10 Best Movies of Theo James

    Theo James

    Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis is an actor, director, producer and model. Theo began his acting career by appearing in several television series. It’s true that the world’s entertainers are often dominated by Americans, but Theo James was born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

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    To be able to compete in the world arena, one must be extraordinary. Such a tight competition is impenetrable with luck alone. Fortunately, Theo James is indeed talented, so far he has acted in many films and succeeded in the market. Want to know? These are 10 films of Theo James, the British actor who is successful around the world.

    Movie Divergent [2014]

    • Release year : 2014
    • Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery
    • Directed by: Neil Burger
    • Actors: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet
    • Production company : Summit Entertainment, Red Wagon Entertainment

    Humans are divided into 5 types of characters, which are Candor (honest), Erudite (genius), Amity (peace-loving), Dauntless (brave) and Abnegation (helper). There is also a category called Divergent that does not fall into the previous five categories. Tris is a woman being tested to fit a type of character, the one she wants to be Dauntless.

    In order to be able to fulfill his dream, he passes a test that could cost him his life. Theo James in Divergent plays the character “Four” Tobias Eaton. Dauntless is filled with people who have no aversion to violence while Four is a quiet but brave and intelligent person. Theo looks good with his mysterious body.

    The Inbetweeners Movie [2011]

    • Release year : 2011
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Directed by: Ben Palmer
    • Actors: James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas
    • Production company : Film4, Young Films, Bwark Productions

    Four friends with different personalities Will, Simon, Jay and Neil plan a vacation after they graduate from high school. Their destination is Malia, a tourist destination visited by many women.

    As outcasts, they only want to do one thing and have fun with women. The Inbetwearies Movie is based on one of Queen Elizabeth’s most successful sitcoms that ran from 2008 to 2011.

    In this movie, Theo James plays James, the man who becomes the love of Carli, Simon’s ex-girlfriend. He plays a villain who is at the same time cold and arrogant.

    How It Ends Movie [2018]

    • Release year : 2018
    • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
    • Directed by: David M. Rosenthal
    • Actors: Theo James, Kat Graham, Nancy Sorel
    • Production company : Paul Schiff Productions

    Will and Sam are lovers who will soon have children. Will wants to visit Sam’s parents in Seattle to ask for their blessings because they want to get married. Along the way, many problems occur, from loss of phone signal to power failure. His journey to meet Sam met with many challenges.

    Theo James plays the character Will. In this film, he has shown his role in the genre of action movies combined with disaster. Witnessing how he overcame so much hardship to come to Seattle to receive the blessing of a future father-in-law with such huge disparities can make us chuckle in amazement.

    Movie London Field [2018]

    • Release year : 2018
    • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Horror
    • Directed by: Mathew Cullen
    • Actors: Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne, Jason Isaacs
    • Production company: Muse Productions, Periscope Entertainment, Curily Bright Entertainment

    Nicola Six is ​​a woman who works as a fortune teller. Everything’s fine when he’s fortune-telling people, but not when he’s fortune-telling himself. He has an idea that in the future he will be killed by someone.

    She then develops relationships with three men, one of whom will be her future killer. In the film Fields of London, Theo James plays Guy Clinch. He is a rich man but has problems with his overbearing wife.

    Feeling annoyed, he began to think about having an affair with another woman, Nicola. It was interesting to watch Theo’s performance as a character he had never played before.

    The Secret Scriptures Movie [2016]

    • Release year : 2016
    • Genre: Drama, Romance
    • Directed by: Jim Sheridan
    • Actors: Rooney Mara, Theo James, Aidan Turner
    • Production company : Screen Ireland, Apollo Media, Ferndale Films

    Roseanne “Rose” McNulty spent 40 years in a mental hospital that was soon turned into a hotel. He often says that he has lost his memory of the past due to an electric shock.

    It turns out that in the past, there were events that happened with two sides, that is, happy and sad. Theo James in The Secret Scripture plays Father Gaunt, a young priest.

