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For those who like to watch Korean movies, it must be no stranger to the face of actress Shin Ha Kyun. During her career that has spanned over two decades, Shin Ha Kyun really wanted to expand her portfolio by starring in a big-screen project rather than a drama.

At the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards 2021, Shin Ha Kyun returned to cause a stir in public opinion. However, not because of its performance in a movie, but a TV series. Thanks to his excellent performance in the horror film “Beyond Evil”, Shin Ha Kyun surpassed other bright candidates and won the title of Best Actor.

Shin Ha Kyun

Of course, Beyond Evil is not the only good drama that Shin Ha Kyun has appeared in. Actor Chungmuro ​​has also starred in a number of dramas that are certainly equally interesting to watch. For those curious about anything, stay tuned for this post!

Beyond Evil

  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Horror
  • Director Shim Nayeon
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Yeo Jin Goo Choi Dae Hoon Choi Sung Eun Kim Shin Rok

“Beyond Evil” is a horror-mystery film with a police setting. Here, Shin Ha Kyun shows off her extraordinary acting skills as a complex character, Lee Dong Sik. The character used to be a trusted detective of the Seoul Police. However, he was transferred to the Manyang Police Station, the police station in the small town where he was born.

Once upon a time, policeman Manyang had a new member named Han Joo Won. He is an elite detective, as well as the son of the best candidate for the post of Korean Police Chief. And by chance Joo Won was appointed as Lee Dong Sik’s new partner.

Not long after that, the people of Manyang were once again stunned by the presence of a corpse. The pattern of the murders is similar to that of the case 20 years ago when teenage defendant Lee Dong Sik became a suspect.

As discussed before, Lee Dong Sik’s role brought Shin Ha Kyun the title of Best Actor. Not only the actors, the movie Beyond Evil also won the Best Drama Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2021. With this achievement, it is clear that the movie Beyond Evil must be on the watch list. your .

Soul Mechanic

  • Release year 2020
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Medical, Romance
  • Director Yoo Hyun Ki
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Jung So Min

If in Overcoming the Devil, the audience witnessed Lee Dong Sik’s actions in solving the mystery of a murder case, then here, the audience is invited to follow the journey of the character Lee Shi Joon. played by Shin Ha Kyun in overcoming his patients’ and their own psychological problems. damage.

Lee Shi Joon is an eccentric psychiatrist who is known for his hard work and genuine concern for his patients’ condition. To help his patients, Shi Joon does not hesitate to use unusual methods.

Once upon a time, Shi Joon met a patient named Han Woo Joo, a rising musical actress. Woo Joo is an honest person with high integrity. Unfortunately, he has poor emotional control.

So, besides witnessing the actions of Shin Ha Kyun as a psychiatrist, the audience will also witness the love story between Lee Shi Joon and Han Woo Joo, the character played by Jung. So Min plays the role. So, if you’re curious about the chemistry that builds between Jung So Min and Shin Ha Kyun, then Soul Mechanic should be on your watch list.


  • Release year 2011
  • Genre Medical , Romance
  • Director Song Hyun Wook , Yoo Hyun Ki
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Choi Jung Won Jung Jin Young Jo Dong Hyuk

“Brain” is the first drama of the medical genre starring Shin Ha Kyun. For 20 episodes, “Brain” follows the journey of character Lee Kang Hoon, who is obsessed with becoming successful.

Lee Kang Hoon is an arrogant surgeon at Chunha University Hospital who graduated from a prestigious medical school with top marks. Because he does not come from a rich family, plus the things that happened to his father, Kang Hoon is always determined to change his destiny to become the best neurosurgeon.

The movie Brain is enjoying success and receiving positive reviews at home. In addition, Shin Ha Kyun’s phenomenal performance as Lee Kang Hoon earned him the Daesang or the highest award at the 2011 KBS Drama Awards.

Less than Evil

  • Release year 2018
  • Genres Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Horror
  • Director Kim Dae Jin , Lee Dong Hyun
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Lee Seol Park Ho San Kim Gun Woo

“Less Than Evil” is the name of the MBC drama series cut from the BBC series “Luther”. Shin Ha Kyun here becomes the main character while playing Woo Tae Suk, a character taken from John Luther in the original series.

Woo Tae Suk is a veteran detective who always defends justice. He has the principle of catching criminals at any cost and making them get what they deserve. This principle makes Tae Suk the detective with the highest arrest record in the criminal case.

One day, Tae Suk meets Seon Jae, a psychopathic female genius accused of a murder case. However, due to the lack of evidence, Seon Jae cannot be suspected. Despite that fact, Tae Suk and Seon Jae still secretly work together to solve other cases.

Mr. Back

  • Release year 2014
  • Genre Comedy , Fantasy , Romance
  • Director Lee Sang Yeob
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Jang Nara Lee Joon

Want to see Shin Ha Kyun’s acting skills playing two characters at the same time? “Grandfather. Back” is a movie that you must watch. In this novel adaptation, Shin Ha Kyun transforms into Choi Go Bong, a 70-year-old corporation. He is a hotel businessman who is also known for his greedy and selfish personality.

