Alice, the Ultimate Weapon

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Action , Crime , Drama , Romance , School , Horror , Youth
  • Director Lee Byung Hun , Seo Sung Won
  • Cast of Park Se -Wan Song Geon Hee Kim Sung Oh

Alice, the Ultimate Weapon (2022) is a South Korean television series that you can watch on Watcha. The film belongs to the horror genre, this mystery really gives the audience goosebumps. The reason was, how could an innocent-looking high school boy turn into a cold-blooded killer.

The film, directed by Lee Byeong Hun, will star Park Se Wa and Song Geon Hee as the main characters. Particularly Park Se Wan will play the role of Han Gyeol Wool, this girl is a very quiet transfer student. As it turns out, Han Gyeol Wool is a reliable killer.

One day, he accidentally meets Seo Yo Reum and becomes the target of a criminal organization. The two must work together to save themselves from criminals in various ways.

So Not Worth It

So Not Worth It (2021) is the first Korean sitcom to be broadcast by Netflix. The film will be directed by Kwon Ik Joon and Kim Jung Sik.

While Park Se Wan, Shin Hyeong Seung, Choi Young Jae, Minnie to Han Hyun Min will be ranked as the main actors. As for the story, the film tells the story of international students gathered in a dormitory.

Park Se Wan herself will play Se Wan, a student from Korea who is in charge of the dormitory.

At first, Se Wan finds it difficult to face friends from different countries. With a tough personality and doesn’t give up easily, Se Wan is finally able to control all of the friends in her dorm.

Never Twice

Another drama starring Park Se Wan is Never Twice (2019). A comedy and family drama airing on MBC, directed by Choi Won Suk.

While Park Se Wan, Kwak Dong Yeon, Youn Yuh Jung, Oh Ji Ho, Ye Ji Won to Song Won Seok are ranked as the main actors. The film is about the guests at Paradise Inn, who always tell unique stories.

In this drama, Park Se Wan will play the role of Geum Park Ha, an innocent girl who lives in room 4 of Paradise Inn.

This girl comes from a coastal city and this is her first time deciding to move to a metropolis. There are many things that shock Geum Park Ha, but he tries to live well and doesn’t give up easily.

Joseon Survival Period

Joseon Survival Period (2019) is a historical and fantasy drama broadcast by TV Chosun. Director Jang Yong Woo’s film will tell the time travel story of a delivery man to the Joseon Dynasty.

This drama will star Kang Ji Hwan, Seo Ji Seok, Kyung Soo Jin, Song Won Seok, and Park Se Wan as the main characters.

The character played by Park Se Wan this time is named Han Seul Gi. The girl is known to be the younger sister of Han Jung Rok.

This girl is really smart, so she can always surpass her older sister who is 15 years older than her. Not only that, thanks to his intelligence, Han Seul Gi also won the national prize in writing and won the math Olympiad three times.

I’m Not a Robot

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • May Queen Photo Production
  • Director Jung Dae Yoon
  • Cast Yoo Seung Ho Chae Soo Bin

I’m Not a Robot (2018) is one of the most popular dramas ever, starring Park Se Wan. Although only classified as a supporting actor, director Jung Dae Joon’s film is really worth watching.

Moreover, the chemistry between Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin makes the audience extremely excited. This time, Park Se Wan will take on the role of “Pi” Angela Jin, a member of Santa Maria. The film tells the story of a woman who has to pretend to be a robot.

He lives in the luxurious home of a handsome businessman who is allergic to contact with others. Surprisingly, this disease did not appear when Kim Min Kyu was exposed to AJI 3 or Jo Jiah.

School 2017

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Comedy , Teen , Romance , Teen
  • Production Production H , School 2017 Spc
  • Director Park Jin Seok , Song Min Yeop
  • Cast Kim Se Jeong Kim Jung Hyun Jang Dong Yoon Han Sun Hwa Han Joo Wan

Who knows, Park Se Wan was also one of the actors of the popular drama School 2017 (2017)?

In this film directed by Park Jin Suk and Song Min Yeob, Park Se Wan appeared in a very short time. This beautiful actress is only classified as a supporting actress, namely the student Oh Sa Rang.

This girl is a loyal friend of Eun Ho and a big fan of Issue. His relationship with Eun Ho is truly like a dog and a cat, as he often fights and then makes up.

It’s amazing, Oh Sa Rang is a confident girl and works very hard to follow her dreams. He was never embarrassed, even though his mother worked as a school cleaner.

Mary Me Now

Switching to the family drama genre, Marry Me Now (2018) is a drama broadcast by KBS2 and directed by director Yoon Chang Beom.

In this movie, once again, Park Se Wan is ranked as a supporting actor. Meanwhile, Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo will be the main couple in this 50-episode drama.

The character played by Park Se Wan is named Yeon Da Yeon. The drama tells the story of Park Yoo Ha, who studied very hard to complete his internship as a doctor.

All of this he does to ease the burden of a single father raising four children. Yoo Ha wants to help her father ease the burden and support the family financially.

Just Dance

  • Release year 2018
  • Genre Coming of Age, Sports
  • Manufacturing Mi Inc , NK Mulsan Co.Ltd
  • Director Park Hyeon Seok
  • Cast of Park Se -Wan Jang Dong Yoon

Turning to teen dramas, this time Park Se Wan will act in a drama called Just Dance (2018). The drama that aired on KBS has become one of Park Se Wan’s dramas that you really have to watch.

The reason is, the film directed by Park Hyeon Seok has a gentle story but contains many life values.

Park Se Wan herself is also classified as the main character named Kim Shi Eun. Despite her poor academic performance, this Geoje Girl Vocational High School student is really trying to follow her dream.

Kim Shi Eun and her five friends try to keep the spirit of learning dance while looking for work on a local boat.

Here are some dramas starring beautiful actress Park Se Wan. In addition to starring in the dramas that we have introduced, Park Se Wan has also starred in several dramas. One of them is Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), where he plays one of the ghosts of a student.

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