10 Best Movies of Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen is one of the famous actors from China and his name is associated with eye-catching martial arts movies. With great martial arts ability thanks to coming from a family with a tradition of martial arts and in-depth studies on Tai Chi and Northern Shaolin martial arts. Donnie Yen has equipped himself with a great martial arts background to bring the audience the most realistic and vivid footage of Chinese martial arts.

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Chung’s films are often compared with films by Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and even his predecessor Bruce Lee on the big screen.

Not only excelling in his martial arts ability, Donnie Yen has twice received Golden Statue Award nominations for his great acting on screen. He is also considered the youngest of the best martial arts directors worldwide, having been awarded many times for martial arts direction at Hong Kong and Asian film festivals. Today, the audience still often mentions his name as a monument in the martial arts film line of the world in general and Asia in particular.

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The following Salenhanh Review will list the movies that have made Donnie Yen’s brand

Movie Ip Man – Ip Man (4 parts)

The series of films about Ip Man has played a big part in building a name and affirming Chung’s position on the international film scene. The four parts of the Ip Man movie revolve around the life of the Wing Chun sect master.

Ip Man 1 – Ip Man 1 (2008)

This is one of Chung’s highest rated films in his acting career, the film is rated 8.0/10 by IMDB and the film also occupies the top position in many charts of martial arts films. his art. The film brings many top martial arts scenes that make viewers’ emotions burst and sometimes “goosebumps”.

Diep Question 1

Summary: The film is set in the year 1937 during the Japanese invasion that took place in Foshan, China. Ip Man and his wife and children had to move to a run-down house and he had to shovel coal to make a living. Miura is a Japanese general who is obsessed with martial arts, holding battles with his soldiers for any civilian who joins the war in exchange for food.

Master Liu, a man of great pride, went to war and challenged Miura, but he had to pay with his life for his temper. After hearing the news, Ip Man could not stand it any longer and had to act. Representing martial arts and the Chinese people, he has carried a great responsibility on his shoulders. . .

Ip Man 2 – Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster (2010)

Following the success of its predecessor, Ip Man 2 also earned itself about 50 million USD in box office revenue compared to just over 10 million USD in production budget. This film also features some other martial arts action stars such as Hong Kim Bao and Huynh Xiaoming. This is also a critically acclaimed film for the acting as well as the beautiful martial arts action.

Interrogation 2

Summary: After moving to Hong Kong in 1940, Ip Man decides to open a dojo to spread his martial arts and to earn a living. Because it was a young dojo, it was very difficult to recruit students, but the first students of Wing Chun were those who had “swallowed onions” of Ip Man and had to bow to the master. Along with the growth of the dojo, he was caught up in martial arts competitions with other schools in Hong Kong and then again, Ip Man represented the dojos in Hong Kong and martial arts. China to the ring with the Western boxer Twister. . .

The film also brings an ending that makes the audience extremely excited and curious when the last scenes of the film, one can see a student named Bruce Lee coming to Ip Man to learn Wing Chun.

Ip Man 3 – Ip Man 3 (2015)

Following the success of the first two parts, part 3 of Ip Man also features the famous boxer Mike Tyson. At the box office, the film won big when it took in $ 156 million compared to $ 36 million in production budget, this is the best-selling work of the films starring Chung Tu Single. Ip Man 3 also received eight nominations at the Golden Statue Award

Interrogation 3

Summary: Ip Man 3 is no longer directed to such big issues as national pride and Chinese martial arts, but instead, the storms come to Master Diep and his actions in part because of his own politics. meaning and partly for family. The story revolves around Master Ip’s life when he is old, his son’s school is attacked and they try to kidnap students – including Ip Man’s son with the aim of forcing the principal to sell the school. learn. Everything is under the direction of a real estate tycoon Frank – Mike Tyson. The fierce battles continued and the audience also admired the competition of martial arts star Donnie Yen and boxer Mike Tyson with results that pleased the fans.

Ip Man 4: The Finale – Ip Man 4: The Last Act (2019)

This is probably the film that brings the most controversy when there have been waves of “boycott” for Ip Man 4 on social networks. The reason is because the film touches on politics, asserts China’s “dominance” of sovereignty over Hong Kong and supports China’s alleged wrongdoings. However, if you are not someone who is too interested in politics, but simply looking for an impressive martial arts movie, then Ip Man 4 is not a bad choice.

