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10 Best Movies of Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is an actress from Canada. His career in the acting world began with starring in several television series. She then continued it to the big screen by starring in a movie called Repo! The Genetic Opera 2006. Nina Dobrev is a bottom-up actress.

Angel beauty of actress and model Nina Dobrev

Nina’s career did not skyrocket immediately, but her growth was quite steady. Even when she stepped into the big screen, she did not get the main role right away. Over time, she began to receive lead roles in several films. From that fact, we can see that the experience and flight hours are quite high. Here are 10 films by Nina Dobrev, a burgeoning star.

Flatliners [2017]

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Directed by: Niels Arden Oplev
  • Actors: Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev
  • Production company: Columbia Pictures, Cross Creek Pictures, Furthur Films

Courtney performed an experiment that left herself suspended in motion. He was reincarnated as a much smarter person. His friends, namely James, Marlo and Sophia, wanted to do the same.

Ray, who does not want to participate in the experiment, is willing to help his friends because he is one of the most capable. Nina plays Marlo, a medical student.

Upon entering another realm, he is pursued by his past sins. There is also the fear of being chased by a character who wants to make them settle in that realm. Can they get out of that other realm? Hilarious and unusual stories, perfect for weekend entertainment.

XXX: Return of Xander Cage [2017]

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • Directed by: DJ Caruso
  • Actors: Vin Diesel, Donnie Yen, Deepika Padukone
  • Production company: Huahua Media, Maple Cage Productions, One Race Films

Xander Cage, who was presumed dead, reappeared. This time he has to fight Xiang and his team. It turns out Xiang has a horrible plan to reactivate Pandora’s box, a deadly weapon. Xander forms a team to stop Xiang’s mission.

In the movie XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Nina played the character Becky Clearidge. He is a member of the team formed to help carry out Xander’s mission. Becky herself is a woman who spends a lot of time in front of a computer but doesn’t mind taking up arms as she is one of the experts.

Then Came You [2018]

  • Release year : 2018
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by: Peter Hutchings
  • Actors: Asa Butterfield, Maisie Williams, Nina Dobrev
  • Production company : BCDF Pictures

Skye is a teenager who was sentenced near the end of his life to cancer. To live the rest of his life, he has much to do. Calvin, a baggage handler at the airport, who has difficulty socializing. Doctors told him he suffered from hypocrisy and offered to join a meeting of cancer survivors.

Calvin meets Skye at a meeting of cancer survivors and ends up being friends. Nina plays Izzy, a flight attendant, whom Calvin has a crush on because they often meet at the airport. Izzy manages to find out which character Calvin likes him and the two can even date, thanks to Skye’s help. After getting to know Skye, Calvin became a brave man.

Movie The Perks of Being Wallflower [2012]

  • Release year : 2012
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Stephen Chbosky
  • Actors: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller
  • Production company : Summit Entertainment, Mr. Mudd

Charlie, fresh out of a mental institution, enters high school. There, he has difficulty making friends until he meets his seniors, Sam and Patrick. The two feel that Patrick has no friends so they invite him to join their group. Their friendship really brought Charlie to experience a different life.

In the movie The Perk of Being Wallflower, Nina plays Candice, Charlie’s older sister. She’s dating someone Charlie doesn’t like. Later, he also reported Charlie to the police for making messy calls and saying that Aunt Helen’s death was his fault. What’s wrong with Charlie? Let’s watch the movie!

Dog Days [2018]

  • Release year : 2018
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Ken Marino
  • Actors: Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Adam Pally
  • Production company : LD Entertainment

In Los Angeles, there are only 12 people with different professions and personalities. All their fates were helped by four dogs. There are people who are met with people they didn’t know before because they have dogs, until two people fall in love because they get to meet dogs.

Nina plays Elizabeth, a morning TV presenter. He made a mess because of his interview with a former basketball player that was terrible. The dog’s existence then leads him to new people and a fate he didn’t anticipate.

