10 Best Movies of Kim Nam Gil

Kim Nam Gil seems to have a bestseller as some of his films are selling well in the market. Call it Memoirs of a Murderer (2017), Pirates (2014) and Declaration of Emergency (2022).

At a relatively young age, his acting experience is extensive. He proved it with a series of movies and TV shows that hit the box office in which he appeared.

Kim Nam Gil

In fact, Kim Nam Gil’s films are always taken into account, always awaited and expected. Through a number of his films, the actor presents eye-catching performances. He also doesn’t hesitate to do any shoot professionally. Curious what are the best movies from him? Listen!

Memoir of a Murder

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Action , Book Based , Crime , Drama , Family , Medical , Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Suspense , Thriller , Violence
  • Director Won Shin Yun
  • Cast Sol Kyung Gu Kim Nam Gil Kim Seol Hyun Oh Dal Soo

Byeong Soo believes that there are people in this world who deserve to die, one of which is his father who treated him harshly. Byeong Soo becomes the killer for such people and bury them in a bamboo forest he owns.

One day after killing a woman, Byeong Soo has an accident and causes him to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Byeong Soo stops killing and continues to work as a veterinarian while taking care of her daughter Eun Hee.

Byeong Seo’s condition worsened making him likely to have amnesia. While hesitating, the news of the deaths of two young girls shook the neighborhood where he lived. Byeong Soo wonders if he killed them?

Until then, Byeong Soo accidentally crashed into a car driven by a young man. There was blood in the trunk of a man named Min Tae Joo played by Kim Nam Gil.

Byeong Soo also took a blood sample and found evidence that it was human blood. Byeong Soo is increasingly insecure as Tae Joo approaches his daughter.

Emergency Declaration

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Action , Aviation , Crime , Disaster , Drama , Politics , Action Film , Horror
  • Director Han Jae Rim
  • Cast Song Kang Ho Lee Byung Hun Jeon Do Yeon Kim Nam Gil Im Si Wan

Emergency Statement (2022) is one of the highest-grossing Korean films of 2022. The non-gaming cast and eye-catching story execution are some of the reasons why this action disaster movie has become such a big hit. bestselling book.

The story begins with a report that In Ho received regarding the terrorist incident that occurred on the plane. Jae Hyuk and his daughter boarded a plane to Hawaii.

Jae Hyuk really has a fear of heights, but for his daughter’s sake, he’s willing to do it. Along the way, a man mysteriously dies. The tense situation immediately took over. Tensions increased when the plane was refused to land. Kim Nam Gil in this movie plays a pilot who flies an airplane.

No Regret

  • Release year 2006
  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Director Leesong Hee Il
  • Cast Kim Nam Gil Lee Young Hoon

Including Kim Nam Gil’s first starring role in his career, No Regret (2006) is listed as the first ‘real’ South Korean gay film, as well as a Korean film. first by a Korean filmmaker to admit to being openly gay.

This drama tells the story of Su Min, an orphan who struggles to live in Seoul by working at a bar as a delivery man for drunks.

One day, a man from his past, Jae Min (Kim Nam Gil), comes to a bar. Jae Min loved Su Min for a long time but was rejected by her.

Su Min’s refusal seems serious as he even threatens to kill Jae Min if he gets close. However, after a while, Su Min gave up and was happy in a relationship with Jae Min.


  • Release year 2016
  • Genres Action, Drama, Horror
  • Director Park Jung Woo
  • Cast Kim Nam Gil Kim Joo Hyun Jung Jin Young

Jae Hyeok, played by Kim Nam Gil, works at a local nuclear power plant built in a peaceful small town. The factory is the city’s sole source of energy and provides jobs for many people.

Jae Hyeok lives with his mother, sister-in-law, and nephew, while his father and brother died of radiation poisoning. One day, while he was working, an earthquake occurred causing one of the nuclear reactors to overheat.

All attempts to cool it have failed. When the workers tried to get out, the basement collapsed causing mass death. Jae Hyeok is one of the survivors trying to save lives until he faints from nuclear radiation.

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

  • Release year 2019
  • Genre Comedy, Horror
  • Director Lee Min Jae
  • Cast Jung Jae Young Kim Nam Gil Lee Soo Kyung Jung Ga Ram Uhm Ji Won Park In Hwan

Man Deok manages the gas station where he lives; in a peaceful village. He has three grown children, Joon Geol, Min Geol (Kim Nam Gil) and Hae Geol. Man Deok himself is really only thinking about spending the rest of his life in Hawaii.