Diep Man 4

Summary: The film is set when Ip Man is old, after his wife dies, he finds out that he has throat cancer due to smoking for many years. After his son was expelled from school after many fights, he went to find a new school for his son.

Here, where the Chinese were viewed with discrimination by the Americans, Ip Man faced many difficulties from getting his children into school and then leading to battles with Native Americans. A revealing ending shows us the US Marines have finally incorporated Chinese martial arts into their training program. The story of the hero Ip Man had to end here.

Movie Hero – Hero (2002)

This is the highest-grossing work in Chinese history at the time of its release. Although not playing the main character, Donnie Yen still brings extremely eye-catching martial arts scenes to the audience besides another extremely popular character, Ly Lien Kiet.

Movie Hero Dead Single

Summary: The film is set in China during the Warring States period, divided into 7 countries, including the Qin state – the strongest country led by Qin Wang. Understandably, Qin Wang was always targeted by hundreds of assassins from all over the world. He is willing to reward gold, silver, jewels, and fortune and promise to let whoever kills one of the three assassins see him. After a nameless assassin came to see the legendary weapons of three famous assassins, Qin Vuong was shocked.

Movie Kill Zone – Sat Pha Lang (2005)

It would be a big mistake not to mention one of the typical Chinese martial arts action works, where there are many other stars such as Ngo Kinh, Hong Kim Bao and Nham Dat Hoa. In addition to acting, Chung is also directing action and he received the award for Best Action Choreography at the 2006 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Kill-Zone Deadly Single

Summary: The film follows a police officer with high martial arts Ma Quan – Donnie Yen on the way to eliminate the gangster boss of the Triad, Vuong Pha, played by Hong Kinh Bao. The gangster boss tried to kill the clueless witness, but because of the protection of two police officers, they took turns with their colleagues. Ngo Kinh plays an unwitting assassin under Vuong Pha who is trusted by the boss, assigned to high-class tasks and thereby gives viewers many competitions between martial arts stars.

Movie Kungfu Jungle – Mystery Plan (2014)

The return of Chung Tu Du in the 2014 film Kungfu Jungle has resonated with the audience when it brought in more than 20 million USD at the time of its release, which is not a small number for martial arts movies. art from China. The work bears the trademark of Donnie Yen with top-notch martial arts performances.

Kungfu-Jungle Death Single

Summary: In the film, Donnie Yen plays a kind policeman named A Tong, but because he accidentally kills a person on a mission, he has to go to prison. When he was behind bars, he constantly heard that there was a high-powered martial arts killer who was killing people, causing the authorities to suffer. In the end, A Tong made an offer to arrest the murderer in exchange for his freedom.

Movie Chasing the Dragon (2017) – The Boss of Hong Kong

This time, Donnie Yen was also a producer in addition to taking on the main role. He wanted to break the stereotype of himself as a mere “martial arts star”. He performed the scenes of inner torment very well and received many compliments from the professionals. The film also has the participation of Andy Lau, marking the first time combining two cult stars.

Chasing the Dragon Movie

Summary: This is one of the few times Chung Tzu Dan plays the villain as a notorious drug lord in Hong Kong in the 1960s, Lame Hao (based on true events). The film also has actor Andy Lau participating as a police officer, but ironically, the policeman is also a friend of this gangster boss. Both main characters are villains, shaking the Hong Kong underworld.

Movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016 – Star Wars (side story)

If you are a fan of the Star War series, it is hard to ignore this super story with the participation of Chung Tu Single. This is one of the biggest projects he has ever participated in with a production budget of about $260 million, even more amazingly, the film has been a big hit at the box office with sales of over $1 billion.

Movie Rogue-One

Summary: Set in the time between episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith and episode 4 – The New Hope. The film follows the journey of the female lead Jyn Erso on a mission to steal the blueprints of the weapon that destroys the Death Star (The Death Star). The reason why the coalition forces discovered the weak point and destroyed the Death Star has been revealed. This put an end to years of debate about how the empire’s superweapon could be destroyed so easily.

Movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) – Agent xXx 3: Counterattack

This Hollywood blockbuster is the work in which Chung Tu Du plays a supporting role alongside world-famous Brazilian soccer players – Neymar and Tony Jaa – extremely famous Muaythai martial arts actors. The main character of the movie is not. who else is Vin Diesel – the most famous actor in Hollywood with the Fast and Furious series (currently has 8 parts). The film won big with $350 million compared to just $8 million on a budget.

xxx 3 Single Death

Summary: Single Death plays a spy Xiang and a group of 3 other members who try to break into CIA headquarters to steal extremely dangerous technological weapons. Another spy is xXx – Xander Cage is played by Vin Diesel who has assembled a group to go on a quest to find Xiang to get the weapon back. After many fights, the two finally discovered they were on the same line and together they overthrew the crime. The film brings many extremely thrilling martial arts scenes with a fairly high tempo that makes viewers unable to take their eyes off. This is also one of the most successful Vin Diesel movies.

