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10 Best Movie of Oh Jung Se

Hey, who’s a fan of Moon Sang Tae in the drama It’s Ok To Not Be Okay!? In addition to Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun, Oh Jung Se also received much praise for her role as the older brother Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) with special needs. Moon Sang Tae’s acting, speaking, walking, and gestures are all perfectly expressed by this blessed man with two children.

Oh Jung Se

Sang Tae always makes the audience full of emotions every time he appears in his episodes. The current. Thanks to his hard work and determination in his career, Oh Jung Se was finally able to win the Golden Acting Award for his role in the movie Missing 9. Are you curious to know what movies this 44-year-old actor has acted in? What’s the best TV series? Let’s see the information!

The Good Detective Season 1 dan 2

  • Release year: 2020 & 2021
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Detective
  • Network: JTBC
  • Produce: Blossom Story, JTBC Studios
  • Directed by: Jo Nam Gook
  • Actors: Son Hyun Joo, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Lijah, Oh Jung Se, Ji Seung Hyung, Son Jong Hak
  • Episodes: 16

The first drama that was one of Oh Jung Se’s best dramas was The Good Detective. You can watch Oh Jung Se as the villain in this drama. He plays Oh Jung Tae, an unscrupulous tycoon who is always on the verge of a rage but always gets away with it.

One of them is a murder case involving Yoon Ji Sun (Kim Reo Eun). Jung Tae always has an alibi that makes him unable to be charged before the law even though there is evidence pointing to him. However, he always fabricated an alibi so that he would respect the law.

Good Detective Themselves tells the story of detectives’ struggle to unravel the truth of cases that are always covered up by the authorities who want to escape the pitfalls of the law.

The film, which was stopped shooting due to Covid-19 was considered a success, so the production team made a follow-up series.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

  • Release year: 2020
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Psychological, Family
  • Network: tvN, Netflix
  • Produce: Story TV, Gold Medal Winner
  • Directed by: Park Shin Woo, Jung Dong Yoon
  • Actors: Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se
  • Episodes: 16 + 1 special episode

Who doesn’t know the drama that became a preface in 2020. The New York Times Magazine named it the Best International Show of 2020. Oh Jung Se is the one who stole the spotlight. idea.

An actor plays Moon Sang Tae, the older brother of Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun), who has autism. Oh Jung Se’s appearance in each episode has captivated the audience with her amazing acting

The little things from the older brother that Gang Tae was always worried about were successfully and detailedly described by the actor who was diagnosed with an arrhythmia.

It’s Okay to Not Be Ok ay is a drama with a strong psychological theme, whose plot revolves around Moon Gang Tae living with his older brother, Moon Sang Tae, who has autism.

They often move from city to city since Sang Tae suffered a psychological trauma after witnessing his mother’s murder.

Hot Stove League

  • Release year: 2019
  • Genre: Drama, Sports, Drama
  • Network: SBS
  • Produce: Gill Pictures
  • Directed by: Jung Dong Yoon
  • Actors: Namgoong Min, Park Eun Bin, Oh Jung Se, Cho Byeong Gyu
  • Episodes: 16

Oh Jung Se in the drama showed off her acting skills while playing the role of Kwon Kyeong Min. He is the CEO of Jaesong Corporation and also the grandson of Dreams club owner who hires Baek Seung Soo (Namgoong Min).

Kyeong Min was the one who took the initiative to disband the baseball club if there was still no hope of revival.

The movie, which was released in 2019, tells the story of a baseball club, Dreams Club. This high-profile club has never excelled domestically, let alone internationally. Baek Seung Soo is then appointed as a coach to change the club.

Vampire Detective

  • Release year: 2016
  • Genre: Thriller, Thriller, Action, Mystery, Mystery
  • Network: OCN
  • Directed by: Kim Ga Ram
  • Actors: Lee Joon, Oh Jung Se, Lee Se Young, Lee Cung Ah, Jei
  • Episodes: 12

The 2016 OCN drama series tells the story of a detective trying to uncover cases that happened in the past. Oh Jung Se plays the character Yong Gong Hyung, the co-worker of Yoon Sang (Lee Joon), a fellow detective who is turned into a vampire.

The two of them try to solve cases for clients who need them while unraveling the mystery that turned him into an impregnable being feared by humans.

With the advantages they had gained since turning into vampires, they were able to solve cases in their own senseless unique way.

The Lover

  • Release year: 2015
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Network: Mnet
  • Produce: Mnet
  • Directed by: Kim Tae Eun
  • Actors: Oh Jung Se, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Jung Jun Young, Choi Yeo Jin, Park Jong Hwan, Takuya Terada, Lee Jae Joon, Ha Eun Seol
  • Episodes: 12

The movie Lover is about four couples living in the same apartment. One of the four couples is Oh Jung Se. Playing the role of Oh Do Si, Jung Se has to take on the role of a voice actor in a broadcasting company.

He shares a house with Doo Ri (Ryu Hyun Kyung), a blogger. Although the two are not lovers, they feel comfortable together.

Both enjoy such a life even though they are not bound by marriage. He thinks that such life is the best.