Min Geol is the second child and only son of Man Deok who graduated from university. Unfortunately, he was fired from the company and decided to return to the village. One day, a strange man appeared in their neighborhood. The appearance of the man caused a stir among all the villagers, including the Man Deok family.

Cell phone

  • Release year 2009
  • Genre Thriller
  • Director Kim Hanmin
  • Cast Uhm Tae Woong Park Yong Woo

Seung Min as a talented manager who depends his life on Yoon Jin Ah; a rising actress. He is like Seung Min’s only life-changing hope. Unfortunately, while in the early stages of success, Jin Ah received threats from her ex-girlfriend, who would record sex clips from her cell phone.

Seung Min tracks down the culprit and retrieves the tape, but loses his cell phone instead. Then he remembered that there was one last piece of evidence of a sex tape on his lost cell phone.

The phone was found by a man named Yi Gyu. Instead of giving back, Yi Gyu made even more exaggerated demands.

In this drama, Kim Nam Gil is Jin Ah’s ex-boyfriend who threatens her and starts the chaos. In addition to him, this movie also stars Uhm Tae Woong, Park Yong Woo and Lee Se Na.

The Pirates 1

  • Release year 2014
  • Genres Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy
  • Director Lee Seok Hoon
  • Cast Kim Nam Gil Son Ye Jin

The Pirates (2014) is one of Kim Nam Gil’s highest-grossing films with more than 8.6 million tickets sold. Also starring Son Ye Jin, this huge drama offers exciting scenes that take place under the ocean.

The story begins with the loss of the State Seal of the Ming Empire brought to Joseon by a messenger from China. The seal’s disappearance was not caused by it falling to the bottom of the sea, but because it was swallowed by a whale.

A contest has been announced and whoever gets the seal back will receive a huge prize.

Kim Nam Gil as Jang Sa Jung, a mountain bandit leader who goes to the sea to hunt deer. However, he must deal with Yeo Wol, a brave female pirate captain. The two of them then go on an unexpected adventure.

One Day

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Drama, Fantasy
  • Director Lee Yoon Ki
  • Cast Chun Woo Hee Kim Nam Gil

One Day (2017) is a movie by Kim Nam Gil combined with beautiful actress Chun Woo Hee. Here, he plays Lee Kang Soo, a newly widowed insurance investigator. One day, Kang Soo solves a car accident that a woman got into that left her in a coma.

Kang Soo meets the female spirit when he visits her at the hospital. At that moment, he realized that he was the only one who could see spirits. The film is directed by Lee Yoon Ki, who also directed A Man and a Woman (2016).

The Sound of a Flower

  • Release year 2015
  • Genre Biography, Drama
  • Director Lee Jong Pil
  • Cast Ryu Seung Ryong Bae Suzy Kim Nam Gil

Jin Chae Seon, an orphan raised by prostitutes during the Joseon era. He especially enjoys performing pansori and eavesdropping on pansori school lessons.

Jin Chae Seon then secretly practiced singing and asked a teacher to teach her. Chae Seon’s request was denied because women were not allowed to learn pansori and appear in public.

However, his teacher changes his mind when he hears that the king and ruling father of Joseon, Heungseon Daewongun, played by Kim Nam Gil, is about to hold a pansori contest.

Chea Yeon prepared like a boy to take part in the competition. Who would have thought that Heungseon Daewongun would be captivated by his looks.

Portrait of a Beauty

  • Release year 2006
  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Director Jeon Yoon Soo
  • Cast Kim Nam Gil Kim Gyu Ri Kim Young Ho Choo Ja Hyun

The movie Portrait of Beauty (2008) by Kim Nam Gil became the 8th best-selling movie in the year of broadcast with ticket sales of about 2.3 million. This drama is about a retired court painter’s obsession, Sin Han Pyeong, to have his son become his successor.

When his son committed suicide because he felt he lacked talent, Sin Han Pyeong encouraged his daughter, Yun Jeong. Yun Jeong had to disguise himself as a court painter.

Everything went smoothly until one day Yun Jeong left the palace and met the cute mirror girl Kang Mu. The two are friends until Kang Mu realizes that Yun Jeong is a girl. Then they fell in love. The character Kang Mu in this movie is played by Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil’s ten films in this article are of course just part of his job as an actor. In addition to the titles mentioned above, Kim Nam Gil also appeared in dozens of other films. Want to see all of Kim Nam Gil’s movies? You can get started with one of the suggested titles here!

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