10 Best Movies of Mandy Moore

Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, United States, Amanda Leigh Moore, better known as Mandy Moore, has achieved many incredible accomplishments by the age of 38. She has released seven albums since 1999, lent her voice to several video games, acted in 22 TV series, with nine of them as a voice actor, and appeared in 26 feature films.

Throughout her acting career, Mandy Moore has won 18 film awards out of 54 nominations. She is not just a talented actress, but also an accomplished singer with hits such as “Candy,” “Walk Me Home,” and “I Wanna Be With You.” In recognition of her achievements, Mandy Moore received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 25, 2019.

While she is no longer active in acting since 2019, you can still enjoy Mandy Moore’s past performances on screen. Take a look at the following list for some of her best movies!

Mandy Moore

A Walk to Remember

  • Release year 2002
  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Adam Shankman
  • Cast Shane West Mandy Moore

Landon Carter (Shane West) is a famous high school student with a rebellious personality. Landon is forced to participate in a school play as a form of punishment for his delinquency. Because of this TV series project, Landon had to approach Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) to rehearse the play.

Jamie is the son of a priest, so his pious, quiet and innocent personality is often made fun of by friends at school. Jamie wants to help Landon on the condition that Landon doesn’t fall in love with him.

On the day of the performance, Landon, who was mesmerized by Jamie’s performance and vocals, unexpectedly kissed the girl on stage. As the pastor’s son, Jamie was bewildered and awkward. It was then that Landon realized that he was in love.

Despite his difficulties, Landon still tries to ask Jamie out with the permission of Jamie’s father. Unfortunately, when it got close, Jamie revealed his chronic illness. That leads Landon to try to find a cure for Jamie.

With undisclosed help from Landon’s father, Jamie is able to take the medication at home. Within that time, Landon married Jamie, although Jamie died shortly after. Landon moved on with his life and went to college to become a doctor. He has changed for the better and still has a good relationship with Jamie’s dad.


  • Release year 2004
  • Genre Comedy, Drama
  • Director Brian Dannelly
  • Cast Jena Malone Mandy Moore Macaulay Culkin Eva Amurri

At a Christian school, Mary Cummings (Jena Malone), Hilary Faye Stockard (Mandy Moore) and Veronica (Elizabeth Thai) form a group called Christian Jewels. Mary is dating Dean Withers (Chad Faust).

However, Dean reveals to Mary that he is homosexual. Mary also feels that she has received “divine revelation” to save Dean and gives up her virginity in the hope that Dean’s sexual orientation will become “normal”.

Dean’s sexual orientation is a public secret. Hilary listens to everyone’s opinions, causing Dean to be shunned and hated. Mary, who is pregnant, then stays away from Hilary and Veronica. However, Mary is not alone, she is supported by Cassandra Edelstein (Eva Amurri), a new Jewish student who dislikes Hilary.

Worse still, Cassandra is secretly dating Roland Stockard (Macaulay Culkin), Hilary’s younger brother. Can Mary continue to hide her pregnancy? Can Mary show the public the true nature of Hilary, who pretends to be a good ‘people of God’?

Chasing Liberty

  • Release year 2004
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Director Andy Cardiff
  • Cast Mandy Moore Matthew Goode

Being the son of a president isn’t always fun. Like Anna Foster (Mandy Moore), who always wants to not be escorted anywhere. Desperate, Anna fooled her father by running away from his guards.

He enlists the help of a stranger he meets, Ben Calder (Matthew Goode), to take him away. Unbeknownst to Anna, Ben is actually a secret bodyguard sent by her father. Ben secretly contacts the other bodyguards, while the president orders Ben to go with Anna as a ‘civilian’.

Anna and Ben travel around Europe for a few days. Anna did a lot of things, met new people. However, no matter how closely Ben keeps his identity a secret, Anna eventually finds out the truth.

Anna runs away from Ben. Those who used to be in a relationship become estranged when Anna vows to hate him. Will Ben find Anna? How will the special love between the two continue?

47 Meters Down

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Thriller
  • Director Johannes Roberts
  • Cast Mandy Moore Claire Holt

Lisa (Mandy Moore) has just broken up with her boyfriend. He seeks solace from his broken heart by seeing sharks in the diving area with his sister, Kate (Claire Holt). Along with two local men they didn’t know before, the four of them dived under Taylor’s direction.

While in fact only Kate has a diving license. Lisa and Kate entered the cage and dived, soon seeing great white sharks surrounding them. Unfortunately, the pulley rope came loose and the cage sank to a depth of 47 meters.

Kate tries to find help among the ferocious sharks when she realizes there is a delicious meal in front of her. Unfortunately, Kate and a young man died in this act of rescue. While Lisa survived but lost a leg.

All I Want

  • Release year 2002
  • Genre Adult , Comedy , Coming of Age , Drama , Mature , Romance , Slice of Life , Teen , Youth
  • Jeffrey Porter Director
  • Cast Elijah Wood Franka Potente Mandy Moore

Jones Dillon (Elijah Wood) is a 17-year-old teenager too busy with his own desires, too lazy to fight for his future. He meets Jane (Franka Potente) and Lisa (Mandy Moore), his new neighbors.