Movie The Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen – Legend of Chen Zhen (2010)

This is also a movie by Donnie Yen that helps bring his name to more movie fans.

Donnie Yen plays a martial artist named Tran Chan, this character was once exploited by Bruce Lee in the movie Tinh Vo Mon (1972). He also revealed that the film is a tribute to Bruce Lee, who combined Wing Chun and MMA to create the martial art of Kiet Quyen Dao.

The Legend of the First

Summary: The film is set during the second Japanese invasion of China. After returning from Europe, Tran Chan – played by Donnie Yen joined the underground resistance to stop the Japanese. With the operation failing, Tokyo sent a “dead list” to the head of Japan’s spy agency containing the names of anti-Japanese activists. Tran Chan had to act in a race against time to protect the people on that list and kill the assassins who came looking for them.

Movie Mulan (2020) – Mulan

This is the second time Chung Tu Du returns to the Disney Mouse house to collaborate on a remake based on the studio’s famous 2D animated version of the same name. The box office revenue of $ 800 million has shown the heat of this remake. With the appearance of another beautiful Chinese actress, Liu Yifei, this is a highly anticipated movie!

Mulan Single Death

Synopsis: The fake khan must have all enjoyed the 1998 animated film Mulan. The original script will not be edited too much, still keeping the spirit of the original story but also suitable for the current era. than. Mulan’s lover, General Li Shang, was replaced by two characters, General Tung – Donnie Yen and Chen. Heroes had to fight together to protect China from invaders

Movie Big Brother (2018) – Big Brother

To close the list of the top 10 best movies of Donnie Yen, review Salenhanh will bring a title with a light humor element, but still full of action that has made his brand.

Big Brother Chung Tu Single

Summary: The story revolves around a guy who once served in the army, now becomes a teacher at a high school. With a gentle and cheerful appearance, no one would think that this teacher who always “heads up” the student has a past full of blood. It was thought that he would wash his hands and hang up the sword for the rest of his life, but once, a student in his class was involved in a gangster gang and was kidnapped, causing the martial arts teacher to take action to save his student. .

Movie Iron Monkey – Iron Monkey – 2 parts (1993 and 1996)

The film hides the return of cooperation between Donnie Yen and director Woo-ping Yuen after the success of “Witness Protection” released not long ago. With a score of 7.5 on IMDb for a pure martial arts action movie, it is really “unbeatable”.

Iron-Monkey Single Death

Summary (Part 1): In the midst of turmoil is set in 1858, when the Qing dynasty is in decline. People’s lives were extremely miserable, people flocked to cities in the hope of finding jobs in exchange for food. Unknowingly, they became the victims of thieves and corrupt nobles. In the midst of a decadent national situation, a knight calling himself Tiet Hou Tu stood up and took action to “rob the rich and divide the poor”. The court was also turned upside down because of this “hero” and enlisted the help of other monks to find a way to capture him.

In the Line of Duty 4 movie (1989)

This is one of the action movies with the participation of Chung Tzu – at a very young age. This is also the film that helps Chung Tu Do reach the audience in the action film genre. In addition, the film also achieved a score of 7.1 on IMDb, a success of director Woo-ping Yuen.

Kill the witness of Single Death

Summary: The film revolves around the arrest of 3 police officers, one from Hong Kong – played by Donnie Yen and 2 other Americans. The three tracked down a suspect in the sale of banned goods. The three also discovered that he was a CIA agent (US Federal Intelligence Service). Along the way, the trio of police officers also have to face two murderous and corrupt policemen who are doing bad things under the law. The hunt brings a lot of breathtaking action.


Above is a summary of the films of Donnie Yen in the good movie category of Salenhanh. With his strength, Donnie Yen has been widely recognized and along with other names he has appeared in IMDB’s list of the best martial arts stars in China.

Review Salenhanh tried to provide the most detailed review but at the same time did not reveal the content of the above films. Have you enjoyed these movies yet? If so, there are many impressive martial arts action movies from Jason Statham.

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