10 Best Movies of Son Ho Ju

Making his first appearance in a TV series, Son Ho Jun entered the film industry a few years later. With his ability, of course Son Ho Jun has no difficulty acting on the big screen. The first film he starred in is still being discussed, especially for those who like the horror and suspense genre.

During his acting career, he received several awards. Of course, this appreciation is only for those actors who have been recognized for their talent.

Son Ho Jun

For those of you who are enamored with his character because of the movie he just acted in, are you curious about Son Ho Jun’s actions on the big screen? Don’t worry, because we’ve curated and curated the best movies from them below!


  • Release year 2009
  • Genre Drama, Youth
  • Director Lee Sung Han
  • Cast Hwang Jung Eum Jung Woo

Son Ho Jun’s film Wish (2009) tells the story of a male student from Busan who joins a gangster at school. Jjang Gu joined a club called Monster involuntarily. He just did something that many students used to do.

For a young man like him, joining a gangster was like a rite of passage to become a real man. This film shows how the tradition of violence pervades everyday life and how violence is inseparable from everyday life in Korean society.

A Diamond in the Rough

  • Release year 2019
  • Genre Drama
  • Director Kang Ji Eun
  • Cast Kim Hae Sook Son Ho Jun

Son Ho Jun as Ki Kang in this drama is said to live only with his mother and younger sister Ki Soon. Soon Ok is a supportive mother who works in a restaurant.

Ki Kang then decides to move to Seoul and promises to make a lot of money for his mother. He is willing to drop out of school to keep his promise.

In fact, Ki Kang lives a harsh and evil life in Seoul. He became a criminal involved in robberies and murders. Due to his actions, Ki Kang was sentenced to death.

Only then did he realize how much he had hurt his mother. However, a mother’s love never ends. Soon Ok tirelessly finds ways to reduce his son’s sentence.

Three Summer Nights

  • Release year 2015
  • Comedy Genre
  • Director Kim Sang-jin
  • Cast Kim Dong Wook Yoon Je Moon Im Won-hee Son Ho Jun

Son Ho Jun’s movie titled Three Summer Night (2015) is a comedy genre starring Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Je Moon and Im Won Hee. The story revolves around three male friends who go on a weekend getaway at Haeundae beach in Busan. Each of them has a different background.

Myung Seok is a young man who has been trying to pass the bar exam for the past eight years, while Dal Soo is a contract worker at a call center.

Next to them is Hae Goo, played by Son Ho Jun, who works as a salesman to treat impotence. The three of them never imagined their vacation could turn out to be so full of problems.

Big Match

  • Release year 2014
  • Genre Action , Comedy , Horror
  • Director Choi Ho
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Lee Jung Jae

A series of big names like Lee Jung Jae, Lee Sung Min and Shin Ha Kyun will lead Son Ho Jun’s next movie. Titled Big Match (2014), this film tells the story of Choi Iko; a former soccer player who switched careers to become a boxer because he used to love fighting. He is coached by his older brother, Choi Young Ho.

Iko had a lot of fans; and in charge of the job is Jae Yul played by Son Ho Jun. One day, Young Ho suddenly disappears and Iko is arrested by the police for murder. In a state of confusion, Iko receives orders from a man named Ace to fight if he wants his brother to survive.

Stellar: A Magical Ride

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Action , Adventure , Comedy , Crime , Drama , Family , Fantasy , Friendship , Road Film
  • Director Kwon Soo Kyung
  • Cast Son Ho Jun Lee Kyu Hyung

A sci-fi drama with a touch of humour, Son Ho Jun’s next film.

Stellar: A Magical Ride (2022) tells the story of Young Bae who works at a car rental business. He was in a difficult situation because his friend stole the luxury company car. Even worse because there were drugs in the car.

As a result, Young Bae became the target of agents. Amidst her problems, Young Bae is forced to attend her father’s funeral. Young Bae is reluctant because he really hates him.

Arriving at his late father’s house, Young Bae continues to be chased by traffickers. He escaped in his father’s old car and a heartbreaking miracle happened.

Circle of Atonement

  • Release year 2015
  • Genre Crime , Drama
  • Director Ly Dong Ha
  • Cast Sung Dong Il Son Ho Jun Kim Yoo Jung

In the movie Circle of Atonement (2015), actor Son Ho Jun combined acting with Sung Dong Il and Kim Yoo Jung. Here, he plays Nam Cheol Wung, a high school teacher who lost his fiance to a murder ten years ago.

The death of his fiance left a big wound for Cheol Wung because he was killed before their wedding.

Detective Sang Won is in charge of this case. Although ten years have passed and it is still unresolved, she is still dedicated. Sang Won has a daughter named Jung Hyun. Cheol Wung enters the lives of Sang Won and his daughter as a teacher.

However, surprisingly, Jung Hyun secretly developed feelings for Cheol Wung; and the secret that was supposed to be hidden was finally revealed. Is this secret related to the death of Cheol Wung’s fiancé?

Death Bell

  • Release year 2008
  • Genre Horror, Thriller
  • Director Chang, Hong Seungyoon
  • Cast Kim Bum Lee Bum Soo Nam Gyu Ri

Before the thrilling college entrance exam, the lives of 24 of the brightest students in a high school are at stake. They are locked in the school with no way to escape.

Tension rises when a television screen plays the top student in high school, Hae Yeong, frightened by being locked in a large box that slowly fills with water.

A threat is heard from the screen saying that if the student cannot complete the test within the given time, Hae Yeong will die. Other students will suffer the same fate. A death test begins. In this movie, Son Ho Jun plays the role of Jo Bum.

Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

  • Release year 2010
  • Genre Horror
  • Director Yoo Seon Dong
  • Cast Yoon Shi Yoon Hwang Jung Eum Park Ji Yeon Kim Soo Ro

Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010) is the sequel to the movie Death Bell (2008). Son Ho Jun is still present in the cast that gives life to this movie. In the second series, several new actors and characters were introduced, including actor Yoon Shi Yoon and actress Hwang Jung Eum.

This film once again tells the struggle of a group of students at a school to survive. Disaster strikes when students attend a camp to improve their grades and the school’s.

On the first night, the atmosphere is tense because their swimming coach is found murdered. The students must solve the case, or their lives will be threatened.

A Wild Apricot

  • Release year 2021
  • Genre Drama, Life
  • Director Son Ho Jun
  • Cast Son Ho Jun

In addition to acting in films produced by big companies, Son Ho Jun also acted in a short film for the first time. A film called A Wild Apricot (2021) written, directed and starred by himself. Only 11 minutes long, the film tells the story of a man and his life that makes many people jealous.

The life that makes people jealous seems to be only on the surface. While making A Wild Apricot (2021), Son Ho Jun admitted that he wanted to spend time and space to be close to many people. He was amused when he had difficulty expressing his imagination.


  • Release year 2017
  • Romance genre
  • Manager
  • Cast Son Ho Jun Son Seok Koo

Another Son Ho Jun short film that you can enjoy. This time he only starred with Son Suk-ku, Jo Hye Joo, Kim Rok Kyung and Kim Gon. Genre romance, romance, Wedding (2017) This movie tells about the life of a man named Ji Hwan who is deaf.

She attends the wedding of Song Hoon, an old friend from high school. During the ceremony, Ji Hwan reenacted some past memories.

He also remembered a secret that couldn’t be revealed on his best friend’s special day. Longer than A Wild Apricot (2021), this film is 21 minutes long.

The ten Son Ho Jun movies he has acted in offer a wide selection of genres. From romance to comedy, he performed brilliantly. Those who love his figure can know Son Ho Jun through the movies above.

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