Plus Nine Boys

  • Release year: 2014
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Network: tvN
  • Produce: CJ E&M Entertainment
  • Directed by: Yoo Hak Chan
  • Actors: Kim Young Kwang, Oh Jung Se, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Ro Woon, Kyung Soo Jin, Yoo Da In
  • Episodes: 14

In the comedy genre with the theme of Korean people’s beliefs about the number 9 which is considered an unlucky number, Oh Jung Se excellently played the role of Gu Kwang So. He is the PD of the best music show in Korea.

However, his popularity plummeted when members of an indie band did embarrassing things on national television. The indie band pulled his pants down and during a live broadcast he led. This embarrassing story is a true story that happened on MBC in 2005.

Due to the incident, Gu Kwang Soo lost his spot and he had to switch to a quiz show with poor ratings. Oh yes, it is said that he is 39 years old, single and has no time to date even though he desperately wants to get married.

Plus Nine Boys tells the life story of a group of boys with the ages of 9, 19, 29 and 39. Koreans believe that when they reach the age ending in 9, they will encounter many misfortunes.

This belief is believed by Gu Kwang Soo, Kang Jin Goo (Kim Young Kwang), Kang Min Goo (Yook Sung Jae), and Kang Dong Goo (Choi Ro Woon).

Missing 9

  • Release year: 2017
  • Genre: Suspense, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Mystery
  • Network: MBC
  • Produce: SM C&C
  • Directed by: Ashbun
  • Actors: Jung Kyung Ho, Bae Jin Hee
  • Episodes: 16

The story in Missing 9 begins when a private plane carrying 9 people from an artist company experiences a mysterious storm and lands on a remote island without any supplies to survive. .

One of the survivors is Joon Oh’s manager (Jung Kyung Ho), who is very loyal. The manager is played by Oh Jung Se. Jung Ki Joon (Oh Jung Se) on a remote island, there was an incident that left him injured by the stab of Tae Oh (Choi Tae Joon).

Of the agency’s nine people who survived, he became the fourth victim to be found.

When the Camellia Blooms

  • Release year: 2019
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Horror
  • Network: KBS2
  • Produce: Pann Entertainment
  • Directed by: Cha Yeong Hoon
  • Actors: Gong Hyo Jin, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Seok, Son Dam Bi, Kim Kang Hoon
  • Episodes: 40 + 4 special episodes

When Camellia Blooms is about Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin), a single mother who lives with her 7-year-old son. He owns a bar business called Camelia. One day, it moved to Ongsan area and opened a bar there.

His presence in the area has become an introduction to locals, especially mothers. Because they are afraid that their husband will be seduced by the beautiful Dong Baek.

Oh Jung Se appeared as No Gyu Tae, the owner of the building that Dong Baek rented for his bar business. Gyu Tae often goes to Camelia’s bar and teases Dong Baek putting his household in danger of being destroyed.

His portrayal of a flirty man brought Jung Se awards from the 2019 KBS Drama Awards and the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards as Best Supporting Actor.

Touch Your Heart

  • Release year: 2018
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Network: tvN
  • Produce: Zium Content, Mega Monster
  • Directed by: Park Joon Hwa
  • Actors: Yoo In Na, Lee Dong Wook
  • Episodes: 16

In the movie Touch Your Heart, set in law and politics, Oh Jung Se appears as Yeon Joon Kyu, the CEO of the law firm Always. He is a big fan of Yeon Seo (Yoo In Na).

In addition, he is also the cousin of Joon Seok (Lee Joon Hyuk). He becomes the happiest when Yeon Seo intends to work as a secretary in his office.

Touch Your Heart is a romantic comedy drama that tells the story of a beautiful artist, Yeon Seo, who is caught up in a scandal that could threaten her career. So he went on hiatus for two years.

One day, he received an offer to play in a TV series as a secretary. To act well, he had experience as the direct secretary of Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook), who is known to be a workaholic and arrogant.

Because of the similarity that exists between them, seeds of love begin to grow between them. Although they were colleagues at first, they never got along.


  • Release year: 2018
  • Genre: Horror, Romance, Mature, Drama. Mystery
  • Network: OCN
  • Produce: Chorokbaem Media
  • Directed by: Han Ji Seung
  • Actors: Han Ga In, Shin Hyun Bin, Choi See Seo, Gu Jae Yi
  • Episodes: 12

With a romantic theme full of mystery, Mistress Here is one of those dramas that tell a mysterious story. The film follows the complicated love lives of four women in their 30s. They go through stories they never expected to happen in their lives.

Oh Jung Se in the movie is said to play the role of Kim Young Dae. He is the husband of Jang Se Yeon (Han Ga In), who died while he was on a business trip in China.

Kim Young Dae is a husband who cares and loves his family but always hides it. When Young Dae died, Se Yeon experienced various strange things and made her feel terrorized by something unseen.

Well, those are the 10 best Oh Jung Se movie recommendations you can watch over the weekend. In these dramas, you will see how well Oh Jung Se performs in every role given to him. From there you will also understand why the actor who appeared in the movie How To Use A Guy With Secret Advice received many awards for his hard work.

Look forward to your acting skills in upcoming dramas and movies. If there’s Oh Jung Se in it, it seems like the series and the series would be a pity to miss.

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