Jones is just so happy every day that he forgets himself. Until he finally gets into a traffic accident and wakes Jones from his ‘dream’. Can Jones change her own life for the better?

License to Wed

  • Release year 2007
  • Genres Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance
  • Director Ken Kwapis
  • Cast Mandy Moore John Krasinski Robin Williams

Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) plans to marry Ben Murphy (John Krasinski). Before getting married, they must attend pre-marital classes with Pastor Frank Littleton (Robin Williams). The amount of rules they have to follow makes them feel uncomfortable.

In fact, Pastor Frank aims to convince their serious desire to get married. In the process, Sadie and Ben go through various obstacles that keep them from getting married.

Sadie went to Jamaica to cool off, even though it was their honeymoon destination. Fortunately, Ben did not give up, he chased Sadie to Jamaica and convinced the girl of his dreams. In the end, Pastor Frank married them there.


  • Release year 2007
  • Genres Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Friendship , Romance , Workplace
  • Director Justin Theroux
  • Cast Tom Wilkinson Mandy Moore Billy Crudup Christine Taylor Bob Balaban Amy Sedaris

Lucy Reilly (Mandy Moore) is a poor illustrator in her profession. He gets the chance to work with Henry Roth (Billy Crudup), whose work has recently exploded onto the market. Henry is the author of fairy tales for children.

His most successful work is the series “Marty the Beaver” with Rudy Holt (Tom Wilkinson), his friend and illustrator. Unfortunately, when asked to make a sequel to “Marty the Beaver,” Rudy passed away. Therefore, Henry searched for other illustrators and found Lucy.

As Lucy’s career gradually stabilizes, a love from the past reappears and moves Lucy’s feelings. Is he also torn between going back to the past that tore his heart or starting a new relationship with his co-worker, Henry?

Because I Said So

  • Release year 2007
  • Genre Comedy , Family , Romance
  • Director Michael Lehmann
  • Cast Diane Keaton Mandy Moore Gabriel Macht

Milly (Mandy Moore) has just broken up with her boyfriend. Daphne (Diane Keaton), Milly’s mother, feels sorry that her youngest child is not as happy as her two older married brothers. Daphne secretly tries to trap Milly with the man of her choice, Jason (Tom Everett Scott).

Not long after, Milly meets Johnny (Gabriel Macht), a potential boyfriend who has been rejected by his mother. Milly dated twice at the same time. But in the end Milly backed down, choosing no one.

Milly’s actions caused controversy with her mother. Milly is thinking about mending her relationship with Johnny. Milly finally believes that Johnny was her destiny from the start.

The Princess Diaries

  • Release year 2001
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance , Royalties , School , Youth
  • Director Garri Marshall
  • Cast Anne Hathaway Julie Andrews Hector Elizondo Heather Matarazzo Robert Schwartzman

Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is an ordinary teenager with an unattractive appearance. He’s just friends with Lilly Moscovitz (Heather Matarazzo) and Lilly’s brother, Michael (Robert Schwartzman). Mia lives with her mother, who has been away from her father for a long time.

At school, there is Lana Thomas (Mandy Moore), the most popular student in the school, always bullying Mia. Mia’s life suddenly changes when Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews), Mia’s father’s mother, ie her biological grandmother, visits Mia and her mother’s whereabouts.

As the only descendant of her daughter, the King of Genovia, Clarisse wants Mia to be the heir to the throne because Mia’s father has just passed away. Mia’s recklessness, lack of self-care, and lack of confidence were Clarisse’s initial difficulties.

Her grandmother must shape Mia to be fit to be the heir to the Genovian throne. As Mia’s appearance becomes more attractive as well as her new status as a princess, Lana begins calling herself close friends just to carry the title of ‘princess Mia’s best friend’.

The Darkest Minds

  • Release year 2018
  • Genres Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , Post-apocalypse , Romance , Science Fiction , Superpowers , Supernatural , Survival , Teen , Thriller , Violence
  • Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson
  • Cast Amandla Stenberg Mandy Moore Bradley Whitford Harris Dickinson Patrick Gibson

Across the country, prisons are set up for people with superpowers. They are divided into five groups, Red (firebending), Orange (mind control and telepathy), Green (very intelligent), Blue (moving objects without touching them) and Yellow (the electrical controls).

The Red and Orange groups are classified as ‘dangerous’ that must be destroyed. However, Ruby Daly (Amandla Stenberg), the Orange group, manipulated the doctor’s mind so that he was included in the Green group. Inside the prison, a Federation of Children is formed to hatch an escape plan that includes Ruby.

Catherine Connor aka Cate (Mandy Moore) gives Ruby a panic button to locate if she needs help. Ruby accidentally runs into a member of the Children’s Federation and discovers the members’ evil intentions.

He then runs off with Suzume Kimura or Zu from the Yellow group (Miya Cech), Liam Stewart from the Blue team (Harris Dickinson), and Charles Meriwether alias Chubs from the Blue group (Skylan Brooks). Can Ruby and her three friends escape?

In fact, you know, there are still a lot of movies starring Mandy Moore. However, the ten lists from Salenha above are the best Mandy Moore movies you can watch. For those of you who have seen it, it’s okay, right, if you reminisce a bit with a rewatch? Where, here, is your favorite Mandy movie?

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