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10 Best Movies of Miles Teller

Born under the stage name Miles Alexander Teller, young American actor Miles Teller is one of the fastest growing young talents in Hollywood.

After graduating from Tisch School of the Arts in 2009, he made his film debut through a short film in 2004-2010. In 2010, Nicole Kidman cast Teller for the film Rabbit Holes.

Teller’s consistent and polished performance has attracted many directors. He is also predicted to be the new Next Super Hero. In terms of acting, Teller has explored a lot of his acting skills.

Curious which movie is the most loved from Miles Teller? According to ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, this is informative.


movie miles teller-1_

  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Producer: Conde Nast Entertainment, Grand Electric, Reese Wernick Production
  • Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
  • Actors: Miles Tellers, Crish Hemworth, Jurnee Smollet, Tess Haubirch

This film is based on a dystopian short story by George Saunders. The plot of the film revolves around Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemworth) and Jeff (Miles Teller).

Steve is a genius scientist who runs a futuristic prison called Spiderhead. There is a group of prisoners who know nothing about the prison where they are being held. The prisoner was actually Steve’s test subject.

Different from other prisons. Spiderhead convicts are allowed to roam, but they are often given drugs as part of the experiment. Among the prisoners were Jeff and Rachel, who were related to each other. Steve fears that their relationship will get in the way of his experiments.


Movie Mile Teller-2_

Andrew Niemann (Miles Teller) is a young man with ambitions to become the best jazz drummer. He has a strong musical aptitude even though he doesn’t come from a family of musicians. Andrew grew up with his father who was a teacher and writer.

However, he still got into the best music school in the US called Shaffer Conservatory of Music. He got a big chance after winning a music competition.

Andrew’s journey to becoming the best jazz drummer has been fraught with obstacles and must have been exhausting.

He meets Terrence (JK simmons), the instructor at Shaffer. Terrence is a fierce teacher. He has no tolerance for the slightest mistake. Every time Andrew makes a mistake, he has to start over.

The Spectacular Now

movie mile-3_

  • Release year: 2013
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Produce: Andrew Lauren Production, 21 Laps Entertainment
  • Directed by: James Ponsoldt
  • Actors: Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Bob Odenkirk, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kyle Chandler

The film tells the story of Sutter Keely (Miles Teller), a high school boy who always adheres to unconventional principles. He thinks life is for today. He likes to party and doesn’t think about the future. Suat

One day, Sutter meets Aimee Finecky (Shailene Woodley), a quiet girl who prefers reading science fiction novels to dating.

In short, the two met and agreed to date. Furthermore, Sutter had just broken up with his girlfriend. Along with Aimee, Sutter has changed a lot. The girl taught Sutter a lot to be more serious with her life and think about the future.

Only the Brave

movie mile-4_

  • Release year: 2017
  • Genre: Action, Biography, Drama
  • Producer: Black Label Media, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Donce Nast Entertainment
  • Directed by: Joseph Kosinksi
  • Actors: Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly, Andie Macdowell, James Badeg Dale, Taylor Kitsch

The story in Only the Brave is based on a true story that happened in 2013. It tells the story of America going through a terrible tragedy where about 20 firefighters were deployed to tackle the forest fire in Yarnell Hill

The fire grew larger and spread throughout the forest area. Brendan Mcdonough played by Miles Teller is underrated compared to his teammates. He is a new member of the team and is known as a troubled young man.

Brendan participated in fire control operations in the Yarnell Hills. The Granite Mountain army, led by Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin) is engulfed in flames. Only Brendan survived the fateful event.

Rabbit Hole

movie miles teller-5_

  • Release year: 2010
  • Genre: Drama
  • Production: Olympus Pictures, Blossom Pictures, MWM Studios
  • Directed by: John Cameron Mitchell
  • Actors: Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest, Miles Teller

Immediately, the lives of Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) turned 180 degrees. What was once cool and happy, now his life feels like hell. still

in his mind remember how complete family happiness was after Danny, played by Pheonix List, came to their family.

Danny dies in an accident and dismay Becca. However, she chose to pour all her heart out to her mother instead of her own husband. In that chaotic situation, Becca befriends Jason (Miles Teller), who is involved in the accident that killed Danny.

