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I fell in love with Kim Da Mi after watching the movie “Itaewon Class” and Salenhanh thought that with acting like this, it seems that Kim Da Mi must be an actor who has acted in many movies. However, after searching, it turns out that Kim Da Mi’s projects are not many, because she has been debuting for too long (in 2017).

So far, Kim Da Mi has only acted in one (1) drama, “Itaewon Class”, and the rest are all movies. Apparently, in her hometown, Kim Da Mi is known for her role as a movie actress, not a drama.

Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi is an actress born in 1995. Like most celebrities, Kim Da Mi was not famous right after her debut. Her first film was an indie film that was not very popular.

Her name is widely known after appearing in the action and mystery movie The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion (2018) and the global hit drama Itaewon Class (2020). Want to know what Kim Da Mi’s dramas and movies are? Bacaterus has summarized it below.

  • Full Name: (Kim Da Mi)
  • Place of Birth : South Korea | April 9, 1995
  • Instagram : @d_a___m_i
  • Manager : ANDMARQ
  • Year of operation: 2017 – present

Itaewon Class

  • Release year : 2020
  • Genre: Drama
  • Produce : Showbox | Contents Zium[a] | Itaewon Class production partner | Drama House (JTBC Studios)
  • Director : Kim Sung Yoon
  • Actor : Park Seo Joon | Kim Da Mi | Yoo Jae Myung | Kwon Nara | Ahn Bo Hyun | Lee Joo Young | Ryu Kyungsoo
  • Episodes : 16

Itaewon Class is said to be the work that brought Kim Da Mi’s name to the world. Because, this movie was actually very successful commercially. The final episode of “Itaewon Class” earned 16.548% nationwide viewership ratings, becoming the 3rd highest rated drama on JTBC and the 7th highest rated drama in Korean cable television history.

If you are a fan of the webtoon and have seen the title or even read this manga with appreciation, yes, “Itaewon Class” is a drama based on the webtoon of the same name by Gwang Jin.

Itaewon Class tells the story of a boy named Park Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon) whose life becomes extremely chaotic after he helps his schoolmate who is being bullied. He was expelled from school for hitting a bully, who turned out to be the son of his father’s boss.

So his father resigned in honor because he also wanted to protect his son’s honor. Sae Ro Yi becomes a dropout and his father opens a small shop to make a living, but they are not sad but instead happy because they did the right thing.

However, all did not last long, as his father, Sae Ro Yi, passed away in an accident. His temper, the guy who crashed into his father’s motorbike is the bully that got him expelled from school! Sae Ro Yi beat him up again and was eventually prosecuted and jailed for 7 years, while his father’s accident case went unsolved because he had neither power nor money.

After becoming a former prisoner, Sae Ro Yi followed in his father’s footsteps to open his own pub. He has two loyal employees, but the store is always empty. Suddenly Sae Ro Yi’s life collides with a sociopath girl named Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi). Previously, Yi Seo was ignorant, his name was also a murderer.

However, after much help, Yi Seo fell in love with Sae Ro Yi and decided to take revenge on the man she liked with those who treated her badly. Either way? By making DanBam (Sae Ro Yi’s pub) more popular than his father’s evil former boss’s restaurant.

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

  • Release year : 2018
  • Genre : Action | mystery | imagine
  • Production : Gold Moon Film Production
  • Director : Park Hoon Jung
  • Actor : Kim Da Mi | Jo Min Soo | Choi Woo Shik | Go Min Si | Park Hee Soon | Jung Da Eun

“The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion”, a very long title, isn’t it? In Korean, it’s very simple, “마녀 (read: Manyeo)”. This movie also brought Kim Da Mi’s name to the top even before she participated in the movie Itaewon Class.

The story in the movie revolves around a high school student who is trained to become a murder weapon! In the process, researchers and influencers aren’t afraid to use living human bodies for these medical experiments.

So the original story is, there is a mysterious lab somewhere that is conducting illegal research. Then there was a young girl who ran away because she knew about a violent incident that killed many people in the laboratory.

As she was considered too young and unable to survive, the girl was not searched and was presumed dead. In fact, the girl was found by a farm owner, and she was adopted and named Ja Yoon (Kim Da Mi).

