A Business Proposal

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Kross . Photo Production
  • Director Park Seon Ho
  • Cast Ahn Hyo Seop Kim Se Jeong Kim Min Gue Seol In Ah

A Business Proposal (2022) can be said to be a movie that brings a lot of luck to Song Won Seok. His portrayal of Lee Min Woo has made fans fall in love with him.

Who can resist a chef who is reliable, handsome and always treats women well. Therefore, Lee Min Woo’s image has attracted the attention of many female fans.

As for A Business Proposal (2022) is a melodrama adapted from the popular novel by Hae Hwa. One of the most popular dramas on Netflix, director Park Seon Ho did a good job.

The main couple Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong made the audience extremely excited. Not only that, the second couple also made the audience more excited and excited.

Never Twice

Never Twice (2020) is a family melodrama that makes the audience laugh. The film, directed by Choi Won Seok and Park Sang Woo, will also feature a series of young and senior Korean actors.

Song Won Seok is ranked as the main character, along with Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Se Wan, and Oh Ji Ho.

This handsome actor plays Kim Woo Jae, one of the residents of Paradis Inn. This man who lives in room 3 is actually from Gangwon Province.

His goal when he came to Seoul was to achieve his dream of becoming a professional golfer. He is longing to wander away from home alone, just to fulfill his biggest dream.

Joseon Survival

  • Release year 2019
  • Genres Crime , Fantasy , History , Medical , Romance , Sageuk , Time Travel
  • Production of TV Chosun
  • Director Jang Yong Woo , Lee Hyung Sun
  • Cast Kang Ji Hwan Seo Ji Suk Kyung Soo Jin Park Se -Wan

As the title suggests, Joseon Survival (2019) is a drama of the historical and fantasy genre. The reason is, the film directed by Lee Hyung Sun and Jang Yong Woo will be about time travel.

This time, Song Won Seok will be ranked as the main actor, along with a number of other actors. Called cult actors like Kang Ji Hwan, Seo Ji Suk and beautiful actress Park Se Wan.

Song Won Seok will play Im Kkeok Jung, a man living in the Joseon era. Im Kkeok Jung is known to be a very handsome man and famously intelligent. Unfortunately, this man’s fate could be said to be unlucky. The reason is because Im Kkeok Jung works as a butcher, meaning this man belongs to the lower class in Joseon.

Sweet and Salty Office

Returning to the cooking job, this time Song Won Seok is ranked as the main actor in the drama “Sweet and Salty Office” (2018).

The film, directed by Lee Hyun Joo, will show how two people can fall in love just through food. Not alone, Song Won Seok will be competing in acting with Lee Chung Ah and Song Jae Hee, who play rivals.

Playing the role of Lee Ji Young, this man is a new employee working at Do Eun Soo’s office. The two became close when they shared the same hobby of eating and talking.

Although much older than Lee Ji Young, Do Eun Soo couldn’t lie that she fell in love with this sweet man. But things become more complicated when Yoo Woong Jae unexpectedly enters their relationship.

TV Novel: Dal Soon’s Spring

TV Novel: Dal Soon Spring (2017) is a family drama series broadcast by KBS. The film is directed by Shin Chang Seok, with Song Won Seok as the main character.

Not alone, this handsome actor will compete in acting with Hong Ah Reum, Yoon Da Young, and Kang Da Bin. Song Won Seok will play Jung Yoon Jae, the man who is always by Go Dal Soon’s side.

The drama tells the story of a daughter of a shoe company executive named Go Dal Soon. This girl had a pretty bad accident that caused her to lose her memory. Behind her cheerful demeanor, Sol Dal Soon tries hard to remember her past and now she has become the best shoemaker.


Swan (2017) is a web drama starring Song Won Seok. This 18-episode series is actually pretty fun to watch, you know.

In addition, Song Won Seok will compete in acting with Yu Xiao Tong, Nam Gyuri and the famous idol of the group Miss A, Fei. As for the side story, it tells the story of a plastic surgeon with his ex-wife.

Although they agreed to divorce, it turned out that the former husband and wife were working in another field. Seeing a great business opportunity, the two agreed to run a plastic surgery clinic named “Swan”.

Both will help some clients cover different imperfections and give them more confidence in their new look.

Banana Actually 2

Banana Really 2 (2016) is a Korean web drama starring Song Won Seok. You can watch the 12-episode series on Naver TV Cast.

This time Song Won Seok will compete in acting with beautiful actresses Bae Da Mi, Ahn Seung Hwan, DJ Henny and Kim Yi Rin. This romantic drama will tell about the romance of two couples.

Growing up, these two couples faced many different problems. It’s not just about their ego, but the various sacrifices they have to make.

This love story is not always stressful because it is seasoned with various humorous episodes. But the women in this film express the same thing, which is worries about their relationship.

One the Woman

  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Body Swap , Comedy , Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Romance
  • Produce Gill Pictures , Studio S , Waves
  • Director Choi Hyeong-hun
  • Cast Lee Ha Nee Lee Sang Yoon Lee Won Keun Jin Seo Yun

One the Woman (2021) is a very popular comedy and mystery film. The drama aired on SBS and Netflix will be directed by Choi Young Hoon.

Meanwhile, Lee Ha Nee, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Keun, and Jin Seo Yun will be among the main actors. As for Song Won Seok himself, the actor will play a supporting character named Han Seong Woon.

Han Seong Woon himself is said to be the husband of Kang Mina and the second son of the Hanju company.

Despite his good-looking appearance, Han Seong Woon is actually a spoiled husband and likes to have affairs with other women. Either way, Han Seong Woon’s character will make the audience both laugh and annoyed with his every move.

Song Won Seok himself is a new actor, but his name has just skyrocketed. When watching the dramas he has participated in, this handsome actor quite often explores the character.

Also, Song Won Seok’s acting skills look very promising. In fact, the actor received praise for his extraordinary chemistry with Lee Ha Nee in the drama One The Woman (2021).

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