For those of you who are new to Korean dramas or movies, the name Kim Rae Won as well as his face is probably not unfamiliar. However, know that he is one of the high-flying actors who have been acting since 1998.

The first film he acted in was called Scent of a Man (1998). Since then, Kim Rae Won has worked quite effectively and attracted attention with her appearance.


Out of the many films he has starred in, the ten titles we’ve curated below promise the best and most entertaining stories. Some of Kim Rae Won’s movies can entertain you with various stories and characters?


  • Release year 2006
  • Genre Action , Crime , Drama
  • Director Kang Seok Beom
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Kim Hae Sook Heo Yi Jae

Tae Shik, played by Kim Rae Won, is a former gangster who has just been released from prison after being sentenced to ten years. He returned to his hometown, to the house of a middle-aged woman, who was considered his biological mother.

Tae Shik begins to live a normal life by working at a repair shop and moving away from his old life. One day, the restaurant where his mother earns money is in danger of being demolished because a local politician wants to build a new shopping mall in the same location.

By mobilizing a group of gangsters, they begin to move and threaten the peace of Tae Shik’s family. The man cannot be silent either; he is forced to return to his old self, which is full of violence.


  • Release year 2003
  • Genre Drama , Psychological , Romance
  • Director Lee Eon Hee
  • Cast Im Soo Jung Kim Rae Won Lee Mi Sook

Kim Rae Won’s film with Im Soo Jung has a rather short and unique title …ing (2003), but is the story as short and simple as that? This drama tells the story of a high school student named Min Ah who lives with her mother.

Min Ah is very shy and doesn’t have many friends so she doesn’t like her activities at school. The only thing that caught her attention was a man directing traffic on the road in front of her school.

Once upon a time, Min Ah and her mother had a new neighbor, a young man named Young Jae and his family. After being neighbors for a long time, Min Ah falls in love with one of Young Jae’s tricks one day.

My Little Bride

  • Release year 2004
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Director Kim Ho Joon
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Moon Geun Young

Bo Eun, a high school girl enjoying her youth at school, is asked by her grandfather to marry Sang Min. Bo Eun, who has a crush on the baseball champion at her school, Jung Woo, protests.

However, the grandfather refused because he remembered his old promise to marry Bo Eun to Sang Min. Forced, the two were married.

Her second marriage is hidden from many people, Bo Eun even dated Jung Woo. He is confident that everything will go smoothly, until Sang Min arrives at his school. Sang Min went there as a student of the teacher. Will their married life be exposed?

My Little Hero

  • Release year 2013
  • Genre Drama, Music
  • Director Kim Sung Hoon
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Jo An Ji Dae Han

My Little Hero (2013) tells the story of an aspiring music director in his thirties who is busy working as a consultant on a musical project. An audition to choose the actor to play King Jungjo was held. The music director chose a boy just by hearing him sing.

The boy known as Young Kwang, turned out to be of Filipino and Korean descent. The director didn’t mind that and was instead impressed by Young Kwang’s passion for music.

The boy was then chosen for the character Yoo Il Han. The director’s goal, initially to only use Young Kwang for his own success, changed.

The Prison

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Action , Crime
  • Director and Hyun
  • Cast Han Suk Kyu Kim Rae Won

In the movie The Prison (2017), Kim Rae Won plays the role of Song Yoo Geon. He used to be a detective, but because of many crimes he committed, Yoo Geun was sent to prison.

During his time in the cell, Yoo Geun was often the source of trouble; His emotions explode and do not hesitate to attack other prisoners. Yoo Geun’s brutal attitude gradually attracts the attention of Jug Ik Ho, a highly influential inmate in the prison.

Ik Ho is like a boss there because he can control the head of the prison. He was even freed to commit various crimes in prison. Ik Ho is interested in Yoo Geun who recruited him. It was later revealed that Yoo Geun had separate plans for Ik Ho.


  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Action , Crime , Drama , Sports , Horror
  • Director Hwang In Ho
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Jung Sang Hoon Park Byung Eun Lee Jong Suk

Decibel (2022) is a movie by Kim Rae Won that will make you tense up because of the horror of a bomb that can explode at any time. In the drama, Kim Rae Won plays Kang Do Young.

He is a former naval submarine commander who was the key to a terrible terrorist attack. It all started when an incident on the submarine happened a year ago.

That stressful day came when Kang Do Young received a call from an unknown man. The caller said he planted the bomb in a crowded area.

The bomb can explode if the sound around it exceeds 100 decibels. Can Kang Do Young stop the bomb before it explodes and kills many people?

The Most Ordinary Romance

  • Release year 2019
  • Genre Comedy, Romance, Romance
  • Director Kim Han Gyul
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Gong Hyo Jin

Want to see Kim Rae Won act in a romantic movie with Gong Hyo Jin? You must watch The Most Ordinary Romance or Crazy Romance (2019)! In the movie, the two play the role of two people who meet each other while carrying wounds due to the failure of a previous love affair.

Kim Rae Won as Jae Hoon is an engaged man. Unfortunately, he got kicked and can’t forget it even after a month. Meanwhile, Sun Young had to break up with her boyfriend because she was cheated on. They get in trouble and hurt because of love and then start working together.

Gangnam 1970/ Gangnam Blues

  • Release year 2015
  • Genre Action , Crime , Drama
  • Director Yoo Ha
  • Cast Lee Min Ho Kim Rae Won

In the 1970s, what was once a slum Gangnam became a developed area. Having two close friends like siblings, Jong Dae and Yong Ki, they worked hard for their lives.

They grew up in an orphanage and grew up doing odd jobs. When their shack is razed, the two friends are confused. For the money, they engage in an attack, but there the two are separated.

Three years later, Yong Ki played by Kim Rae Won has joined Seoul’s most powerful criminal gang, while Jong Dae lives with a former gang leader and leads an honest life. However, things have changed with frequent clashes.

Mr. Socrates

  • Release year 2005
  • Genre Action , Crime
  • Director Choi Jin Won
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Kang Shin Il Lee Jong Hyuk Yoon Tae Young

In the movie Mr. Socrates (2005) you will see him play the role of Ku Dong Hyeok, a street thug and con man who often commits crimes.

His life changes when he is kidnapped by a mysterious gang. He was taken hostage for no particular reason and then suddenly trained in secret and inhumane by them.

Dong Hyeok tries to escape but fails. As a result, the training he received was even harsher and more ruthless than before. After being deemed to have completed his training, Dong Hyeok was ordered to infiltrate the police force as a police officer. They plan to use Dong Hyeok as a spy or secret liaison.

Scandal Insadong

  • Release year 2009
  • Genres Action , Crime , Mystery , Thriller
  • Director Park Hee Gon
  • Cast Kim Rae Won Uhm Jung Hwa

Watch the movie Insadong Scandal (2009), you will see Kim Rae Won as an art restoration expert named Lee Kang Jun. Kang Jun gets a job from Bae Tae In, a gallery owner, to restore a 400-year-old royal painting.

Once restored, the price of the painting is expected to be very high. Bae Tae In also hired Kang Jun to handle. With Kang Jun’s ability, the controversy surrounding the picture was gradually revealed.

Art experts in Korea were surprised to see that the original form of the painting has been successfully restored. The surprise turns out to be just a small part of a larger secret plan.

Kim Rae Won’s career in the entertainment industry is more or less summed up in the above titles. Through Kim Rae Won’s movies, you can get to know the quality of the actor, so that you know why until now he still exists to compete with new actors.

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