Parasite (Parasite)

  • Release year : 2019
  • Genre: Dark Comedy
  • Directed by: Bong Joon Ho
  • Produce : Barunson E&A Corp
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Song Kang Ho, Cho Yeo Jeong, Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam

One of the most successful Korean films discussed around the world, tells the story of a family living in poverty. Their mother, father and two children pretend to be other people to work in a rich man’s house.

Until they finally meet someone with similar motives, a murder occurs when some of them have a grudge against each other. In this drama, Lee Sun Kyun took on the role of Mr. Park, the owner of a luxury house, was killed by his driver.

Jo Pil Ho: The Dawning Rage

  • Release year : 2019
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Directed by: Lee Jeong Beom
  • Production : Dice Film Generation Blue Films
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Jeon So Nee, Song Young Chang, Park Hae Joon

“Jo Pil Ho: The Dawning Rage” is director Lee Jeong Beom’s fourth film. The film tells the story of a policeman named Jo Pil Ho. However, the character Jo Pil Ho played by Lee Sun Kyun is not a good cop like policemen in general.

He actually commits a crime to get money from bad people. While in ‘bad cop’ mode, he changes his appearance by closing one eye.

Take Point

  • Release year : 2018
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Directed by: Kim Byung Woo
  • Produce : Perfect Storm Film
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Ha Jung Woo, Jennifer Ehle, Kevin Durand

“Take Point (PMC: Deo Bungkeo)” was actually released in 2018, but in Indonesia, it only aired a year later. This drama also stars Lee Sun Kyun, who plays Yoon Ji Ui. The film tells the story of a mercenary and Captain Ahab on a CIA mission in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

However, their mission cannot go smoothly because Captain Ahab’s plan goes wrong. That’s because Captain Ahab’s army had to fight a Private Military Company (PMC) that had similar goals to them.

A Special Lady

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Action
  • Directed by: Lee An Gyu
  • Produce : Kidari Entertainment
  • Actors: Kim Hye Soo, Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Hee Joon, Choi Moo Sung, Kim Min Suk, Oh Ha Nee

If other action movies are mostly male, this movie really elevates the image of female supporting Na Hyun Jung. She is a former barwoman, who is known as the most powerful person in a criminal organization called JG Group.

Na Hyung Jung is assigned to lead an army of thugs to protect Kim’s boss. Lee Sun Kyun stars in this drama as Im Sang Hoon, Na Hyung Jung’s colleague who is tasked with solving the organization’s problems.

The King’s Case Note

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Comedy, Adventure
  • Directed by: Moon Hyun Sung
  • Production : The Tower Pictures, CJ E&M, Film Company RAM
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Hee Won, Joo Jin Mo, Kyung Soo Jin

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, director Moon Hyun Sung cast Lee Sun Kyun as King Yejong. He became a king at a young age, that’s because his brother was killed with various plots behind it. He was crowned king because Crown Prince Jo Seong was still very young compared to him at the time.

At first, everyone thought that King Yejong would be easily manipulated because of his experience and age. But on the contrary, he actually has more character than the previous king, until eventually more terrors come upon him. King Yejong was not silent and immediately investigated every dirty act happening in the kingdom with his best friend.

The Advocate: A Missing Body

  • Release year : 2015
  • Genre: Mystery, Comedy
  • Directed by: Heo Jong Ho
  • Produce : CJ E&M
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Go Eun, Lim Won Hee, Jang Hyun Sung, Kim Yoon Hye

If in the previous movie, Lee Sun Kyun played a policeman, this time he has become a famous lawyer. The character he played in the drama “The Advocate: A Missing Body” is named Byeon Ho Sung, a famous lawyer who is said to be investigating a murder case.

However, suddenly Byeon Ho Sung’s client confessed to making his lawyer’s name tarnished. After being humiliated like that, Byeon Ho Sung tries to find out the truth behind the case to maintain his reputation.

A Hard Day

  • Release year : 2014
  • Genre: Action
  • Directed by: Kim Seong-hun
  • Produce : AD406, Dasepo Club
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Cho Jin Woong, Jeong Man Sik, Shin Jung Keun, Kim Dong Young

Lee Sun Kyun is once again starring in the 2014 action movie “A Hard Day”. He plays a detective named Ko Geon Soo. The film tells the story of a man named Geon Soo. He was the perpetrator of a fight while on his way to his mother’s funeral.

However, he has no intention of taking responsibility, instead trying to cover up the incident as tightly as possible. But, as it turns out, his life couldn’t be that easy. Because Geon Soo keeps receiving mysterious calls from a man who claims to have seen the incident on the run.

Our Sunshine

  • Release year : 2013
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Hong Sang Soo
  • Produce : Jeonwonsa Film Co.
  • Actors: Lee Sun Kyun, Jung Yu Mi, Kim Sang Joong, Lee Min Woo, Ye Ji Won

The film “Our Sunhi” has received many awards at domestic and foreign film festivals such as Silver Leopard. In this drama, Lee Sun Kyun plays Moon Soo. Moon Soo is a film major and is a classmate of Sunhi, a girl who was given a 2-year sabbatical to return to campus to ask her professor for a letter of recommendation for a scholarship to study abroad.

It was also there that Moon Soo met Sunhi, the woman he had loved for a long time. Moon Soo meets Jae Hak, his best friend, because he is confused about what to do with his feelings. When Moon Soo decides to keep her feelings for him, it is discovered that Jae Hak also secretly loves Sunhi. Meanwhile, Sunhi remains indifferent and insensitive to the feelings of some of the men around her.

Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won

  • Release year : 2013
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Hong Sang Soo
  • Produce : Jeonwonsa Films
  • Actors: Jung Eun Chae, Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Eui Sung, Ye Ji Won

The film, directed and written by Hong Sang Soo, tells the story of Haewon (played by Jung Eun Chae) and Sung Joon (played by Lee Sun Kyun). Sung Joon is a lecturer who is dating his own student, Haewon. But it seems their relationship is not going very well because Haewon really wants to cut off his relationship with Sung Hoon.

The end of their relationship turned out to be because they lived opposites, so Haewon always felt hidden. Then Haewon goes to Canada to meet his mother. But he did not have peace, there he felt even more depressed.

Haewon decides to go back to meet Sung Joon and the two meet at a restaurant. Unexpectedly, their meeting was discovered by students of another major. Since their relationship couldn’t be hidden anymore and seeing Haewon growing increasingly depressed, Sung Joon and Haewon finally decided to run away somewhere.

Man of Will

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director : Lee Won Tae
  • Production : BA Entertainment, Movie Square Pictures, Wontak Pictures
  • Actors: Cho Jin Woong, Song Seung Heon, Jeong Man Sik, Jung Jin Young, Yoo Seung Mok, Lee Sun Kyun

After a long time, Lee Sun Kyun is finally back to play the king named Gjong in this drama. “Man of Will” is about the struggle of Kim Chang Soo, an inmate who wants to change his mind so that inmates can be treated humanely. His resistance began by teaching other prisoners to read and write. Slowly, the prisoners learned to read and write and began to fight the unjust law.

Lee Sun Kyun acted in many movies and almost all of his films were successful in the market. That proves that Lee Sun Kyun is one of the veteran actors who is highly appreciated for his quality acting. Have you seen any of the movies above?

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