Edwards Scissorhands

This film remains Tim Burton’s finest work, where one can easily see the purest expression of Burton’s sensibility. This is how Burton chooses to temporarily distance himself from his Batman, through the dark suburban fantasy fairy tale of a mysterious young man living far from the world with scissors in his hand: a monster that never can now let anyone get close.

Depp looks flawless here, and Winona Ryder is exactly the type of girl who sees herself in this “monstrosity”. Strange as well as beautiful, Edwards Scissorhands is also recognized as one of Hollywood’s greatest modern romance films of all time.

Ed Wood

There is perhaps no best explanation that proves Burton is a great and bad filmmaker other than the fact that what many consider his best work is also his worst. Tim Burton’s Best Movie tells the biography of a famous filmmaker without talent, humor and profound impact, both on the important journey of those involved, especially Johnny Depp .

This film was Burton’s lowest-grossing film of his career but to this day even 25 years after its release it is still Burton’s film with the highest quality ratings.


The first modern superhero movie — and the one that set the standard for Hollywood thinking about comic book adaptations. Before Batman, superhero movies appeared with bright nuances and stories. However, Burton then attacks with the tone of the story and dark visualization, by emphasizing the complexity of the characters, both protagonist and antagonist.

Don’t forget to infuse his vibrant soul into this IP. It makes us see Batman as he wants to, as a lonely stranger who has more in common with his arch-nemesis than he’d like to admit. As a result, Batman has been wildly successful. Not only that, the film directed by the best Tim Burton has also become extremely important and vital in the history of superhero movie development in Hollywood up to the present time. Same goes for the next part.


This is one of those movies that no one but Burton could have imagined as a director. It’s light and funny in a charming and accessible way, but creepy and shocking when you least expect it. And, he was helped by the glossy appearance of a squad of players who would go on to become big names in Hollywood: Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton as the main characters.

Big Eyes

If you want to see a modern Tim Burton movie that is different from the others but still has a directing style, then this best director Tim Burton movie is the most suitable. The film tells the biographical story of female painter Margaret Keane and her case with her husband, Walter Keane, who for years has insisted that his wife’s work is his.

Backed by slick appearances by Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams, Big Eyes is sure to give audiences a new perspective on director Tim Burton’s films.