After decades, Wayland (Pablo Schreiber) is finally freed from prison. He started his life again for the better. One day, he is reunited with his teenage girlfriend, Dolores (Jena Malone), who is now a widow with three children.

Dolores’ children are Dodger (Chancellor Perry), Denim (Parker Pascoe-Sheppard), and Periwinkle (Amelia Borgerding). Wayland and Dolores are back together, continuing their love story. They also struggle to fulfill their dreams and continue together in life with their children.


Sarah (Riley Keough), travels with her best friend, Mindy (Jena Malone). During the trip, they shared stories about their different lifestyles, as well as reminiscing about their sexual experiences while in college.

Without a plan, the two of them started getting intimate. However, Mindy suddenly leaves Sarah. Three years later, Mindy gives Sarah her wedding invitation.

Mindy also said that she regrets leaving Sarah. Sarah and Mindy reveal that they love each other. However, Mindy continued her marriage to another person.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

After the 74th Hunger Games, President Snow held a ‘Quell Quarterly’. All the winners were angry that they were forced to return to the event. Almost all participants from every county planned to stop the event.

Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) teams up with Finnick (Sam Claflin) and Mags (Lynn Cohen) from District 4. Mags sacrifices herself to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Later, Wiress (Amanda Plummer), Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) and Johanna (Jena Malone) join Katniss’ alliance.

Wiress is killed by Gloss (Alan Ritchson) from District 1. Katniss kills Gloss and Johanna kills Gloss’s sister. The Hunger Games were still going on until, when lightning struck, Katniss shot onto the roof of the arena with an arrow that had been attached to a rope. The barrier broke and the roof of the arena fell.

Katniss faints from electric shock, but is shocked when she wakes up in the seaplane. Apparently, Katniss is saved by Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), Finnick, and Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), the head of the Gamemaker, who has rebelled against Snow (Donald Sutherland).

They took Katniss to District 13, the headquarters of the uprising against the Capitol. Unfortunately, they can’t save Peeta and Johanna.

This angered Katniss and Haymitch was unable to keep his promise to protect Peeta. Gale (Liam Hemsworth) assures Katniss that her family is safe, but District 12 has been destroyed by the Capitol.

The Neon Demon

Jesse (Elle Fanning) moves from Georgia to Los Angeles after the death of his parents. She meets a photographer named Dean (Karl Glusman), and a makeup artist named Ruby (Jena Malone). It was they who introduced Jesse to his fellow models, Sarah (Abbey Lee) and Gigi (Bella Heathcote).

Both are jealous of Jesse’s natural beauty and Jesse’s ease of finding work. Sarah and Ruby also attack Jesse. Ruby pushes Jesse down the cliff, breaking Jesse’s leg. It didn’t end there, they slaughtered Jesse with knives, then ate his body parts.

Terror began to haunt them all. While filming, Gigi pulled out one of Jesse’s eyeballs. He then used scissors to stab himself to death. At the end of the film, a woman who looks like Sarah appears, walking alone in the Mojave Desert.

Sucker Punch

This film is about Babydoll’s struggle to get out of Lennox House, a home for the insane in Brattleboro, Vermont. He has collaborated with Amber, Blondie, Rocket, and Rocket’s sister, Sweet Pea.

According to their routine there, they try to collect five items: map, fire, knife, key, and an unknown fifth item. However, the mysterious item can be found, although it requires sacrifice.

Tragically, when Rocket sacrifices himself to make sure Sweet Pea escapes the bomb, Cook stabs Rocket again. And as it turns out, the fifth item is a self-sacrifice to get Sweet Pea out of the Lennox House.

The Ruins

Jeff (Jonathan Tucker), Amy (Jena Malone), Eric (Shawn Ashmore) and Stacy (Laura Ramsey) are close friends. They were on vacation in Mexico. They immediately intend to join Mathias (Joe Anderson) and Dimitri (Dimitri Baveas), who have arrived at distant Mayan ruins in the woods.

However, suddenly they were faced with the Mayans who did not like their presence. Not only that, but their group also has to deal with man-eating vines. One by one, they died horribly, except for Amy, who managed to leave using a Jeep.

The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

California (Jena Malone) is angry with her mother, Arvella (Glenn Close), for moving from New England to California. She later changed her name to Lucy because she didn’t want anything to do with her new place.

Lucy’s mother and sisters begin to feel at home in their new home, while Lucy misses her old home in New England. But over time, Lucy began to like California and consider it home.


Mary (Jena Malone) attends a Christian school to ‘rescue’ her gay boyfriend, Dean (Chad Faust). They had sex until Mary became pregnant. However, Dean is still taken to the ‘sterilization’ center without knowing Mary is pregnant.

However, Mary’s true friends are always there to support her plight. They are Hilary (Mandy Moore), Cassandra is dating Roland (Macaulay Culkin), Hilary’s brother, and Patrick (Patrick Fugit) the son of a local priest.


Jackie (Susan Sarandon) and Luke (Ed Harris) are divorced, but they are trying to keep their parenting intact by co-parenting their children, Anna (Jena Malone) and Ben (Liam Aiken). Luke has a new girlfriend, Isabel (Julia Roberts), who tries her best to make Anna and Ben feel comfortable around him.

Jackie envies Isabel’s presence, as she feels displaced. Jackie also didn’t like not being able to see her children grow up.

Apparently Jackie has terminal cancer, which he revealed to everyone. Despite their conflict at first, they all help each other take care of Jackie, who starts off just lying in bed, and eventually becomes a complete family.

Bastard Out of Carolina

Ruth (Jena Malone) is the ‘illegitimate child’ of Anney (Jennifer Jason Leigh). One day, he is sexually and physically abused by his stepfather, Glen (Ron Eldard).

Despite witnessing Glen’s treatment of Ruth, Anney still turns to Glen for her blind love. Until the end, Ruth, who could no longer bear the pain. He also left Anney and later chose to live with Raylene (Diana Scarwid) and Earle (Michael Rooker).

That’s a summary of ten Jena Malone movies that you can watch. Since 1991, she has been both an actress and a musician, who has contributed to numerous films, television series and Broadway shows. That’s why Jena is able to animate all the characters she plays. Have you ever watched one of them? What is your favorite Jena movie?