Choi Jae Seong – Jeon No Min

Choi Jae Seong as Jeon No Min

Choi Do Kyung and Choi Eun Seok / Ji An’s father is portrayed as a tough guy. Choi Jae Seong must be strong when it is rumored that a man lives with his wife.

Choi Jae Seong and his wife (No Myeong Hee) are a couple who have known each other since college. They got married after Myung Hee opened up about his family background as the son of a rich businessman.

Since then, his family and brother-in-law continue to harass him and claim that Jae Seong is only interested in his company. Therefore, their attitude was always cold towards him.

No Myeong Hee – Na Young Hee

No Myeong Hee - Na Young Hee

Among the actresses who are suitable for the role of mother, you must have heard that this actress is one of the characters that is suitable for this role. Na Young Hee plays Choi Jae Seong’s wife. She is the mother of the missing Choi Eun Seok / Ji An.

She is described as a selfish and unsympathetic big lady. This is probably because she was raised by an overly protective father. Mrs. Noh has also been described as disliked by people of a lower class than her.

Despite her cold and haughty demeanor, this rich woman is still searching for her missing daughter. She still wishes for her young daughter to return and live with her real family.

When someone tries to reveal her daughter’s whereabouts, she is shocked and hopes that information is true.

The drama “My Golden Life” starring the above 10 actresses has become one of the films with an attractive plot.

Besides highlighting the family conflicts and romance of Ji An and Do Kyung, My Golden Life is also filled with life values ​​expressed through the script. It is not surprising that the plot of this film is loved by many people because it is considered close to the daily life of the audience.

Regarding the performance of the players, we need not doubt that. Sin Hye Sun looks cool as a hardworking child who has to survive all the cunning of those around her.

Her love reaction to Park Si Hoo is also commendable. Their complicated relationship touched the door, making the audience flutter.


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