10 Best Movies of Kim Sung Oh

Kim Sung Oh has worked hard to appear in many dramas or movies over the years. Of course, if his face is very familiar to those who love Korean dramas or movies.

Although mostly supporting roles, Kim Sung Oh was outstandingly successful. His tough facial features and sharp eyes are his forte, especially in villainous, formidable roles.

Kim Sung Oh

With a long career, the actor has earned many TV series or movies. In particular, the best Kim Sung Oh movies that we have selected below have many different genres.

The roles he plays are diverse; From bandits to zoo staff. Curious what are the best movies from him? Here is the review!

The Man From Nowhere

  • Release year 2010
  • Genre Action , Crime , Drama
  • Director Lee Jung Beom
  • Cast Won Bin Kim Sae Ron

The Man From Nowhere (2010) is said to be the door to Kim Sung Oh’s success in the entertainment industry, especially in acting. Here you can see him playing the role of Man Seok’s younger brother named Jung Seok.

The two brothers are subordinates of crime boss Oh Myung Gyu, who was ordered to take drugs from Hyo Jeong. Hyo Jeong is a mother of one drug addict.

At the behest of her lover, Hyo Jeong steals opium to sell at the bar where she works. Jong Seok was ordered to take opium from the palace maid who beat Hyo Jeong right in front of the princess.

My PS Partner

A melodrama called My PS Partner (2012) tells about the thrilling experience between Hyun Seung and Yoon Jung when the two accidentally connect through a phone.

Hyun Seung is really heartbroken because his ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend that is more extraordinary than her. Until that night, there was a strange phone call to his phone.

The female voice behind is Yoon Jung. Originally, he wanted to call his girlfriend to warm up, but he accidentally connected with Hyun Seung.

The seductive voice from the other end of the line immediately made Hyun Seung goosebumps. The two then had sex over the phone and fell in love. Here, Kim Sung Oh plays the role of Seok Woon.

Missing You

  • Release year 2016
  • Genres Drama, Mystery, Horror
  • Director Mac Hong Tan
  • Cast Kim Sung Oh Shim Eun Kyung Yoon Je Moon

In the movie Missing You (2016) directed by Mo Hong Jin, Kim Sung Ho was entrusted with the role of assassin Ki Bum. He is accused of murdering a detective while the detective is investigating a serial murder case.

Kim Bum was later sentenced to fifteen years. When he is released from prison, he must confront Hee Joo, the daughter of the detective he killed. Ki Bum must also prepare to face Detective Dae Young, Hee Joo’s father’s colleague, who has not given up on seeking justice for his deceased colleague.

The Merciless

  • Release year 2016
  • Genre Action , Crime , Drama
  • Director Byun Sung Hyun
  • Cast Sol Kyung Gu Im Si Wan Lee Kyung Young Jeon Hye Jin

Kim Sung Oh participated in the movie The Merciless (2017) with a cameo named Jung Seung Pil. Although it only appeared briefly, this movie is still worth watching because of its compelling plot.

Bringing together actors of different generations Sol Kyung and Im Siwan, The Merciless (2017) tells the story of the friendship and betrayal between Jae Ho and Hyun Soo.

Jae Ho is a senior inmate in charge of the prison. He makes the rules and holds the highest authority among the other prisoners. One day, Jae Ho meets a new inmate named Hyun Soo.

Unlike other prisoners, Hyun Soo tends to fight back. Surprisingly the two can actually be friends. Their friendship begins to crack when Jae Ho turns out to be involved in the death of Hyun Soo’s father.


  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Drama
  • Director Byun Sung Hyun
  • Cast Sol Kyung Gu Lee Sun Kyun Yoo Jae Myung Jo Woo Jin

Kingmaker (2022) is a solid story with a political theme about the working relationship between Kim Woon Beom and his political strategist, Seo Chang Dae.

The two characters are beautifully portrayed by seasoned actors Sol Kyung Gu and Lee Sun Kyun, while Kim Sung Oh plays secretary Park, one of Kim Woon Beom’s successful teams.

Kim Woon Beom is a politician who never gives up. Her attitude makes Chang Dae curious and decides to help him win the election.

