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10 Best Movies of Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s popularity is beyond doubt. This woman who has been in the Hollywood film industry since the 1990s really has extraordinary appeal as a star.

Sandra Bullock is one of the most successful actresses. Several prestigious awards for her role in the film have been received by this Virginia-born woman. As an actress, she has great acting qualities.

Well, among the many movies played by the Oscar-winning actress. This time Bacaterus has selected 10 memorable and hilarious Sandra Bullock movies to watch. Want to know what the title of the movie is? Check out the following list!

Movie Speed

Ranking the Speed ​​movies in order of quality – Film Stories


Speed ​​is an iconic action movie and is loved by many audiences. Tells the story of Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), a Los Angeles police officer who tries to save passengers on a bus that was robbed by a veteran named Howard Paynes, a substance manufacturing expert. explode.

The scene of the film taking place on the streets of Los Angeles is indeed quite tense. Sandra Bullock plays Annie, a passenger who has to take the place of a bus driver injured by a gunshot.

Can Jack and the team save the passengers on the bus? This car chase action movie is really fun to watch, so it’s a must watch.

Movie The Lake House

5 Reasons Why The Lake House is an underrated romantic movie - exclusive news

The Lake House is a film adaptation of the Korean film Il Mare. Tells the love story of a doctor named Kate Foster (Sandra Bullock) and a young architect named Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves).

The story begins when Kate rents a house near the lake to relieve her heartbreak after she was involved in an accident that killed a man.

When opening the mailbox in the house. Kate had hooked up with a man who had lived for the previous two years. They then establish communication through a letter and engage in a romance thwarted by differences in time dimensions.

Kate, who feels their relationship will not work out in the end, has decided to end their relationship and have a romance with someone else. As Kate prepares to remodel her old house. He also happened to be in the same company as Alex, who died from an accident that left him traumatized.

Kate realized this then tried to change the situation by writing a letter to Alex waiting for him at the lake so the accident would not happen. Will Kate’s attempt to save Alex succeed? Although it may sound absurd, this romantic drama is indeed fun to watch.

Movie Miss Congeniality |  Miss Congeniality |  Movies

  • Release year : 2000
  • Genre: Comedy, Action
  • Directed by: Donald Petrie
  • Actors: Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Benjamin Bratt
  • Production company: Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Fortis Films

This funny action movie is a Sandra Bullock movie that is quite fun to watch. The film tells the story of Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock), a beautiful, intelligent and tomboy FBI agent.

Although he has a brilliant career, his love story is not like that. Gracie, who likes her partner Eric Matthew (Benjamin Bratt) has to accept the fact that her love is only one-sided.

Until one day Erik has the opportunity to lead a team to protect a “Miss United State Peagent” event from the threat of death. To find out the identity of the terrorist spreading. Eric also chose Gracie to penetrate to be one of the event’s contestants.

This funny action movie is really fun to watch. Gracie’s humorous actions when anonymous can make the audience laugh. With a pretty good rating. This movie is truly an iconic Sandra Bullock movie that you must see next.

Movie Bird Box

Review: 'Bird Box' Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes Struggle to Survive – Sunshine State Cineplex

Bird Box is a movie that can move audiences’ hearts. The film itself tells the story 5 years after the end of the world. The story centers on Malorie, an introvert trying to survive among a creature that can make humans end their lives just by looking at them.

Along with his two children, he tries to avoid the threat of the mysterious creature by closing his eyes. When in the movie A Quiet Place, mysterious creatures act because they hear sounds. So in the movie Bird Box, humans are forced to close their eyes to avoid the evil influence of these terrible creatures.

Can Malorie and her two children survive the threat that endangers their lives? Well, so that you are not curious to see this movie for yourself.

Movie The Blind Side

The Blind Side |  Netflix

One of these inspirational films brought Sandra Bullock to win the Oscar for best actress in 2009. The Blind Side is the true story from the life of an American football player named Michael Oher. .