Movie Too Young to Marry [2007]

  • Release year : 2007
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Michel Poulette
  • Actors: Nina Dobrev, Dillon Casey, Polly Draper
  • Production company : Muse Entertainment Enterprises

Max and Jessica are lovers who have been in love since high school. Jessica still believes in true love even though her parents are divorced and have a bad relationship with her father. On the eve of graduation, Max and Jessica enrolled at Harvard. Feeling sure of love, they decide to get married.

Too Young to Marry is one of the movies where Nina starred at the beginning of her career. In this film, she plays Jessica, a young woman who feels confident that she can defy her parents’ fate. So she accepts Max’s marriage proposal and decides to get married at a young age while their views on the future differ.

Movie The Poet [2007]

  • Release year : 2007
  • Genre: Drama
  • Directed by: Damian Lee
  • Actors: Jonathan Scarfe, Nina Dobrev, Zachary Bennett
  • Production company : Alchemist Entertainment, Noble House Film & TV

During World War II, Rachel and Oscar are thrown into the woods by a German soldier, Bernard. Rachel and Oscar live in a Jewish camp and it turns out Rachel is pregnant. She gave birth, under any circumstances. Bernard, who is tasked with attacking difficulty concentrating due to a crying baby, gets angry and kills the baby who turns out to be Rachel’s.

In the movie The Poet, Nina plays Rachel. With a year of experience in the acting world when participating in this film, he dared to accept a role in a drama genre film set in World War II. Nina did a good job as a young actress, especially when it came to trying to survive the Jewish camp.

Movie Lucky Day [2019]

  • Release year : 2019
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
  • Directed by: Roger Avary
  • Actors: Luke Bracey, Nina Dobrev, Crispin Glover
  • Production company: Davis-Films, Avary International Pictures, Don Carmody Productions

Red wants to leave his dark past behind with drugs and other crimes. He tried his best not to stand out. He is looking for his wife and children, who kept the stolen money before being caught. Unfortunately, Luc Chaltiel wants to avenge his brother’s death and threatens Red and his family.

Nina plays Chloe, Red’s wife. In this film, Nina becomes a painter who struggles to survive. He displayed his work in the gallery but not many people were interested. Directed by Roger Avary, this movie is reminiscent of the Pulp Fiction movies. Especially Nina’s hairstyle in this movie is similar to Mia Wallace’s.

Run This Town [2019]

  • Release year : 2019
  • Genre: Drama
  • Directed by: Ricky Tollman
  • Actors: Ben Platt, Mena Massoud, Damian Lewis
  • Production company: CounterNarrative Films, JoBro Productions & Film Finance, Manis Film

Naive, a Toronto newspaper reporter stumbled upon a scandal involving Toronto mayor Rob Ford. He then searches for information on two Ford aides, Ashley and Kamal, who are covering up Ford problems and trying to twist the story.

In the movie Run This Town, Nina played the character Ashley. At the beginning, we see how Ashley supports Ford’s actions that have caused so much controversy. In the end support had to be done in other ways to save Ford.

Let’s Be Cops [2014]

  • Release year : 2014
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
  • Directed by: Luke Greenfield
  • Actors: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle
  • Production company : Genre, Twentieth Century Fox, WideAwake

Ryan and Justin, who have been friends since high school, feel that their lives aren’t as exciting as imagined. Ryan is a high school soccer player who suffered an injury and was unable to become a professional player. Justin works as a video game designer. They are invited to the reunion, so that their friends do not look down on them, they come in police uniforms.

Nina plays Josie, a cashier at a restaurant. Josie is also the one who started the troubles that happened to Ryan and Justin, as this was the first time both worked with criminal gangs. He is also harassed at his workplace, which turns out to be number one in the gang and incites the anger of Justin, who likes him.

The name Nina Dobrev is probably not too popular with the world audience. However, witnessing her steady growth, Nina is a rising star. Have you seen any of Nina Dobrev’s movies? If yes, you can give your rating in the comment column, yes!

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