10 Best Movies of Kim Hee Sun

One of the Korean actresses who has been traveling the world of Korean movies and dramas for a long time is Kim Hee Sun. Actress Kim Hee Sun, born in 1977, started her artistic activities in 1992 after winning a beauty contest.

In the 1990s, his name became famous thanks to his outstanding performance in some of the TV series that he participated in.

Kim Hee Sun

The actress has been repeatedly nominated and won a Daesang or Grand Prize for her acting, such as in the dramas Mister Q and The Lady in Dignity.

The actress, who started acting in television as a teenager, is now back with her latest TV series Tomorrow and Remarriage and Desires. For those curious about the movie starring Kim Hee Sun, let’s check out the list of movies below!


  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Action , Drama , Fantasy
  • Director Kim Tae Yoon
  • Cast Kim Hee Sun Rowoon Lee Soo Hyuk Yoon Ji On

This movie is adapted from Naver Naeil’s Webtoon series written by Ra Ma. Tomorrow tells the story of the Gods of Death, also known as the Gods of Death. They come from the crisis management group alias Jumadeung. Death angels are tasked with saving people who are contemplating suicide.

The leader of this team is Koo Ryeon (Kim Hee Sun). One day, she meets Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon), a job seeker who always fails to find a job. As he tries to help prevent people from committing suicide, the god of death appears.

After that incident, he went into a coma and became half-human, half-soul. Thanks to this ability, Choi Joo Woong is recruited into the crisis team led by Koo Ryeon.

Angry Mom

  • Release year 2015
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Family , School
  • Director Ashbun
  • Cast Kim Hee Sun Ji Hyun Woo Kim Yoo Jung Kim Ji Soo

Angry Mom is a Korean drama about a single mother’s efforts. He disguises himself as a high school student to protect his son from being bullied at school.

It is said that Kang Ja’s mother (Kim Hee Sun) had an unpleasant experience while attending school. He became a victim of bullying.

For this reason, he tries his best to protect his daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), so that the same does not happen to her.

Even though her son doesn’t like her for trying to disguise herself, Kang Ja still tries her best to protect her son. The film also mixes funny stories when Kang Ja falls in love with his son’s friend.

Woman of Dignity

This film tells the story of a woman who tries to get her fortune back from a woman who is pursuing her family’s wealth.

Woo Ah Jin (Kim Hee Sun) is a woman who lacks nothing. She has everything from her pretty face to the respect she gets from her mother-in-law, the CEO of a large company. Like the rich, Woo Ah Jin also hires servants for his father-in-law.

However, it turns out that the maid is actually trying to take away her family’s wealth by seducing the CEO. He also fought so that everything belonging to his family could be restored.


Faith is a medical drama with a taste of time travel. The film tells the story of a female doctor named Dr. Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is transported to the 700s during the Goryeo Dynasty.

The person who brought me in was a Goryeo warrior named Choi Young (Lee Min Ho). Dr. Yoo Eun Soo is asked to save a princess from the Yuan Kingdom named Princess Nogoog. The princess was stabbed in the neck by a sword, and no doctor in her day could heal her.

One day, the princess’s husband saw the gate. He believes the portal will help find a doctor who can help the princess.

Remarriage and Desires

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Drama
  • Director Kim Jung Min
  • Cast Kim Hee Sun Lee Hyun Wook Jung Eugene Park Hoon Cha Ji Yeon

Remarriage and Desires is Kim Hee-sun’s latest drama. In this drama, she plays Seo Hye Seung, a woman who lost her husband to a scammer.

After losing everything, he tries to get back on his feet by joining a high-end marriage brokerage firm named Rex. The goal is to get a new life partner.

But it turned out that there he met the killer who was also looking for a new partner. This time Seo Hye Seung vowed not to let the actor realize his intentions.

Room No. 9

Room 9 is a movie about a body swap that happens to the main character, a lawyer. His body was swapped with a death row inmate.

Eulji Hae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) is a successful lawyer but in a charismatic way. He is rich and is the partner of a doctor named Gi Yoo Jin (Kim Young Kwang).

While interrogating a death row inmate named Jang Hwa Sa (Kim Hae Sook), he suddenly fell asleep. When he woke up, his body was already the abode of Jang Hwa Sa and he was in the prisoner’s body. Every way he tries to get his body back.

Sad Love Story

This movie with a sad story tells about a couple named Park Hye In (Kim Hee Sun) and Seo Joon Young (Kwon Sang Woo). Hye In is blind and Joon Young is an innocent guy who believes in love and loyalty.

But everything changed when death separated them. Hye In had just moved to the US when she heard that Joon Young had passed away. This makes him broken.

However, he got up after he could see again. He became a singer, and even has a fiancé who is none other than his own producer.

Hye In was extremely surprised to hear that Joon Young was still alive. Even Joon Young knows his fiancé.

Wonderful Days

Miracle Days tells the story of a tough woman who, despite facing many problems in life, never gives up and is always optimistic. The woman’s name is Cha Hae Won (Kim Hee Sun).

It is known that Cha Hae Won went through a difficult time when her father went bankrupt. But that doesn’t make it worse.

One day, she meets her childhood friend Kang Dong Seok (Lee Seo Jin). Despite being apart for a long time, it turned out that the two still nurtured the same affection as before.


  • Release year 2020
  • Genre Romance, Science Fiction
  • Director Baek Soo Chan
  • Cast Kim Hee Sun Joo Won Kwak Shi Yang Lee Da In

Alice is another time travel drama by Kim Hee Sun set in the year 2050. This drama is about an organization named Alice.

This organization orders two group members, Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) and Yoo Min Hyuk (Kwak Shi Yang) to prevent the Book of Prophecy from being taken by bad guys.

In 2020, there is a detective named Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won). He discovered time travel while investigating a mysterious case.

That time travel brought him to meet his mother, Yoon Tae Yi, a genius physicist. The physicist becomes the key to time travel.

Smile, Again

The drama tells the story of a woman named Oh Dan Hee (Kim Hee Sun). Despite a bitter childhood, Dan Hee grew up to be an optimistic woman.

Her dream is to become a professional softball player. Dan Hee has experienced painful experiences from the man she loves, that is Ban Ha Jin (Lee Dong Gun).

This bitter, painful experience actually promised herself that she would be able to “move on” away from that man. Dan Hee has a sports idol, named Yoon Jae Myung, who is also a friend of Ha Ji.

3 years later they meet again in Korea. This time, Ha Ji works at Jae Myung’s father’s company. Turns out Dan Hee also works in the same place.

Dan Hee is also a softball member in the company league. Jae Myung, who becomes the coach of Team Dan Hee, falls in love with Dan Hee because of his upbeat attitude. He persistently tries to win Dan Hee’s heart.

Those are 10 movies with the participation of Kim Hee Sun. The actress, who has been around for about 30 years in the acting world, made the TV series she starred in in the 1990s a huge success with high viewership ratings.

Oh yes, when he received his first Daesang, he was the youngest to receive the award at around 21 years old. Come on, you must be curious about Kim Hee Sun’s drama, right? What are you waiting for. Come see Kim Hee Sun’s movie now!

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