Howie, on the other hand, tries to get close to a desperate Becca. However, he finds himself comfortable with Gabby (Sandra Oh). The two grow apart and their family’s future is no longer clear.

Thank You for Your Service

movie miles teller-6_

  • Release year: 2017
  • Genre: Biography
  • Production: Dreamworks Pictures, Realliance Entertainment
  • Directed by: Jason Haill
  • Actors: Miles Teller, Beulah Koale, Joe Cole, Scott Haze, Haley Bennett
  • Thank You For Your Service is a biopic that tells the story of soldiers of the 2-16th Infantry Battalion serving in Baghdad, Iraq.

Two years in the conflict country, the members returned to America. However, they are no longer what they used to be. These soldiers were traumatized and had difficulty adjusting to the environment and their families there.

Milles Teller plays Sergeant Adam Schumann as one of the soldiers in the battalion. After returning from Iraq, Adam was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Adam’s struggle this time is no longer against the enemy, but against the man himself who is suffering from the disorder.

Fortunately, Adam is not alone because Saskia (Haley Bennett), his wife, wants to be with him through these difficult times so he can live a normal life. Saskia patiently takes care of Adam, who is often fearful and has trouble thinking clearly.

Bleed For This

movie miles teller-7_

  • Release year: 2016
  • Genre: Biography, Drama, Sports
  • Producer: Verdi Production, Magna Entertainment, Bruce Cohen Production
  • Directed by: Ben Younger
  • Actors: Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal, Ciaran Hinds

Miles Teller is a winner in biology. He played many realistic characters and stories. One of them is the movie Bleed For This. Miles Teller plays the legendary fighting character Vinny Pazienza. The plot in this film follows Vinny’s career in combat sports.

The process Vinny faced to achieve success was not easy. He passed many tests to form a person who never gave up. In the process, Vinny meets coach Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart). They worked together to win many titles in fighting competitions.


movie people talking miles-8_

  • Release year: 2011
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
  • Production: Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment, Dylan Sellers Productions
  • Directed by: Craig Brewer
  • Actors: Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, Andie MacDowell, Miller Teller

Looks like Ren (Kenny Wormald) won’t feel at home in Bomont. The city would be boring for a man used to living freely. Bomont has weird rules, namely no loud music, no dancing parties, and no festivals. Violators will be punished.

Ren, who doesn’t know about Bomont City’s past feels that the city is really outrageous. Not long ago, a group of drunk teenagers died in a tragic accident. This is what triggered the passage of the ban.

However, Ren is not his name if he submits. He then invites the city’s young people, including Willard Hewitt (Miles Teller), to a night of fun and partying. He also convinces Ariel (Julianne Hough), the priest’s daughter, to join the show.

War Dogs

movie miles teller-9_

  • Release year: 2016
  • Genre: Biography, Comedy, Crime
  • Production: Bz Entertainment, Green Hat Film, Icon Films
  • Directed by: Todd Phillips
  • Actors: Onah Hill, Miles Teller, Steve Lants, Gregg Winer

War Dogs is a fantasy film that tells the story of two ambitious young men who want to start a weapons business when war breaks out in Iraq. They were then, Ephraim Diveroli (Jonas Hill) and David Packouz (Miles Teller) 20 years old and still living on Miami Beach.

After having a contract and auction with the US military, they started a business. Over time, their weapons business grew and the contract value reached more than 300 million USD. The success of the business also changed the lives of two impoverished teenagers into corporations.


movie miles teller-10_

Divergent takes place in Chicago, where Beatrice Prior’s adventures take place against the oppression of the city’s rulers. At that time, society was divided into five groups, namely Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite.

When children turn 16, they go through a test to determine which fraction is right for them. Those who do not conform to the five factions are classified as innumerable, aka vagabonds.

Beatrice then discovers a big secret about the faction and the tests the boys have to go through. Well, in this movie, Miles Teller plays Peer Hayes, a Dauntless kid who is actually a member of Candor.

Those are 10 movies that have the participation of Miles Teller. Judging by the series of films that Teller has acted in, we can see that he has acted in a lot of action movies. In spite of

Increasingly, his acting when conveying drama is no less emotional. The narrator can perform his role well so that regardless of the character, we are swept away by emotions. Moreover, his movies always get good ratings. So, have you seen these movies?

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