10 Best Movies of Lee Seung Gi

Who doesn’t know Lee Seung Gi? this multi-talented artist. This artist born on January 13, 1987 began his career as a ballad singer. Lee Seung Gi has had 4 albums and 2 remake albums. Then went on to debut as an actress in the 80-episode television series titled Famous Princesses or also known as Infamous Cold Sisters. In addition, Lee Seung Gi is also a host and also an entertainer.

Lee Seung Gi

With a handsome face and known for his positive energy and clean image, he has become a brand ambassador for several companies. And from the diverse skills he has, it’s no surprise that Lee Seung Gi has received so many awards.

So, this time Salenhanh.com will summarize the popular drama starring Lee Seung Gi. Out of the 9 dramas that will be reviewed below, which one do you like the most?


  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Crime , Mystery , Suspense , Horror
  • Director Choi Joon Bae, Kang Cheol Woo
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Lee Hee Joon Park Ju Hyun Kyung Soo Jin

It is about a psychopath named Han Seo Jun, a ruthless serial killer who marries a woman solely for the sake of getting the heir to his psychopathic genes. He is known as the Head Hunter for always beheading his victims in every murder.

Han Seo Jun, a famous neuroscientist in Korea, is finally arrested after the case that eventually killed the Go family. And at that time, it was discovered that his wife was pregnant, and it is true that the child he gave birth to was finally confirmed to have DNA that originated with his father.

It turns out that not only Han Seo Jun’s child has the gene, but there is also another child who has the psychopathic gene.

At the beginning of the episode, the audience is confused as to whether one of the children with that gene is Jung Ba Reum played by Lee Seung Gi, in which Jung Ba Reum is an honest, naive policeman and always help everyone.

For those of you who are fans of the horror genre, don’t miss the drama that has been intense enough from the very first episode.


  • Release year 2019
  • Genres Action , Crime , Mystery , Politics , Romance , Spy , Horror
  • Director Yoo Insik
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Bae Suzy Shin Sung Rok Moon Jung Hee Baek Yoon Shik

As Cha Dal Gun, a stuntman played by Lee Seung Gi, is trying to find out the real cause of the plane crash that took his nephew’s life.

Cha Dal Gun is assisted by Go Hae Ri, a member of the NIS or the National Intelligence Service, to uncover the conspiracy behind the plane crash.

Controversy further widened when it was discovered that the source of the accident was a rivalry between two major Korean aircraft companies and also the intervention of government officials.

Dense political intrigue is shown in this movie as corruption cases happen in real life, where bribery is rife and the law can be manipulated by the ruling elite.

Gu Family Book

  • Release year 2013
  • Genres History, Martial Arts, Romance, Supernatural
  • Director Shin Woo Cheol
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Bae Suzy

In the TV series Gu Family Book, Seung Gi becomes a half-human half-demon named Kang Chi. He can become like that because his mother is human while his father is a fox.

Well, it is also said that in order for Kang Chi not to turn invisible, he must wear a bracelet given to him by a monk. The bracelet can be removed when Kang Chi is 20 years old. So the bracelet functions as an amulet so that Kang Chi doesn’t turn into a fox or a demon.

Then one day Kang Chi meets a woman named Dam Yeo Wol (Bae Suzy). The place where the incident happened, the bracelet Kang Chi was wearing fell off and he couldn’t control the power of his fox. After Yeo Wool knew Kang Chi’s true identity, Yeo Wol still accepted him for who he was.

From there, Kang Chi and Yeo Wol’s love story began. With the various conflicts they face. However, like the story in the movie My Girlfriend is Gumiho, their love story couldn’t last because Yeo Wool eventually had to die. And Yeo Wol’s death happened after Yeo Wol saved Kang Chi.

The King 2 Hearts

  • Release year 2012
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Military, Romance
  • Director Jung Dae Yoon
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Ha Ji Won Jo Jung Suk Yoon Je Moon Lee Yoon Ji

An interesting drama with a rather sensitive topic related to South Korea and North Korea. This political, comedy, romantic drama won awards for its actors’ performance and plot.

Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) is a prince from Korea. Despite being described as having a humorous nature, he is quite interested in politics. Because after all, he’s a prince from Korea.

Until one day, a disaster happened to the Korean royal family and forced them to negotiate with North Korea.

The negotiations end with a marriage between Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), a legendary trainer in North Korea’s elite special forces. The marriage is expected to bring peace to both countries.

Now, since this drama also stars the beautiful Ha Ji Won, you can visit Ha Ji Won’s drama articles if you want to find references to interesting drama titles. The other is played by the actress.

