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10 best Android sports games 2022

Sports are an important aspect of human life. To make sports activities more interesting, there are many best sports games for Android 2022 that are playable. Call it football, basketball, volleyball, and more.

Well, in this article, we have compiled some cool sports themed games to play on Android devices. Right off the bat, here’s the list:

10. The Spike

First on this list, we start with a game called The Spike. With a volleyball game theme, this game takes on a more casual look. In addition, the game mechanics are made simpler.

Anime-themed characters, the game will be played in a 3vs3 format. The rules themselves refer to real-world volleyball.

To play, you can play in story mode or in tournament mode.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 121MB
  • Download The Spike

9. BMX . Space

Besides fun, cycling is also synonymous with sport, especially if you use a BMX bike. This is what a game called BMX Space is trying to enhance.

This game will take you to play a BMX bike for the purpose of doing various fun freestyle games. Focusing on the multiplayer element, where you can compete in tricks, as well as tour arenas created by other players.

The variations of tricks that can be performed are quite varied, and of course they can be learned easily.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 150MB
  • Download BMX Space

8. Super League Baseball

Although baseball is not as popular as football or other sports, it has a large fan base. The proof is that there is a wide choice of baseball games that can be played on mobile devices.

Well, this Super Baseball League is one of the newest fun baseball games to play. Although the rules are adapted to the real world rules, this game appears with a more casual theme.

It can be seen that this from the character design, to the game duration, is made shorter.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Simulation, Sports
  • Size: 581MB
  • Download Super Baseball League

7. Horse Riding Games

One of the best sports game themes for Android 2022 unique that you can try this year is to become a professional horse rider. You can try this in a game called Horse Riding Game.

Not only focusing on the horse racing element, but this game includes a series of unique features. The first is that you can also manage your farm, as well as your horses.

Then you can also freely walk around using the horse.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Size: 667MB
  • Download the game Equestrian the Game

6. Mini basketball

The next game is Mini Basketball, a sports game based on one of the popular sports, basketball. But instead of making a serious impression, this game takes on a more relaxed theme.

As the title suggests, various aspects of this game will be packaged in a more “smaller” way. Starting from the character design, the field, to the short duration of the game. However, this does not reduce the excitement on offer.

Along with the progress, you can also adjust the composition of the team to compete.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Casual, Simulation
  • Size: 429MB
  • Download Mini Basketball

5. Rocket League Sideswipe

Talking about sports themed games, especially very unique ones, then we cannot rule out Rocket League Sideswipe. How not, this game has a football theme, but with unusual characters.

Instead of using a soccer character, this game uses cars to score each other. The concept was already popular on PC devices, and now comes with a game system that has been adapted for mobile devices.

You can not only play online, but also play offline.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 920MB
  • Download Rocket League Sideswipe

4. Tennis Clash

The next best sports game for Android 2022 is Tennis Clash. As the title suggests, this game is themed as a 1vs1 tennis match. The game will be done online with other players.

Matches can be made by choosing a competitive arena where each arena has a different bet amount. Along with progress, you can make many improvements to the characters used.

And this is what will make Tennis Clash have a pay to win factor even though it is quite fun.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 466MB
  • Download Tennis Clash

3. Gather one

If you want sports games that stimulate more adrenaline, then you can play racing sports games. One of them is a game called Rally ONE. Judging from the title alone, it’s clear that this game will be Rally racing in nature.

Unlike some previous games that seem more casual, this game comes with a realistic concept. The presentation is also quite good. Starting from the details of the car, the track, to some of the effects are shown in an interesting way.

To compete, you will play 1vs1 against other players or try other game modes.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Category: Racing
  • Size: 118MB
  • Download Rally ONE
  • 2. EFootball 2022

If you talk about sports themed games, it would be incomplete if you did not include the game EFootball or the game formerly known as PES. As in previous years, this season, EFootball is back with an update.

Although the changes are not too significant, this series is still a series worth trying. The game itself can be done by forming a team.

You can then adjust the player composition to fit your needs. As a football game, the movement of the players feels quite smooth, although not as good as the PC and console versions.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 3.30GB
  • Download EFootball 2022

1. EA Sports UFC Mobile 2

The last on this list, we’ll close with the 2nd series of the EA Sports UFC Mobile game. This game features one of the most action-packed martial arts competitions, which is the UFC.

As an official game, this game definitely showcases some fighters that exist in the real world. Not only in appearance, but his fighting style is also suitable for each athlete.

As the 2nd line, there are of course many different improvements compared to its predecessor.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Sports
  • Size: 335MB
  • Download EA Sports UFC Mobile 2

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