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10 actors who played in the movie “My Golden Life”

Elevating the story of two families with their own troubles, My Golden Life emerged as one of the best dramas of 2017. Its ratings also succeeded in changing DoTS, the first series to stand. The top of the table has the highest rating on cable TV in history.

My Golden Life comes to the story of two families with complicated and torn conflicts.

These two seemingly ordinary families have a secret kept for decades regarding the pasts of Choi Do Kyung (Park Si Hoo) and Seo Ji Ah (Sin Hye Sun).

Their love story is threatened because of the secrecy of their past. So, who are the artists participating in My Golden Life? Check out their portrayal of their roles in this TV series.

Choi Do Kyung – Park Si Hoo

1. Choi Do Kyung - Park Si Hoo

Handsome actor Park Si Hoo had the opportunity to show off his great acting ability in this long-running drama. This time he took on the role of Choi Do Kyung, the heir to Haesung Group, a giant company in Korea.

Do Kyung was supposed to become the heir to Haesung Group, but for now, he’s taking the position of Strategy and Planning team leader.

This man is a dream character. Despite his charming appearance, he is a person with a pleasant personality.

Unlike most child chaebols who like to show off their wealth, Do Kyung is more humble and caring towards others from different walks of life.

One day, he met Seo Ji An speeding because he had to return the car he borrowed from his boss. In the middle of the road, he was almost injured because Ji An drove the car at high speed.

Unfortunately for Do Kyung, he was grazed and hit the divider, causing the car’s paint to be scratched. This bad meeting leads them to a difficult situation, after which he falls in love but is forced to run aground because Ji An is rumored to be his missing sister.

Is that hard-working woman Choi Eun Seok, the younger sister who has been sought after by her family for decades? Do Kyung’s life becomes chaotic after finding out.

Seo Ji An – Sin Hye Sun

Seo Ji An - Sin Hye Sun

Seo’s family tells her that she is a twin sister. Although they are twins, Ji An and Ji Soo have different personalities.

They are like the earth and the sky. Ji Soo is weaker and not as strong as Ji An. Mentally, Ji Soo also lost. Ji An is more persistent and willing to work hard to get what she wants.

She is currently working as a contract worker awaiting a decision on her employment status at Haesung Group. However, her dream of becoming a full-time employee had to go up in smoke because her best friend had a connection with Haesung Corporation.

One day, she learns that he is the son of the owner of Haesung Group, who went missing a few years ago. You can take revenge on the friend who stabbed you in the back. However, an obstacle stops his life and love awaits him.

Seo Ji Soo – Seo Eun Soo

Seo Ji Soo - Seo Eun Soo

Seo Eun Soo’s role in the movie My Golden Life is the spoiled child of Yang Mi Jeong (Kim Hye Ok) mother, who is weak and only thinks about her own life. Ji Soo is pampered more by her mother. She is always worried because her character is not as brave as Ji An.

After graduating from college, she worked part-time and didn’t think about her future yet. She loves bread very much and wants to learn bread making more seriously. So she works in a small bakery not far from home.

Ji Soo falls in love with Sun Woo Hyuk (Lee Tae Hwan) without knowing that the boy likes his twin sister. When it’s secret that her older sister is not from the Seo family, she begins to question her own background.

Sun Woo Hyuk – Lee Tae Hwan

Sun Woo Hyuk - Lee Tae Hwan

Let’s get acquainted with the second lead we are in this drama. Lee Tae Hwan appeared as Sun Woo Hyuk, Ji An’s high school friend.

Woo Hyuk and Ji An are best friends, but they break up because Ji An moves house and cancels her art major in college.

Meanwhile, Woo Hyuk has successfully pursued his dream by majoring in interior design. This young man’s life seems easy when compared to Ji An. He does the job he wants and runs the DIY furniture store he loves.

His personality is fun. However, he has a strong will. He shows his likes and dislikes towards anyone.

Well, an unpleasant situation arises where Ji Soo is in love with him while he is in love with Ji An, Ji Soo’s twin sister.

Seo Tae Soo – Cheon Ho Jin

Seo Tae Soo as Cheon Ho Jin

Veteran actor Cheon Ho Jin plays the father of twins Ji An and Ji Soo. He is the image of a responsible father. His life is dedicated to his family.

Before bankruptcy, he was quite a successful businessman and was able to provide a good life for his whole family. Unfortunately, his company collapsed and he had to work as a hired hand to support his family.

