Kang Eun Tak is one of the most popular Korean actors in recent times. Thanks to the love story in the drama Young Lady and Gentleman (2021), her name has returned to the limelight.

Talking about his career, Kang Eun Tak himself gained popularity thanks to the two dramas in which he starred in 2014.

Called popular dramas such as Land of Gold (2014) and Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014). His acting in these two dramas is truly phenomenal. In fact, Kang Eun Tak was nominated for the best actor award at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards.

Kang Eun Tak

His personality traits and acting quality have really succeeded in enchanting the audience of his dramas.

In addition to the above 3 dramas, Kang Eun Tak has actually starred in several other popular Korean dramas. What TV series do you want to know? In order not to be curious, you can find out more complete information only at Salenhanh.

Young Lady and Gentleman

  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing G&W wood
  • Director Shin Chang Seok
  • Cast of Ji Hyun Woo Lee Se Hee Park Ha Na Kang Eun Tak

The movie with the participation of Kang Eun Tak in the near future is Young Lady and Gentleman (2021). In this film directed by Kim Sa Kyung, Kang Eun Tak is ranked among the main actors. The actor will compete in acting with Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Se Hee and the beautiful actress Park Ha Na, his life partner.

In this drama, Kang Eun Tak will play a character named Cha Gun or Park Dan Dan’s uncle. Cha Gun himself always tries to protect his nephew. On the other hand, Cha Gun will have a complicated relationship with Jo Sa Ra. This man will help this woman not to commit suicide at sea.

The Young Lady and Gentleman (2021) itself tells the story of Lee Young Kook, a widow with three children. To take care of his children, he hired the services of Park Dan Dan as a tutor for his three children.

As time passed, Lee Young Kook began to like this young girl’s cheerful and positive thinking Park Dan Dan.

A Man in the Veil

Entering the second drama, this time Kang Eun Tak will play in a drama titled A Man in a Veil (2020). The drama, broadcast by KBS, will be made by the cold hand of director Shin Chang Seok.

Particularly, Kang Eun Tak will compete in acting with beautiful actress Uhm Hyun Kyung. In addition, this drama also stars Lee Chae Young and Lee Shi Kang in the second lead roles.

He will play a character named Lee Tae Pung or Yoo Min Hyuk, who is trapped between two women. After an accident happened to him as a child, Tae Pung must find out who he really loves.

Will he fall in love with Yu Jung, a woman with a warm heart and faithfully waiting for him? On the other hand, there is Yu Ra’s twin Yu Jung with a very different and aggressive nature.

Love to the End

Love to the End (2018) is another drama by Kang Eun Tak aired by KBS. This is the first film working with director Shin Chang Seok.

In this drama, Kang Eun Tak has been cast as the main character and will be competing in acting with Lee Young Ah. This movie will also have the participation of a beautiful actress named Hong Soo Ah and beautiful man Shim Ji Ho.

Playing the character Yoon Jung Han, he is the son and heir of the owner of the largest glass factory. His meeting with Han Ka Young, a daughter from a rich but very hardworking family. This woman has never dated in her life so her relationship with Yoon Jung Han has always been fraught with problems.

Love Is Drop by Drop

Moving on to the SBS drama, this time Kang Eun Tak will play in a romantic drama called Love Is Drop by Drop (2016).

The film, directed by Kim Jun Min, will gather him alongside Wang Ji Hye, Gong Hyun Joo, and Kim Min Soo. This series has a length of 120 episodes to make the audience feel excited.

Kang Eun Tak will play Park Woo Hyeok, who received a heart transplant from Eun Bang Wool’s lover. This woman can’t lie to herself that she also has a crush on Park Woo Hyeok. But this relationship did not go well, because there were too many secrets hidden between them.

Beautiful You

Beautiful You (2015) is a drama broadcast by MBC and played by Kang Eun Tak.

In this film directed by Park Jung Ran, he will compete in acting with Lee So Yeon, Lee Shi Won, and Seo Do Young. The actor will play a character named Ha Jin Hyung, a man who has a crush on Seo Kyung.

But the love story is not smooth, especially when Seo Kyung is still traumatized about relationships and marriage. This woman once ran away with her lover, but this marriage ended badly.

In the midst of a difficult situation, Ja Jin Hyung is still by his side and trying to fuel Seo Kyung’s new love every day.

Apgujeong Midnight Sun

Another popular movie starring Kang Eun Tak is Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014). This 149-episode drama is one of the hit dramas broadcast by MBC.

This drama is also the first time Kang Eun Tak and Park Ha Na met. In addition, Song Won Geun, Baek Ok Dam, and Kim Min Soo will also star in the drama.

Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014) tells the story of 4 troubled families. Bad news often goes back and forth, especially when they make friends with the entertainment industry.

From here the love story between Baek Sung Jong and Jang Hwa Eom begins to develop. Both believe that fate and miracles will guide their love through all trials.

TV Novel: Gold Land

TV Novel: Gold Land (2014) is a popular Korean television series broadcast by KBS. This film is directed by Shin Hyun Soo and has the participation of a series of famous stars. Starting from Kang Ye Sol, Kang Eun Tak, Baek Seung Hee to Lee Byung Hun. In this drama, Kang Eun Tak will play the role of Kang Woo Chan or a young businessman.

TV Novel: The Golden Land (2014) is about the life struggle of a woman named Jung Soon Geum. Trying to improve her livelihood, this woman worked hard selling ginseng around the Imjin River.

Despite having to overcome many obstacles, 20 years is enough time for Jung Soon Geum to be known as a successful ginseng businessman.

Here are some suggestions for Korean dramas starring handsome actor Kang Eun Tak. When viewed from the different characters he plays, Kang Eun Tak doesn’t seem to like being stuck with just one character. In addition, his acting skills in each movie never disappoint the audience and always create charisma.

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