The story continues to 10 years later, when Ja Yoon becomes young. He lives without any memories, so he just lives like Ja Yoon. He was a good boy from a poor family and sick parents.

To ease the burden on her parents, Ja Yoon plans to enter a contest on a TV show to earn money. And, yes, he won it because his voice was so good and his gimmick on stage impressed the judges. (He can apparently make the microphone float).

Because the show was so popular, almost all of Korea watched it. A member of the group that ran the illegal lab 10 years ago, Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi. They suspect Ja Yoon is the girl who once ran away and deployed accomplices to capture the girl.

Here, Kim Da Mi competes with Choi Woo Shik. Previously, the male lead role was offered to Lee Jong Suk but he refused. This movie has a hanging ending, which is why there is a sequel, “The Witch: Part 2”.


  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre : Thriller | Crime | Mystery | Triller
  • Produce : Kidari Ent
  • Directed by: Lee Han Wook
  • Actor : Lee Yoo Young | Kim Hee Won | Oh Ha Nee | Lee Hak Joo | Kim Da Mi | Lee Je Yeon | Jang Hyuk Jin

In South Korea, there was a protest calling for public safety for women. Because, there are a lot of unscrupulous videos and photos found from people who turned out to be obtained from hidden cameras.

Based on this real event, “Marionette” was created. It’s a pretty tense movie, pretty tired of being suspenseful, and very good at stirring up the audience’s emotions.

The story is shown from the perspective of a high school teacher in Gyeonggi named Han Seo Rin (Lee Yoo Young). He used to sleep all night at the office (school) because of exhaustion. When he woke up the next morning, he noticed something strange about him.

And, sure enough, on that day, Seo Rin received a chat from ‘Master’ which contained photos and videos of her being taken off her clothes by some men while sleeping. drunk. Since then, Seo Rin’s life is haunted by the Master.

Threatening to share the video on social media, Master forced Seo Rin to send a photo (selfie) of her breasts. Seo Rin, who no longer has the strength to do this, reports the case to a former detective, Oh Kook Chul (Kim Hee Won).

It turns out that not only him, but also other students at the same school have experienced the same thing, that is Yang Se Jung (Oh Ha Nee). Every day, the three of them find out the Master’s identity.

The closer they get to unmasking the Master, the bigger the problem they face. Like Seo Rin’s photos and videos have finally gone viral online. This made Seo Rin want to end her life, but she decided to continue living and eradicate the Master who turned the lives of many people upside down.

In this movie also known as “Remember Me”, Kim Da Mi only had a few scenes to shoot. He played the role of Yoo Min Ah, a supporting role.

Hello, My Soulmate

  • Release year: 2020/2021
  • Category : Friendship | romance | Dramatic
  • Manufacturing : –
  • Director : Min Yong Keun
  • Actors: Kim Da Mi, Jeon So Nee, Byeon Woo Seok

Still unannounced aka Coming Soon, this movie is rumored to be titled “Hello, My Soulmate.” This is a remake of the Chinese movie “Soul Mate”. So we already know what the plot will be like since it’s a remake.

Hello, My Soulmate will more or less tell the story of two teenagers who first met at the age of 13. Then 14 years later, they are still close as friends, but there is no denying that there is more affection between them. The Chinese film itself was released in 2016 and stars Sandra Ma and Zhou Dongyu.

The Witch: Part 2

  • Release year: 2020/2021
  • Genre : Action | Horror Movies | Crime | Suspense | Mystery | Supernatural
  • Manufacturing : –
  • Director : Park Hoon Jung
  • Actor : Kim Da Mi
  • Related Movies : The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion (prequel)

Yes, as Bacaterus said above, the ending of “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion” is very good. Because, indeed, this series will have a sequel, namely “The Witch: Part 2” or “마녀2 (read: Manyeo 2). I’m really curious how the story of our ‘witch’ Ja Yoon will continue. Hopefully this drama will be finished quickly, yes!

Although there are not many dramas and movies starring Kim Dami, Kim Dami’s acting skills in all her movies and dramas are very good. Have you ever watched one of them?

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