tom Hanks: Saving Mr. Bank (2013) – IMDb: 7.5

One of Tom Hanks’ favorite movies, Saving Saving Mr. The Bank is about Mary Poppins, who promises to make movies for the daughter of famous filmmaker Walt Disney. Mary, who needs permission from the original owner PL Travers, will be traveling from London to Hollywood for the Disney project. Directed by John Lee Hancock, screenwriter of Snow White and the Huntress, the film stars Colin Farrell, Jason Schwartzman, and Emma Thompson.

Phim Tom Hanks: Bridge of Spies (2015) – IMDb: 7.6

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie “Bridge of Spies” suddenly appeared in the bargaining of American U-2 pilots captured by the Cold War and the Soviet Union. The film, starring Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan and Alan Alda, was awarded in 8 different awards.

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Phim Apollo 13 (1995) – IMDb: 7.6

Adapted from the screen from the book Lost Lost, Apollo 13 is about the failed 1970 Moon mission. Starring Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, and Ed Harris. The theme of the movie; Famous astronaut Jim Lovell, preparing to go to the moon, tells the good mission of Jack Swigert and Fred Haise to meet a terrible end. Before the astronauts arrived on the moon, an explosion occurred in the oxygen tanks. With the support of NASA, will the Apollo 13 team, who will face death, succeed in returning to the world?

Torment’s Path (2002) – IMDb: 7.7

Adapted to the screen from the movie “Road to Perdition” by Max Allan Collins, the film met audiences under the direction of Sam Mendes. His leading roles include Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Tyler Hoechlin and Jude Law. Americans who are on the verge of an economic crisis will see people taking on different jobs. A man named Michael Sullivan works as an attacker John Rooney for money. Rooney’s son will be able to deal with the macabre events by not being able to get the shooter close to his father. Things will be completely different as a result of boys shooting guns.

Movie Tom Hanks: Philadelphia (1993) – IMDb: 7.7

The film “Philadelphia”, which premiered in 1993 under the direction of Jonathan Demme, is about the AIDS epidemic that hit America in the 1980s. His leading roles include Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas and Mary Steenburgen. The main character of the film, Andrew Beckett, is known as a gay lawyer. The lawyer, who was fired after learning he had AIDS in his law firm, would prefer to defend his rights with the lawsuit he filed against the law firm.

Movie Tom Hanks: New Life (2000) – IMDb: 7.8

The movie “Cast Away”, which Robert Zemeckis takes on as director, begins with the story of a plane crashing into the South Pacific. The film, starring Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Chris Noth, and Jennifer Lewis, focuses on the struggles of a FedEx employee who has fallen on a deserted island. The film New Life, which was brought to the screen in 2000, was nominated for an Academy Award at Tom Hanks’ 73rd Academy Awards.

Movie Tom Hanks: Captain Phillips (2013) – IMDb: 7.8

The BAFTA director awarded British director and screenwriter Paul Greengrass, “Captain Phillips” is about seafaring trade captain Richard Phillips, who is taken hostage by Somali pirates in 2009. The film with the starring Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi, met the screen in 2013.

Catch Me If You Can (2002) – IMDb: 8.1

The movie “Catch Me if You Can”, starring famous Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, was adapted into a screenplay, inspired by the famous check fraudster Frank Abagnale. The film, roughly between an agent and a criminal, tells the life story of a notorious criminal who has managed to deceive the FBI many times.

Phim Tom Hanks: Saving Private Ryan (1998) – IMDb: 8.6

The movie “Saving Private Ryan”, shown by American producer, screenwriter and director Steven Spielberg, deals with the events that took place during the Second World War. In the film that tells the story of a mother who sends her four sons to war, only Er Ryan will survive. Ryan, his mother’s only hope, can return safely from the war? News coming from the battlefield where the life market is experienced will shatter the mother.

Green Road 2 (1999) – IMDb: 8.6

The film “The Green Mile”, written and directed by the successful director Frank Darabont, who made his name with three Oscar nominations, is adapted from the novel “The Green Road” by Stephen King. Film starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Hanks, Sam Rockwell, David Morse and Doug Hutchison, “Best Picture Award”, “Best Supporting Actor Award”, “Best Screenplay Award”, ” and “Best Original Music” Awards. The film tells the dramatic story between a hospital employee and an inmate.

Phim Tom Hanks: Phim Forrest Gump (1994) – IMDb: 8.8

Forrest Gump is one of the best Tom Hanks movies from director Robert Zemeckis, who made a name for himself in the 1980s with “Back to the Future”. The film was released in 1994, and stars Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field and Mykelti Williamson. Depicting a young man with a low IQ, Forrest Gump will witness a multitude of events. By chance, Gump, who had met such famous names as Elvis Presley, Nixon, and Kennedy, would have witnessed many events in recent American history.

Above is a summary of the best Tom Hanks movies today that we have compiled