Everything went smoothly and Woon Beom started to feel the benefits. Unfortunately, they can’t be together anymore because Woon Beom objected to Chang Dae’s perceived cheating behavior.


  • Release year 2018
  • Genres Action , Crime , Horror
  • Director Kim Minh Ho
  • Cast Ma Dong Seok Song Ji Hyo Kim Sung Oh

The drama Kim Sung Oh aired in 2018 starred Ma Dong Seok. Unstoppable (2018) is about Kang Dong Chul, a former criminal who is now trying his luck in the seafood business.

One night, the car he was driving with his wife, Ji Soo, was hit from behind. A commotion almost broke out but Ji Soo was able to stop it.

Unfortunately, that was the beginning of disaster for them because the culprit of the car accident, Dong Chul, was attracted to Ji Soo. He then orders Ki Tae, the character played by Kim Sung Oh, to kidnap him and leave a large bag of money.

The Tower

  • Release year 2012
  • Genres Action, Drama, Horror
  • Director Kim Ji Hoon
  • Cast Sol Kyung Gu Son Ye Jin Kim Sang Kyung

The party in the high-rise building suddenly became a nightmare for the guests. Everything happens because of human negligence. The Tower (2012) is another good drama by Kim Sung Oh that has a tense story.

Starting from Lee Dae Ho’s complete White Christmas party plan by helicopter sprinkling artificial snow. Unfortunately, one of the safety devices in the building was not working. However, the head of the building safety department ignored him.

He’s more interested in the party going on than in the possible fire. The scary thing turned out to be an incident because the helicopter Dae Ho rented crashed into a building and caused a fire.

Door Lock

  • Release year 2018
  • Genres Adult , Dark Fiction , Detective , Horror , Psychological , Suspense , Thriller , Workplace
  • Director Lee Kwon
  • Cast Gong Hyo Jin

Kim Sung Oh’s next film, Door Lock (2018), is based on the Spanish film Sleep Tight (2011). The difference is that if Sleep Tight (2011) uses the perpetrator’s point of view, Door Lock (2018) uses the victim’s point of view.

Here, he plays Detective Lee, who is related to Kyung Min, a woman who lives alone and then discovers strange things at her residence.

Kyung Min starts to panic when he sees his house key open. He immediately changed the code so the problem didn’t happen again.

However, before going to bed, he heard someone trying to open the door. He tried calling the police, but got no meaningful response. Kyung Min also ventures to investigate alone.

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Action , Adventure
  • Director Kim Jung Hoon
  • Cast Kang Ha Neul Han Hyo Joo Lee Kwang Soo Kwon Sang Woo Chae Soo Bin Oh Se Hun

Complementing his acting experience, this time Kim Sung Oh plays a bandit Kang Seop. He is the confidant of the bright but cute bandit, Wu Mu Chi.

Along with Wu Mu Chi, Kang Seop was stranded in the middle of the ocean before being rescued by Captain Hae Rang, the leader of the pirate crew. Mu Chi and Hae Rang then work together to retrieve the last treasure left by the Goryeo Kingdom.

In their journey, they can be rivals, but can also be friends. Movie Pirates: The Last Treasure (2022) also has the participation of high-class actors such as Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo.

Secret Zoo

  • Release year 2020
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Police Procedure , Workplace
  • Director Son Jae Gon
  • Cast Ahn Jae-hong Kang So Ra Kim Sung Oh Jeon Yeo-been Park Young Gyu

Want to see Kim Sung Oh play the role of ‘animal’? Please watch the movie Secret Zoo (2020). The story begins with the anxiety of Tae Soo, a lawyer assigned to be the zoo director.

This is because the zoo assigned to him doesn’t have any animals, while he can’t even afford to buy one.

Some of the workers there, including the former owner, Director Seo, and Kim Gun Wook played by Kim Sung Oh, looked haggard. Seeing the desperate situation, Tae Soo came up with a crazy idea.

Then he took the zoo staff to the art studio to make costumes for the animals. Yes that’s true! Tae Soo will turn the workers into animals.

Check out Kim Sung Oh’s 10 movies above, it’s no exaggeration to praise him as one of the quality Korean actors. The roles he plays are diverse, although his image is inherently ‘intense’. Still need to prove it? You can choose one of Kim Sung Oh’s best movies that we recommend above.

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