The film begins when Laigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock) sees Oher walking towards the school to spend the night. Anne, who saw it, later suggested that Oher stay at her house. Anne herself is the mother of her best friend SJ Touchy.

After the incident, Anne became Oher’s adoptive parents. Although Oher’s academic score is not that high. But with Anne’s foresight, Oher was later sent to a school football game.

Thanks to Anne’s support and patience in Oher’s education. He also turned into a reliable player that was competed by many universities. How did Anne educate Oher? Well, a movie with a lot of moral messages is indeed a movie that you must watch.

Movie The Proposal

The Proposal (2009) - IMDb

This romantic drama tells the story of Margareth Tate (Sandra Bullock), a cold-hearted editor who can intimidate each of her subordinates. One day, he got into trouble with an immigration officer.

Because he had a brilliant career at the company where he worked, he ended up finding a way to stay in America by lying about marrying one of his subordinates named Andrew Paxton. (Ryan Reynolds), an oppressed innocent man.

After the agreement both made. In the end, they had to play the role of future husband and wife in front of friends and family. How will the story of subordinates and superiors end? For the full story. You’ve seen the movie yourself, haven’t you?

Movie Ocean’s Eight

The "female robber generals" in "Ocean's 8" robbed the North American box office |  Cinema |  Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

Ocean’s Eight is a spin-off to the Ocean trilogy, starring George Cloney. Ocean itself is a movie about a legendary and organized theft syndicate. If in the previous Ocean series, it was dominated by men. So in Ocean’s Eight, the perpetrators of the thefts are women.

The story follows the journey of Debbie Ocean, who is none other than Dany Ocean’s (George Clooney) relative, in stealing Daphney Kluger’s jewelry, played by Anne Hathaway.

Movies that feature some of Hollywood’s famous actors like Kate Blanchett, Dakota Fanning, Helena Bonham and Rihanna as players are really fun to watch. If you want to see their actions when committing the theft. Come on, watch the movie yourself!

Movie Gravity

New Movie 'Gravity' Launches Into Venice Film Festival |  Space

One of Sandra Bullock’s next successful films was titled Gravity. This sci-fi movie about space adventure is really fun to watch. The story follows two astronauts who are in space to repair the Hubble Space Telescope on the space station.

However, due to a technical error, both of them end up trapped in space. Armed with experience and makeshift equipment, they must survive in space with many dangers lurking.

Will they be able to overcome the problems that threaten their safety and return to Earth? The multi-award winning film turned into a Sandra Bullock movie, it’s a shame if you have to miss it.

Movie The Heat

The Heat movie review & film summary (2013) |  Roger Ebert

The Heat is an action comedy that brings together Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), as an FBI agent, and Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), a local cop, to handle a case that happened in Boston, Massachusetts. The cooperation between the two in dismantling the criminal organization led by Larkins can indeed make the audience laugh.

The amount of footage that can make your stomach boil as well as the humorous dialogue make it an interesting sight. How will these two security guards with different personalities carry out their mission? Watch the movie yourself!

Movie Premonition

Premonition (2007) - Movie Review / Film Essay

Sandra Bullock’s last rather interesting movie is called Premonition. The film tells the story of Linda (Sandra Bullock), wife and mother of two children. One day, Linda had to receive news that her husband Jim had died in an accident. This of course made him very sad and depressed.

But the next day, Linda also found her husband and children in good condition. It doesn’t stop there. Days later, the situation continued to change as her husband was still alive and died the next day.

What really happened to Linda? This psychosocial drama that deals with infidelity is one of those films that is regrettable if you have to skip it. So don’t forget to watch.

So those are 10 memorable and hilarious Sandra Bullock movies to watch. His expertise in management roles is undeniable. If you know Sandra Bullock movie interesting to watch. Give your opinion in the column that Bacaterus has provided, yes. Like watching!

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