10 best Android offline driving simulation games 2022

    One of the simulation themes that are often included in games is driving simulation. By playing offline driving simulation games on Android, players can go to various places to enjoy the scenery without having to leave the house.

    Well, in this article we have compiled some driving simulation games that can be played right now. Without further ado, here is our summary!

    10. TD Offroad Simulator

    The first on this list we open from the game TD Offroad Simulator. This game carries a truck driving simulator, but with a rather unique concept.

    If conventional truck driving simulation games mainly focus on paved roads, this game takes offroad tracks to overcome. Therefore, the muddy, steep roads and hilly environments will accompany you throughout the game.

    In addition to the free ride mode, this game offers more than 20 levels that you can complete. Each level has its own unique challenges. In addition, the graphics are presented in quite detail to make the playing experience more enjoyable.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Racing, Simulation
    • Size: 157MB
    • Download TD Offroad Simulator

    9. Apex Racing

    Offline driving simulation games, especially on Android, are really quite synonymous with open world features and player freedom. Therefore, there are quite a few driving simulation games that focus solely on these elements, as Apex Racing is trying to show.

    In this game, you are free to choose the map, then drive the car anywhere you want. Even so, this game really still offers a bit of a challenge to complete.

    The interesting thing about this game lies in the image quality and the physics of the car is very well done.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Racing, Simulation, Open World
    • Size: 422MB
    • Download Apex Racing

    8. Realistic driving school

    Still with the car simulation, but this time it’s quite different from the previous game. While Apex Racing focuses on the player freely exploring the streets, this game offers a career mode to complete.

    This mode requires the player to go from one point to another, then park the vehicle in use. To make it more interesting, the game also added various realistic elements in the highway.

    Where you have to obey traffic signs if you don’t want to be fined.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Simulation
    • Size: 461MB
    • Download Real Driving School

    7. Space Commander

    Have you ever imagined flying a spaceship? Well, because in the real world this is very difficult to do, then at least you can try the feeling in a game.

    Space Commander is one of the offline ship driving simulator games for Android with the theme of spaceship that you can try. Here you can walk and visit various planets from Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, etc.

    Not only being a pilot and controlling a spaceship but you will face many different plane battles that will follow.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Action, Simulation
    • Size: 115MB
    • Download Space Commander

    6. Traffic Tour Classic

    Simulate driving on congested streets as if it will bring players to experience the real world. The idea was successful and made Traffic Tour a popular game on the Play Store.

    In addition to providing the original version, the developer also launched another version called Traffic Tour Classic. As the name suggests, here you will be able to drive different classic cars to bravely overcome traffic jams.

    Belonging to the Traffic Tour series, this game is definitely a driving simulation game worth trying.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Category: Racing
    • Size: 94MB
    • Download Traffic Tour Classic

    5. Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets

    Back to the air simulation, this time there is a game called Sky Gamblers with the title Infinite Jets. In the game you will fly an airplane. But not an ordinary plane, the plane you are flying is a fighter aircraft armed with various destructive weapons.

    If you are a lover of the fighter plane game genre, then of course the Sky Gamblers series is a familiar series. Like other game series, Infinite Jets series also presents very good image quality for a mobile game series.

    The driving feeling will also be more real thanks to the presence of a different view of the camera.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Premium, Action, Simulation
    • Size: 2.0GB
    • Download Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets

    4. Grid Autosport

    When it comes to driving simulation-themed games, it’s definitely not to be missed. No, this game combines racing car simulator driving theme with arcade racing theme.

    Therefore, the game has races that feel quite realistic for the player. In addition, the game offers several different camera modes, including a car driving mode.

    With a relatively large size, the game is carried over from the PC and console versions supported by features, as well as a quite eye-catching graphical presentation. If you are hesitant to buy, this game also offers a demo version that can be played for free.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Premium, Racing, Simulation
    • Size: 3.20GB
    • Download Grid Autosport

    3. Nextgen: Truck Simulator

    Talking about offline driving simulation games on Android, truck driving simulation themed games are almost certainly on the list. Well, there is now a truck driving simulation game called Nexgen: Truck Simulator.

    Although the graphics cannot be said to be the best for mobile devices, the gameplay of this game is quite entertaining. The game controls are not much different from similar games, so it will be easier to learn.

    As for the game mode, this game offers a single player mode to complete some challenges, as well as a free driving mode to drive more freely.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Simulation
    • Size: 274MB
    • Download Nextgen: Truck Simulator

    2. Bus Simulator PRO: Bus

    In addition to trucks, other large vehicles often included in driving simulation games are buses. Bus Simulator PRO: Bus is one of the relatively new simulation games and well worth a try.

    As a bus driver, it is your duty to deliver passengers to their destination. Therefore, later you will go through different cities in the game.

    This game offers several game elements with a realistic feel ranging from day and night cycle, weather change and traffic jam system.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Simulation
    • Size: 223MB
    • Download Bus Simulator PRO: Bus

    1. Police Sim 2022

    The cover on this list is Police Sim 2022. As the title suggests, this game has a pretty unique driving simulation theme, which is nothing more than a police driving simulator.

    As a game published by Ovidiu Pop, this game presents simulation gameplay with realistic impression. You can catch people driving for traffic signs or other violations.

    What’s more interesting, you can also get out of the car, and walk around using the cop character.

    • Mode: Offline
    • Genre: Simulation
    • Size: 1.0GB
    • Download Police Sim 2022

    Well, that’s our recommendation for the 10 best offline Android driving simulation games of 2022. With the variety of controllable vehicles, it definitely increases the range of options you have. can choose to play. Good luck!

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