Nemesis Game

  • Release year: 2003
  • Genre: Mystery, Horror
  • Produce: Lionsgate
  • Directed by: Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Carly Pope, Ian McShane, Adrian Paul, Rena Owen, Brendan Fehr, Jay Baruchel, Vanesha Guy

Also known as Nemesis-Enigma, this short film tells the story of a student who is involved in a murder. The film focuses on his quest to solve a series of puzzles and conspiratorial mind games.

Movie The Nemesis Game tells the story of Sara, an introverted student. Sara joins a puzzle game with Vern, a comic shop owner. The plot of the film undergoes a turning point when Jeremy, Sara’s friend, is killed. This leads Sara to suspect that there is a connection between her friend’s death and their puzzle game.

Auld Lang Syne

  • Release year: 2005
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
  • Manufacturing: –
  • Directed by: David Gunson
  • Executive Producers : Jesse Warn, Matthew Metcalfe
  • Actors: Peter Rutherford, Sophia Hawthorne, Jon Brazier, Cameron Rhodes

This 13-minute short tells the story of a man named James who was left by his wife. James is invited by his friend, Archie, to a party at Callum’s house. During the party, there is a woman who is attracted to James, that woman’s name is Isabelle.

Callum forces James to stay. James enjoys the party, and he is seduced by Isabelle. However, there was a servant who warned him, so he seemed to have regained his senses. Grieving the loss of Helen, James realizes that the party is a vampire’s party.

James is tempted and ‘surrenders’ to Isabelle. James was able to forget his sadness for a moment. With the vampire Isabelle, James realizes too late that this cursed life has separated James from Helen forever.

The Banner Way

  • Release year: 2010
  • Genre: Action
  • Manufacturing: –
  • Directed by: Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Mark Gantt, Vanessa Marcil, Gabriel Tigerman, Michael Ironside, Robert Forster, Michael Lerner

A cunning con man, whose life is steeped in crime and his holy side, is vulnerable to his weakness towards women. However, he tries to give up his criminal lifestyle to try to change his life. This action movie is about that.

It’s Run in the Family

  • Release year: 2003
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Produce: Buena Vista International
  • Directed by: Fred Schepisi
  • Screenwriters: Jesse Wigutow, Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Kirk Douglas, Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas, Diana Douglas, Bernadette Peters, Rory Culkin, Michelle Monaghan, Sarita Choudhury, Irina Gorovaia, Audrey McDonald

The very successful Gromberg family lived in New York City. Unfortunately, his maternal grandfather Mitchell Gromberg had health problems due to a stroke. Alex Gromberg, Mitchell’s son, works as an attorney at his father’s firm. Asher, Alex’s first son, doesn’t take his education seriously.

Meanwhile, Eli, Alex’s youngest son is 11 years old, different from his brother. Eli is smart, but he’s not good socially, and is entering the often difficult pre-teen years. They all struggle to get back together as a family before losing everything.

Little Samurai

  • Release year: 2000
  • Category: –
  • Manufacturing: –
  • Directed by: Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Seiji Aramaki, Leonardo Dipa, Juri Inahara, Derek Judge, Dean O’Gorman, Hill Sakamoto, Massa Sakamoto, Daniel Sing, Alan Stepehenson

A Japanese girl named Keiko works at her father’s restaurant in New Zealand. He’d love to be able to prepare his own sushi, but his dad still doesn’t believe it. His father only allows him to do ordinary daily tasks. It made him unhappy, but he knew what to do.

There was a man she liked, and this man frequented the restaurant. But, every time that man came, Keiko unintentionally did embarrassing things. One day, Keiko plans to run away from home, to fulfill her dream of becoming a great Sushi chef and also to find the man she loves.

Nothing Special

  • Release year: 2005
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Production: New Zealand Film Commission
  • Directed by: Helena Brooks
  • Producers: Helena Brooks, Jesse Warn, Matthew Metcalfe, Steve Sachs
  • Actors: Alison Routledge, Kip Chapman, Lliam Powell, Emily O’Brien-Brown, Geraldine Brophy, Gerard Johnstone, Greg Johnson

Billy really wants to be a normal kid like other kids. However, he is considered by everyone to be the incarnation of Jesus. Even so, Billy still tries to live his life safely, away from things that attract public attention. But will he be able to escape from his biological mother? In this movie, Jesse Warn is not the director but the producer, yes.

9 Across

  • Release year: 1999
  • Genre: Drama, Horror
  • Produce: Eyework
  • Directed by: Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Rena Owen, John Clarke, Vincent Ball, Daniel Cowley, Clint Sharplin

9 Across is a 14 minute short film. This film tells the story of Leo Sullivan, who is caught in a robbery at a bank. Leo is being held in a maximum security prison. In prison, he shares a cell with Terry Fitzroy, an undercover cop.

Terry is tasked with figuring out how Leo will escape, in the hope that Leo will lead the police to Leo’s companions. He is Franklin Cope, a very evil man and became the most wanted by the police for several crimes he committed.

Armed with Leo’s escape plan, Terry and his team wait outside the prison. However, in a dramatic chain of events, things take a turn for the worse and tragic when Leo’s clues are finally revealed.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One

  • Release year: 2019
  • Genre: Superhero, Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
  • Producer: Warner Bros
  • Directed by: Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Nicole Maines, Azie Tesfai, David Harewood
  • Episode : Supergirl Season 5, Episode 9

In preparation for the impending world crisis, The Monitor dispatches Harbinger to bring together the world’s great heroes such as Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, Batwoman, White Canary, The Atom, and Superman.

Heroes prepare to fight together. Meanwhile, J’onn and Alex recruit Lena to help the superheroes save the people living on planet Earth-38.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

  • Release year: 2010
  • Genre: Drama, Action, Roman Empire, Slavery, Erotic
  • Produce: Starz Production
  • Directed by: Steven S. DeKnight, Rick Jacobson, Michael Hurst, Jesse Warn, Glenn Standring
  • Actors: Andy Whitfield, Lucy Lawless, John Hannah, Manu Bennett, Peter Mensah, Nick Tarabay, Craig Parker
  • Episodes : 13

Spartacus comes from Thrace. He was betrayed by Rome and separated from his wife, Sura, who was enslaved. Meanwhile, Spartacus became Batiatus’ gladiator. He tries to be a tough man more than just a gladiator. Of course, while hoping to be able to see his wife again.

Spartacus tried to incite the other gladiators as well as the slaves of the house of Batiatus to rebel. Can Spartacus and his friends escape? Just watch the series instead of being curious!

The Shannara Chronicles

  • Release year: 2016
  • Genre: TV Action & Adventure, Drama, TV Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Produce: Viacom Media Networks
  • Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman, James Marshall, Brad Turner, Toa Fraser, Jesse Warn
  • Actors: Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, James Remar, Melise, Daniel MacPherson, Vanessa Morgan
  • Episodes: 20 episodes, 2 seasons

After being banished from this world, the demons began to return to a place known as Forbidding, the magical prison that protects the Four Lands from demons. This place is locked by an old tree called Ellcrys.

Amberle Elessedil joins Wil and Eretria, with the guidance of the last potion, Allanon, on a mission to protect Ellcrys from death. They are also trying to bring all the demons back to the Four Lands.

It is a summary of several films and series by director Jesse Warn. However, Jesse is not always a director but sometimes a producer or writer. Have you seen any of Jesse’s works? Then which one is your favourite?