10 Best Movies of Lee Yoo Young

Lee Yoo Young’s acting ability always attracts the audience’s attention, especially the character’s soul. In fact, his acting talent was recognized through the success that helped Lee Yoo Young win the 14th Milan International Film Festival trophy.

Recently, the name Lee Yoo Young was discussed again thanks to his participation in the drama Insider (2022), which surprised the audience. Because, this actress born in 1989 has performed very well the character of a tycoon woman with a complex personality.


In addition to Insider (2022), Lee Yoo Young has actually starred in a number of other popular dramas. Want to know what the movie has? So that you are not curious, you can find out the complete information, only on Salenhanh.com.


  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Action , Law , Legal , Noir , Suspense , Thriller
  • Director Min Yeon Hong
  • Cast Kang Ha Neul Lee Yoo Young Heo Sung Tae Kim Sang Ho

Insider (2022) is an action, horror television series starring Lee Yoo Young alongside Kang Ha Neul and Heo Sung Tae.

This drama broadcast by JTBC will be made under the cold hand of director Min Yeon Hong. As for the plot, this drama is about a judicial intern while investigating a secret.

Not wanting to live in constant chaos, this electronics intern tries to bring his life back to normal in various ways.

In the drama, Lee Yoo Young will play the role of Oh Soo Yeon. She is a very successful and wealthy businesswoman. He uses all his connections to make his business run smoothly and without hassle.

Dr. Brain

This movie really became one of the topics discussed in 2021, this is Dr. Mind (202). The drama aired by Apple TV+ starring Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Yoo Young, Park Hee Soon, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Jae Won and Uhm Tae Hoo. Meanwhile, Kim Jee Woon was assigned to make this sci-fi and horror movie.

The film is about Sewon Koh, an intelligent scientist who tries to find the answer to a mysterious accident that happened to him.

He synchronized his brain and organized each of his memories. In this drama, Lee Yoo Young will play Sewon Koh’s wife, Jae Yu Jung, who becomes the key to all Sewon’s memories.


  • Release year 2017
  • Genres Fantasy , Mystery , Science Fiction , Horror
  • Director Nam Ki Hoon , Shin Yong Hwi
  • Cast Choi Jin Hyuk Yoon Hyun Min Lee Yoo Young

Tunnel (2017) is one of Lee Yoo Young’s works that you cannot ignore. He will be starring in this drama with Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoon Hyun Min as the main characters.

In fact, the film directed by Shim Yoong Hwu is a remake of the drama called “Hwaseong Serial Killers”. The drama tells the story of Park Gwang Ho, who became known as a successful detective in 1986.

But his life changes when he handles a serial murder case. While traveling through the tunnel, it turned out that he had time-traveled to 2016.

From here, Park Gwang Ho accidentally meets Kim Seon Jae, a future detective. He asks detectives to help him investigate a serial murder case in 1986.

He also invites Professor Shin Jae Yi, a criminal psychologist, to help them. The partnership between the two leads them to a character that bears a striking resemblance to the serial killer 30 years ago. The tenacious criminal psychologist named Shin Jae Yi will be played by Lee Yoo Young.

My Fellow Citizens!

Turning to the comedy and crime genres, this time Lee Yoo Young will appear in a drama called My Fellow Citizens! (2019).

In this film directed by Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yoo Young will take on the lead role alongside Choi Siwon and Kim Min Jung. The character she takes on is Kim Mi Young, a solid young detective who has an unlucky love story.

Kim Mi Young accidentally discovered that her ex-boyfriend was having an affair with another woman. At first she thought she didn’t want to know about love anymore, meeting with Jungkook made her fall in love again.

Because of Kim Mi Young’s love for her lover, this woman is willing to hide her real work until their wedding day.

The Lies Within

  • Release year 2019
  • Genres Drama, Mystery, Horror
  • Director Lee Yoon Jung
  • Cast Lee Min Ki Lee Yoo Young Lee Joon Hyuk Kim Shi Eun Yoon Jong Seok

Again in the horror genre, Lee Yoo Young was also cast in the lead role in the drama “The Lies Inside” (2019). This movie will be directed by Lee Yoon Jung and co-starred with handsome actor Lee Min Ki. This film tells the story of a woman’s efforts to save her husband from the law.

Lee Yoo Young will play the role of Kim Seo Hee, the youngest daughter of a council member with a very modern look. Unfortunately, he is just seen as a failed child for his family.

This was because the high standards set by her older sister made Kim Seo Hee very depressed. Therefore, he tries to show that he is superior to anyone in the family.

You Drive Me Crazy

  • Release year 2018
  • Genre Psychological, Romance
  • Director Hyun Sol Ip
  • Cast Lee Yoo Young Kim Sun Ho

Turning to the youth drama, Lee Yoo Young will join Kim Seon Ho, Kim Sung Joo and Kwon Do Woon in the drama You Drive Me Crazy (2018).

This drama is made by director Hyun Sol Ip and tells the story of Lee Yoo Young’s friendship with Kim Seon Ho. The two were known to be best friends for eight years, until the relationship turned to romance.

Han Eun Sung and Kim Rae Wan never thought that this friendship could turn into love after they slept together. However, this also brings them deep regret and bad feelings from the past.

In this drama, Lee Yoo Young will play the role of Han Eun Sung, a simultaneous French translator.

Your Honor

Another movie starring beautiful actress Lee Yoo Young that we will discuss is Your Honor (2018). This SBS drama is directed by Boo Sung Cheol.

Meanwhile, Yoon Shi Yoon, Park Byung Eun, and Kwon Nara will be starring alongside Lee Yoo Young. The film is about two identical twin brothers who have the same level of intelligence, but live different lives.

Lee Yoo Young plays the role of Song So Eun, a student majoring in the Judicial Training and Research Institute.

Although it seems simple, Song So Eun is actually a very hardworking student and does not give up easily. He was quite confident in his judgment and helped Han Soo Ho act as a substitute judge for Han Kang Ho.

Those are some of the famous Korean dramas starring Lee Yoo Young. Regularly exploring the characters he will play, it’s no wonder his acting looks so natural.

Not only that, Lee Yoo Young seems to have good emotional control and has great insight into the character. Therefore, many viewers cannot help but be amazed every time they witness his acting ability in various dramas.

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