    Rose’s beauty attracts him so much that he does everything so that no man can have Rose. The villain in this movie is really well acted.

    The Domino Effect [2012]

    • Release year : 2012
    • Genre: Drama
    • Directed by: Paula van der Oest
    • Actors: James D’Arcy, Theo James, Harriet Walter
    • Production company : FilmBudget.com, The Domino Effect BV

    When the world economy slows down, everyone in the world suffers like a domino effect. Even if you don’t realize it, it turns out that one person’s life is related to another. The impact of the economic downturn was so great that people no longer felt safe because they felt their economic level was not enough.

    In The Domino Effect, Theo James plays an unnamed person. He was just a guest at a dinner party. Here he engages in a rather in-depth conversation about the state of the economy and its impact on society at large.

    Zoe [2018]

    • Release year : 2018
    • Genre: Romance, Science Fiction
    • Directed by: Drake Doremus
    • Actors: Ewan McGregor, Léa Seydoux, Theo James
    • Production company: Aperture Media Partners, Global Road Entertainment, Scott Free Productions

    A creature called an android was created with the ability to love like a human. Zoe and Cole, who developed this technology. Unexpectedly, they started to like each other. An incident occurs that threatens their relationship and the technology they develop.

    Theo James played Ash in the movie Zoe. Although it focuses on Lea Seydoux as Zoe and Ewan McGregor as Cole, Ash plays a major role in this film. Ash is a cyborg living in Zoe’s research site and Cole has a secret crush on Zoe.

    Backstabbing for Beginners [2018]

    • Release year : 2018
    • Genre: Drama, History, Romance
    • Directed by : Per Fly
    • Actors: Theo James, Ben Kingsley, Belçim Bilgin
    • Production company: Creative Alliance, Eyeworks Scandi Fiction, Hoylake Capital

    Michael Sullivan got his dream job of becoming a diplomat like his father. Pasha Passari was the last to accept Michael at the UN after Michael failed four times.

    Michael is assigned to a humanitarian program by becoming Pasha’s assistant. He clearly found many anomalies as the show became a political game.

    Michael Sullivan’s character is played by Theo James. In this movie, Theo performed quite well with his intelligent and humane-oriented personality. Especially when he is faced with a major conflict, which is to trust Nashim, the woman he loves or his boss, Pasha.

    The Benefactor [2016]

    • Release year : 2016
    • Genre: Drama
    • Directed by: Andrew Renzi
    • Actors: Richard Gere, Dakota Fanning, Theo James
    • Production company: Audax Films, Big Shoes Media, Celerity Pictures

    Franny has lived in her mansion for five years. He is still sad because he was the cause of his wife’s death in a car accident. Mya, the couple’s daughter, grew up and married Bobby.

    Franny tries to fix her past by connecting with Mya and Bobby. Theo James played the character Bobby in the movie The Benefactor. Bobby is the doctor and husband of Mya played by Dakota Fanning.

    Theo has to compete with a senior actor, Richard Gere in this film and manages to do his job well. A touching sight for those who enjoy the drama genre.

    Movie War on Everyone [2016]

    • Release year : 2016
    • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
    • Directed by: John Michael McDonagh
    • Actors: Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Peña, Theo James
    • Production company: Bankside Films, British Film Institute (BFI), Head Gear Films

    Terry Monroe and Bob Bolano return to Alberqueque after being convicted of assaulting a colleague for racist conduct. Despite their good looks, they are actually a pair of corrupt policemen who do not hesitate to extort money and accept bribes.

    Their actions are troubled when they have to deal with James Manganese, a businessman and heist planner. In the movie War with People, Theo James played the character James Manga.

    Once again Theo becomes the villain. In this comedy-drama, he managed to portray a cold-hearted villain although there are some scenes that can bring laughter. This movie can be a light entertainment movie with funny dialogue and a bit of action.

    Through the 10 Theo James films reviewed above, you can enjoy how stunning the British actor looks in each of his roles. Which movie did you enjoy the most? If you have watched, you can share your views in the comments column provided, yes!

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