Tales of Luminaria game

The first game in our list of best Android adventure games for 2022 this time we open from Tales of Luminaria. This game released by Bandai Namco comes with a simple gameplay system where you can play with just one finger.

Although simple, this game can be considered an adventure game that adds very entertaining RPG action elements. Here you will have an adventure by impersonating different characters equipped according to their respective storylines.

The plot is presented in a very engaging way, complete with various dialogues that will accompany you along the way. So the adventure you take will feel more alive.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure, Action
  • Size: 1.85GB
  • Download Tales of Luminaria

Game Tides: A Fishing Game

The next game is Tides: A Fishing Game. As the title suggests, this game has a fishing theme combined with adventure elements. Where you can go on an adventure by touring different seas and islands by boat.

Quite different from simulation games in general, this game is a fishing game made more casual. This can be seen from the graphical presentation, to the gameplay mechanics that it carries.

Along with progress, you can also improve various equipment to make adventure and fishing easier.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure, Simulation
  • Size: 252MB
  • Download Tides: A Fishing Game

Nexomon: Extinction

If you want to experience adventure in a world full of monsters, then this is a game you might like. Nexomon: Extinction basically carries a more or less Pokemon-like concept.

You will go on an adventure while catching various types of monsters. These monsters can then be sent into battles containing certain types of monsters. The fight itself is presented with turn-based gameplay.

Every monster in this game can also be upgraded and evolved. Then the addition of an open world feature with a followable storyline would certainly add to the appeal of this one game.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure, Role Playing
  • Size: 1.42GB
  • Download Nexomon: Extinction

Little Reaper game

Next up is Little Reaper, a 2D fighting game that will take you on an adventure to the rescue. The reason is, the world in this game was controlled by a lot of dangerous monsters that were accidentally released into the world.

As a player, you will later fight these monsters. The battle will be carried out in many places with different contexts, gradually, each enemy will be more difficult and challenging.

In addition to having an attractive and colorful appearance, the presence of other features such as leveling up, using a variety of weapons, etc. makes this game feel quite interesting.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure, Action
  • Size: 426MB
  • Download Little Reaper

Girl Cafe Gun Game

Girl Cafe Gun is quite a unique game by combining several elements into one game. This game combines elements of action RPG, adventure, exciting storyline and cafe management simulation.

With an anime-style interface, this game focuses on female characters. You can then use different characters with their own unique abilities and skills.

As for the story, here you are asked to struggle to live in a disaster. Where disaster is caused by an energy called Lotus.

In addition to having a rather unique concept, the presentation of this game is also quite good for an Android game class.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 1.79GB
  • Download Girl Cafe Gun

Game Rec Room

The next best adventure game for Android 2022 is an adventure game that will take you on an adventure in a virtual world. The reason is, Rec Room carries game mechanics based on social platforms. A place where players can later interact with players spread across the world.

In addition to exploring the different areas of the game, you can also play some of the mini-games on offer. Not only playing mini games, this game also allows players to create their own version of mini games.

If you are looking for a virtual life simulation game with additional adventure elements, then this game you can try.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size: 1.30GB
  • Download Rec Room

Cyberika game

Unlike previous games, Cyberika will take players to a world called Bradbury Complex set in the future. The world presented is also presented with a cyberpunk feel and is supported by various futuristic elements.

These elements can be seen from the characters, the world, the means of transportation in the game. Although set in the future, this place contains many different problems that make even the police powerless.

After that, you will start the adventure in the suburbs and complete various missions. Like fighting to commit theft.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 249MB
  • Download Cyberika

Shadowgun Legends game

If normally adventure-themed games are often combined with combat or RPG elements, then this next game you will love if you are looking for an adventure game with an FPS theme.

Although it has been out for a long time, Shadowgun Legends still has very good graphics quality when compared to most of the recently released FPS games.

By adding sci-fi elements, here you will have an adventure to visit several planets. You will then be assigned different dangerous missions on each of these planets.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size: 1.10GB
  • Download Shadowgun Legends

Game Signal LOST

The next game is a game called LOST Signal. This game combines adventure elements with survival elements. As the title implies, this game tells the story of a character who lost signal to the outside world.

It begins when the main character travels by plane. But unfortunately, the plane crashes leaving the main character stranded on a remote island.

It turns out that the island is also inhabited by various dangerous creatures. Although the concept seems classic, this game manages to bring out different elements that are great for this type of mobile game.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size: 628MB
  • Download LOST . signal

Genshin Impact

When it comes to the best adventure games for Android 2022, it seems that until now nothing can beat Genshin Impact’s popularity and quality. With a huge size, but the quality of this game is not inferior to games on PC or console.

But of course, a mobile phone with high specifications is needed to be able to play this game smoothly and satisfactorily. Genshin Impact itself is a game that combines story, adventure, action and additional RPG elements.

With the various advantages it has, it is not an exaggeration to call this game one of the best adventure games on Android up to the present time.

  • Mode: Online
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size: 13.70GB
  • Download Genshin Impact

Those are our recommendations for the 10 Best Android Adventure Games 2022 to play this year. The list of games can certainly be a very interesting choice for those of you who are adventurous.

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