One day, Go Bong transforms into a man in his 30s. Later, he names Choi Shin Hyung for his young body. Of course, Go Bong is happy to relive his youth.

In her youthful body, she meets Eun Ha Soo, a part-timer who just got her first steady job. His meeting with Ha Soo led Shin Kyung to learn about love. On the other hand, Shin Hyung also has a relationship with his son and potential heir who often causes trouble, Choi Dae Han.

Pied Piper

  • Release year 2016
  • Genres Action , Crime , Drama , Horror
  • Director Kim Hong Seon
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Jo Yoon Hee Yoo Joon Sang

“Pied Piper” is the first police-themed action thriller starring Shin Ha Kyun. Here Shin Ha Kyun plays a character named Joo Sung Chan. Prior to Sung Chan joining as an Advisory Negotiator at the Police Crisis Negotiation Unit, Sung Chan was an independent negotiator working with corporations.

Once upon a time, Sung Chan helped the K-Group company free their employees who were imprisoned in the Philippines. Thanks to Sung Chan, 4 of the 5 hostages returned to Korea safely, but 1 was declared dead. Everything went smoothly, until finally there was a terrorist bombing at a restaurant where Sung Chan’s girlfriend worked.

The situation becomes more complicated when the initiator of the terrorist attack is not only the hostage victims but also a mysterious party named “Piep Piper”. Sung Chan then tries to uncover who is behind this “Piep Piper”, until he finally decides to join the Police Crisis Negotiation Unit.

All About My Romance

  • Release year 2013
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Director Son Jung Hyun
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Lee Min Jung Park Hee Soon Han Chae Ah

All About Romance is a romantic comedy drama with political themes aired by SBS in 2013. Here, Shin Ha Kyun becomes the main character and is paired with beautiful actress Lee Min Jung.

In the story, the character played by Shin Ha Kyun, named Kim Soo Young, is a conservative politician who has just been elected to the parliament. Previously, Kim Soo Young worked as a judge, but because of pressure from his superiors, he entered politics.

Soo Young meets a woman named No Min Young. He entered politics after his brother who was a presidential candidate died. Min Young herself is a member of a political party with only 2 seats in parliament. The meeting between these two people fighting in the political world really made them both develop feelings for each other.

The list of movies starring Shin Ha Kyun mostly tends to be dark and serious. “All About My Romance” is one of the ideal choices for those of you who want something lighter.

Harvest Villa

  • Release year 2010
  • Genre Comedy, Horror
  • Director Jang Hang Jun
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Lee Bo Young

“Harvest Villa” is Shin Ha Kyun’s comeback drama after 7 years of not appearing in a drama. In this drama, he was assigned the main role named Oh Bok Gyu. The character is told as an actor at the beginning of his career.

One day, his father, the owner of a mansion that will soon be demolished, is found mysteriously dead. When Bok Gyu was about to take over apartment number 201, he heard a rumor that his father left gold bars worth 50 billion won hidden in the mansion.

On his way to unravel the mystery of his father’s death, Bok Gyu is confronted by many people and some of them have been confirmed to be pursuing his fortune. Then when he meets a beautiful girl named Yoon Seo Rin. Bok Gyu used to think that this girl was his ideal type. However, he wasn’t sure if Seo Rin could become the person he trusted.

Good Person

  • Release year : 2003
  • Genre: Romance, Romance
  • Network : MBC
  • Produce : MBC
  • Director : Jung Jun Yoo
  • Actors: Shin Ha Kyun, Han Ji Min, Fueki Yuko, Jo Han Sun
  • Episodes : 16

For those who want to see how Shin Ha Kyun acted when he was young, Good Person is the right movie for you to watch. In her first drama, Shin Ha Kyun played one of the central characters with a character named Park Joon Pil.

Park Joon Pil is actually the son of a mafia boss. 20 years ago, Joon Pil and his father were at a shopping mall when they ran into a policeman with his wife and children. Without thinking, the police tried to arrest his father. However, this incident unfortunately claimed the lives of Joon Pil’s father, the police officer and his wife.

The policeman’s friend intends to take the child from the police. However, what he brought back was the son of the mafia. Meanwhile, the real policeman’s son, Tae Pyung ends up living in an orphanage. 20 years later, Joon Pil becomes a police officer, and Tae Pyung becomes a boxer.

However, Tae Pyung eventually changes his mind to become a police officer, after his best friend is found murdered. 2 years later, Joon Pil and Tae Pyung, two swapped children, finally meet again.

It is an anthology of dramas played by leading actor Shin Ha Kyun. His appearances on the screen are not as frequent as on the big screen. However, at every opportunity, Shin Ha Kyu never fails to bring each of his characters to life.

He is also always able to make the audience distinguishable from one character to another. As evidenced by the awards he has won and the positive reviews he has received from the audience.

Yes, so how? Out of the many Shin Ha Kyun dramas mentioned above, which one is your favorite? Are there any other Shin Ha Kyun movies you’d like to add to your watch list this weekend? Share your answer in the comment column, OK!

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