You’re All Surrounded

  • Release year 2014
  • Genres Action , Comedy , Drama , Mystery , Police Procedure , Horror , Tragedy
  • Director Lee Myung Woo , Yoo In Shik
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Go Ah Ra Cha Seung Won Oh Yoon Ah Ahn Jae Hyun

This action, crime, romantic comedy movie is recommended for those of you who haven’t seen it and you can really watch it again because the story is really interesting.

The drama tells the story of four young detectives who join the Gangnam police. Those four people are Eun Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi), Eo Soo Sun (Go Ah Ra), Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyun) and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min).

The appearance of young detectives makes the head of the criminal detective department stunned and does not want to accept them because he thinks they are incompetent. The head of the area played by Cha Seung Won as Seo Pan Suk is very popular.

A Korean Odyssey

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Comedy , Fantasy , Romance
  • Director Park Hong Kyun
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Oh Yeon Seo Cha Seung Won Lee Hong Ki Jang Gwang

If you are a child of the 90s generation, you must have seen the TV series Sun Quan, about a mysterious monkey and his teacher in search of the scriptures, right? So, the Korean drama Odyssey is a Sun Go Kong story adapted from the classic Chinese novel titled Journey To The West.

But this movie is different from the novel, because this film contains a modern story. In this drama, Lee Seung Gi plays Son Oh Gong or the demon king of monkeys. Lee Seung Gi returns to play alongside Cha Seung Won, who plays Woo Ma Wang, the buffalo lover. Lee Hong Ki as Jo Pal Gye or PK of the pig demon.

This drama is about Son Oh Gong, who gets trapped in a mysterious house and then finds a way out thanks to the little girl Jin Seon Mi, who frees him because he was promised to protect her from harassment. disturbed by the ghosts she could see. . However, after being released, Son Oh Gong did not keep his promise.

In short, when Seon Mi grew up and became the CEO of a successful real estate agency, she met Ma Wang and Son Oh Gong again. However, this meeting caused Seon Mi to be cursed to become Sam Jang.

A special person who can ward off evil spirits. However, Sam Jang’s blood smells of jasmine, making him an easy target for the flesh-eating ghosts.

Son Oh Gong, who changed when he met the adult Seon Mi after many events happened to both, finally Son Oh Gong gradually fell in love with Seon Mi thanks to his sincerity.

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

  • Release year 2010
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
  • Director Boo Sung Chul
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Shin Min Ah Noh Min Woo

This supernatural romantic comedy tells the story of an ordinary person who meets a fox. Gumiho in Korean legend is known as a nine-tailed fox who disguises herself as a beautiful woman to seduce men and eventually kills her to win her heart.

Contrary to legend, the fox in the movie played by Shin Min Ah is described as a youkai who only wants to be loved and likes to eat beef. Gumiho, who has been locked up for many years, is finally released thanks to Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi).

Gumiho appealed to Cha Dae Woong to help him become a human by guarding the fox crystal that is the demon fox’s power. Cha Dae Woong is scared at first but gradually falls in love with Gumiho and vice versa.

However, their love story could not go as smoothly as imagined, because after 100 days Gumiho died because of Gumiho’s choices. Because he didn’t want to be human while Cha Dae Woong died. Different love stories do not always end well. But by the end of the story, they are able to get back together thanks to their sincerity in love.

The Law Cafe

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Book Based , Comedy , Friendship , Law , Romance , Workplace
  • Director Lee Eun Jin
  • Cast Lee Seung Gi Lee Se Young Kim Nam Hee Kim Seul Gi Oh Dong Min

Lee Seung Gi’s drama The Law Cafe is adapted from a popular webtoon. Here, he collided with acting as well as reunited with the beautiful actress Lee Se Young, previously working together in the drama A Korean Odyssey.

Lee Seung Gi plays Kim Jung Ho, a genius former prosecutor who changed his job to become a landowner. One day, he reunites with his old friend Kim Yu Ri, whom he has known for decades.

Their meeting took place when Yu Ri, a lawyer, was looking for a building to open a coffee shop as well as a legal services agency. The building he is after seems to belong to Jung Ho. From there their relationship was re-established.

Brilliant Legacy

  • Release year 2009
  • Genre Psychological, Romance
  • Director Jin Hyeok
  • Cast Han Hyo Joo Lee Seung Gi Bae Soo Bin Moon Chae Won

Brilliant Legacy, also known as The Bright Heir, is the second drama starring Lee Seung Gi. From this romantic drama, Seung Gi won an award as a favorite actor.

Seon Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi) is a rich but arrogant man. His hobby is wasting money and acting haphazardly. His life changes when he meets Ko Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo). Many disputes occurred between the two of them, but these disputes ended with the blossoming of love between them.

Those are 8 movies starring multi-talented artist Lee Seung Gi. With so many different characters he has successfully portrayed, it’s no wonder he’s won various awards. Out of the 9 movies above, which one do you like the most?

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