He still wants to work for his family because he wants to be a good leader for his family. Seo Tae Soo is a father with high self-esteem. He doesn’t want to appear weak because he doesn’t have a job. So he hid his true status from his family.

He also knows that Ji An is not his biological son. When the Choi family lost their daughter, the Seo family found a child on the street.

Yang Mi Jeong – Kim Hye Ok

Yang Mi Jeong as Kim Hye Ok

Cheon Ho Jin paired with Kim Hye Ok as husband and wife. She is a wife who thinks her life will be happy when she is married to Cheon Ho Jin, who once had a company enough to support their lives.

However, she knows that marrying an entrepreneur means living an uncertain life because stability doesn’t always happen. That’s what she feared when Ji An entered the Choi family, who owned the largest company in Korea.

Since her husband’s bankruptcy, Mi Jeong has always been pessimistic and cynical about her family situation. His attitude that often breaks the spirit of his family makes him one of the ones who started a small uproar in the Seo family.

Seo Ji Tae – Lee Tae Seong

Seo Ji Tae - Lee Tae Seong

Born as the eldest child in the Seo family, Seo Tae Ji must be strong to withstand all family conflicts. So, this handsome actor who was a baseball player when he was young got the role of Seo Ji Tae, the eldest brother in the Seo family.

He is a foreign graduate student and is jealous of his twin sister, who has a stable job and a more stable life.

As the eldest son, Ji Tae feels he has to carry an extra burden on the family, especially when his father is declared bankrupt. He also had to shoulder the debts of his father.

Seeing the difficult situation of the family, Ji Tae was forced to sacrifice her happiness so that the family would not be deprived.

He also kept his relationship a secret from the woman he had been dating for 4 years so that his family wouldn’t put pressure on getting married.

Yoon Ha Jeong – Baek Seo Yi

Yoon Ha Jeong as Baek Seo Yi

We can imagine how devastated Ji An felt as she watched her friend put in the hard work so far at Haesung Group. The girl is even willing to be his senior errand boy in the office to be chosen by her manager as a permanent employee.

Unfortunately, Yoon Ha Jeong ruined her dream of taking a permanent position at the company by taking advantage of her father’s relationship. Ha Jeong and Ji An are high school friends. Their relationship is quite close and they often take time to reunite.

However, Ji An doesn’t realize that her rejection of Ha Jeong’s kindness in high school has hurt the rich boy’s feelings. Ji An’s independent attitude is seen as arrogance in Ha Jeong’s eyes.

So she made a detailed plan to drop Ji An into Haesung corporation and it turned out to be successful. She eliminated Ji An and was now able to secure a permanent staff position.

Choi Jae Seong – Jeon No Min

Choi Jae Seong as Jeon No Min

Choi Do Kyung and Choi Eun Seok / Ji An’s father is portrayed as a tough guy. Choi Jae Seong must be strong when it is rumored that a man lives with his wife.

Choi Jae Seong and his wife (No Myeong Hee) are a couple who have known each other since college. They got married after Myung Hee opened up about his family background as the son of a rich businessman.

Since then, his family and brother-in-law continue to harass him and claim that Jae Seong is only interested in his company. Therefore, their attitude was always cold towards him.

No Myeong Hee – Na Young Hee

No Myeong Hee - Na Young Hee

Among the actresses who are suitable for the role of mother, you must have heard that this actress is one of the characters that is suitable for this role. Na Young Hee plays Choi Jae Seong’s wife. She is the mother of the missing Choi Eun Seok / Ji An.

She is described as a selfish and unsympathetic big lady. This is probably because she was raised by an overly protective father. Mrs. Noh has also been described as disliked by people of a lower class than her.

Despite her cold and haughty demeanor, this rich woman is still searching for her missing daughter. She still wishes for her young daughter to return and live with her real family.

When someone tries to reveal her daughter’s whereabouts, she is shocked and hopes that information is true.

The drama “My Golden Life” starring the above 10 actresses has become one of the films with an attractive plot.

Besides highlighting the family conflicts and romance of Ji An and Do Kyung, My Golden Life is also filled with life values ​​expressed through the script. It is not surprising that the plot of this film is loved by many people because it is considered close to the daily life of the audience.

Regarding the performance of the players, we need not doubt that. Sin Hye Sun looks cool as a hardworking child who has to survive all the cunning of those around her.

Her love reaction to Park Si Hoo is also commendable. Their complicated relationship touched the door, making the audience flutter.


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