10. World League Live! Football

The first football-themed game of 2022 that we will discuss is the one called World League Live! Football. This game has a match between 2 teams, where each team has 4 players including the goalkeeper.

In addition to having a more concise concept, this game also appears with a rather thick casual theme. This can be seen from the colorful design of the environment and players, to the presence of some cutscenes when releasing the skill.

Overall, this game feels quite entertaining, although the physics of the game is still not very smooth.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 424MB
  • Download World League Live! Football

9. Tactical Soccer EA SPORTS

If EA is similar to the FIFA football game, this time EA has released a unique alternative football game. EA SPORTS Tactical Football is a game that puts you in charge of a football team.

Not only that, you can also participate in the match. But instead of being fully engaged, this game focuses more on the tactics that you have to make. Where you can choose what action to take when attacking or defending.

While it’s yet to be officially released, the concept feels pretty new to EA’s soccer game.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 1.03GB
  • Download EA SPORTS Tactical Football

8. Flick Goal!

If the previous two games are online games, the next game is an offline soccer game called Flick Goal!. This game will be suitable if you are looking for a game with a football theme, but want a simple gameplay that focuses on shooting action.

Because in this game you are designated as the free kicker. Although it seems simple, this game offers a lot of levels that gradually become more difficult and complex.

As for the play mechanics itself, you have to draw the path of the kick to be taken. More or less similar to the Score Hero game.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 101MB
  • Download Flick Goal!

7. Pro League Soccer

Still with offline games, this time Pro League Soccer. This game carries a full football game where you will play against an opposing team with 11 players each.

Like football games in general, there are dozens of teams that you can choose to play later. Visually, this game doesn’t really emphasize very realistic gameplay, but it’s still fun to play.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 40MB
  • Download Pro League Soccer

6. Soccer Manager 22

Soccer Manager is a soccer game series that focuses on the gameplay of a manager. The game has regularly released the Soccer Manager title over the past few years.

Well, even this season, Soccer Manager still offers official licenses from several teams and players in various countries. In terms of gameplay, this game offers a 2D view as well as some 3D highlights for the key moments.

As a football manager themed game, this game also includes a game with deep features. So don’t be surprised if this game gets pretty good reviews on the Play Store.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 424MB
  • Download Pro Soccer Manager 22

5. Score! Hero 2022

If you are a lover of soccer games with concise gameplay, then Score! Hero is a title that is certainly all too familiar. After the success of the first series, the developer has also released a new series.

Scored! This 2022 hero actually maintains the gameplay characteristics of the first series. Where you will take part in some of the key moments in football matches.

Here you will start your journey to becoming a professional football player starting from zero.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 380MB
  • Download Score Hero 2022

4. Rocket League Sideswipe

For the first time on PC and console devices, Rocket League has become a game that is loved by many players. How not, the game combines the concept of a football game using a car.

Therefore, Rocket League presents a fairly new and entertaining gameplay. The good news is that now you can also play the mobile version, called Sideswipe. Of course, this game has quite different graphic design and gameplay mechanics.

In addition to being able to play online, you can also play offline by playing in training mode with bots.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 980MB
  • Download Rocket League Sideswipe

3. Dream League Soccer 2022

Originally intended as an alternative to the FIFA and PES games on mobile devices, Dream League Soccer is now the most serious contender to the two. Not without reason, this best football game series 2022 has a quality that is no joke.

Both the graphics, gameplay and movement of each player feel quite smooth. In addition, this game also regularly updates for each season, including the 2022 series.

The presence of over 4000 officially licensed players certainly adds to the appeal of the game as well.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 576MB
  • Download Dream League Soccer

2. eFootball 2022

Who is not familiar with this one football game? eFootball or formerly known as PES is one of the best and most popular soccer games to date. Not only for PC and console versions, mobile versions too.

The playing experience offered by the mobile version is no less enjoyable. No, different player movements, official licenses, to freedom in creating player compositions are just a few small reasons to play this one game.

For the 2022 series, eFootball really doesn’t bring significant changes. But of course, there are differences when compared to last season.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 3.30GB
  • Download eFootball 2022

1. FIFA Football

The last on this list is none other than eFootball’s competitor, FIFA. The two series of games that have been competing with each other for a long time have won the hearts of football game fans.

Similar to eFootball, this game also tries to bring a gaming experience quite close to the PC and console versions. If you are a player on both platforms, you will surely be familiar with the user interface, the number of songs in the game.

Gameplay can be said to be one of the most realistic gameplay for mobile devices. This EA-produced game is also well known for its extensive license base.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 592MB ++
  • Download FIFA Football

Those are the 10 best soccer games for Android 2022 that you must try for football fans. What is your favorite football game?

For more details, also watch the following video of the 10 best football games for Android 2022:

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