1. Koo Ryeon (Kim Hee Soon)

Koo Ryeon (Kim Hee Soon)

After playing the lead role of Alice (2020), actress Kim Hee Soon returns to work tomorrow (In 2022). This time, he plays the role of Koo Ryeon; the grim reaper character aka the Angel of Death comes from Hell because he has a great sinful past.

Koo Ryeon is the Risk Management Team Leader at Jumadeung who was a member of the Guard.

Koo Ryeon is tasked with saving people who are contemplating suicide. As leader Koo Ryeon is strict and cold; hardly ever see a smile on his face.

Thus, he is assertive often misbehaving with depressed people. As a result, the Risk Management Team he led failed to achieve satisfactory results and was almost disbanded.

Koo Ryeon is really a cheerful, brave and generous person. He is good at archery and smart. Koo Ryeon is eager to save people from suicide.

That feeling comes from past wounds because Koo Ryeon had to go through a difficult challenge in life until he decided to commit suicide. He sensed that people who tried to commit suicide didn’t really want to die.

2. Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon)

Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon)

Choi Joon Woong, played by Rowoon, is the youngest and most magical member of the Risk Management Team.

Because Joon Woong is not really dead but is in a coma, his identity is half-human, half-death. Joon Woong falls into a coma after saving a homeless man who is about to commit suicide.

Joon Woong makes a deal with President Jumadeung. He was offered to be part of the Risk Management Team in exchange for him being able to sober up within six months. Joon Woong is also promised an easy life, especially in the job search.

In Joon Woong’s life it is difficult to find a job, although he is a hardworking and persistent person. Joon Woong just doesn’t have a relationship so he often loses the competition.

Joon Woong lives with his mother and younger sister after his father died when he was young. He is a person who loves his family and other people

So, unfortunately with others, Joon Woong often interferes too much. Her empathy is so great that it sometimes puts her in a difficult situation.

However, Joon Woong always gets through it well and never lightens the mood with his laid-back and goofy demeanor.

3. Park Joong Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk)

Park Joong Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk)

The next cast of tomorrow (2022) is handsome actor Lee Soo Hyuk. Lee Soo Hyuk’s handsome looks are getting worse and worse because in this drama, he plays the captain of the Mental Guard, who seems arrogant and cold.

Always appearing dapper in a neat suit, Lee Soo Hyuk has become a screen stealer with screentime- it’s not so much.

Playing the role of Park Joong Gil, he is tasked with escorting souls from this world to the next. This mission is what makes Park Joong Gil often interact and even contradict Koo Ryeon. His relationship with the former members is often quite strained.

Park Joong Gil does not like the existence of the Risk Management Team because to him, people who commit suicide deserve to die.

Park Joong Gil’s hatred of people who commit suicide seems to stem from a traumatic event in his past. He suffered because his loved one committed suicide. Park Joong Gil is going through character development after looking back on his past sadness.

4. Lim Ryung Gu (Yun Ji On)

Lim Ryung Gu (Yun Ji On)

Yun Ji On, who was involved in the success of the movie slice (2021) also plays a role here. He played the role of Lim Ryung Gu; a member of the Risk Management Team who has great respect for Koo Ryeon.

Lim Ryung Gu has an equally cold personality but tends to be indifferent. He always comes home on time no matter how unfinished business.

Lim Ryung Gu is not enthusiastic about working with Joon Woong. The two often find themselves in awkward positions. Lim always felt that Joon Woong was incompetent.

However, his thinking has changed over time. Lim Ryung Gu is synonymous with nose picking. Apparently this habit has something to do with his life in the past.

Lim Ryung Gu is the son of an ex-lover gisaeng or comfort woman. He died an addict because he felt guilty about his mother’s death. In his previous life, Lim Ryung Gu killed 4 men for raping his mother.

5. Director Jumadeung (Kim Hae Sook)

Director Jumadeung (Kim Hae Sook)

The veteran actress who often participates in successful dramas, Kim Hae Sook, takes on a role in this drama. He plays the role of Jade Emperor or Director Jumadeung. Performing his role of director, Ngoc Hoang is a discerning character. He can rule everything but destiny.

The Jade Emperor is the one who brought Koo Ryeon from Hell and gave him the special mission of being the Captain of the Risk Management Team. He is a character full of secrets and plans.

As a leader of Jumadeung, the Jade Emperor will descend to Earth from time to time. Either to pay respects or to remember.

6. Joon Woong’s mother (Yun Yoo Sun)

Joon Woong's mother (Yun Yoo Sun)

Senior actress Yun Yoo Sun is chosen next tomorrow (2022). She plays Joon Woong’s biological mother. Performing the role of a single fighter, Joon Woong’s mother raised her child by selling food.

She used to have a good life, but since her husband’s death, she has to cope alone. Joon Woong’s mother is not a demanding and pushy mother.

She was quite happy to hear that Joon Woong was optimistic about getting a job but was not disappointed when she learned that her son had failed.

Joon Woong’s mother is very patient and takes care of her comatose son. Hopes to see Joon Woong sober again are high.

7. Lim Yu Hwa (Min Ji A)

Lim Yu Hwa (Min Ji A)

The next cast tomorrow (2022) is the beautiful actress Min Ji A. In this drama she plays Lim Yu Hwa, the biological mother of Lim Ryung Gu in the past.

Lim Yu Hwa is an ex-lover gisaeng who comforts women in the Joseon era. Her life changed after becoming pregnant and giving birth to Lim Ryung Gu.

Lim Yu Hwa is a gentle and warm mother figure. She raised Lim Ryung Gu alone by working as a waitress at a restaurant. Lim Yu Hwa was an image of a strong woman before being defeated by misfortune.

8. Kang Woo Jin (Kang Seung Yoon)

Kang Woo Jin (Kang Seung Yoon)

You can see Kang Seung Yoon’s appearance at tomorrow (2022) episode five. He’s not the main and core character of this movie but his appearance and story are heartbreaking.

Here he plays the role of Kang Woo Jin; A young man intends to commit suicide because of guilt over the accident that took his lover’s life.

Kang Woo Jin lives in sadness. He was orphaned at a young age because his parents died in an accident. Growing up, he also lost his uncle and other family.

The chain of events caused Kang Woo Jin to live by blaming himself. The situation is made worse by the death of her lover.

Kang Woo Jin is very talented in the field of music. His voice is very good and his songs are no less unique. He uses music to relieve his sadness.

9. Heo Na Young (Lee Noh Ah)

Heo Na Young (Lee Noh Ah)

Kang Woo Jin’s couple, Heo Na Young, made episode 5 of tomorrow ‘s drama (2022) and left an impression on the audience.

As an actress who is trusted to play the character of Heo Na Young, Lee Noh Ah did a great job. Through his eyes is sadness and anxiety as he sees Kang Woo Jin in despair after his death.

Heo Na Young comes from a rich family. However, this does not guarantee a happy life. Kang Woo Jin’s simple presence can slowly bring him happiness. Heo Na Young really loves Kang Woo Jin even though his family doesn’t approve.

10. Lee Young Chun (Jeon Mu Song)

Lee Young Chun (Jeon Mu Song)

One more actor tomorrow (2022) whose appearance broke the hearts of the congregation. He is senior actor Jeon Mu Song. Here Jeon Mu Song is present in episode six as Lee Young Chun.

Lee is a former Korean martial artist who fought against the Japanese. Lee Young Chun loved his country so much that he was ready to go to war to leave his family.

However, Lee’s efforts were not appreciated and he regretted it. With regret, Lee lived the rest of his life without ambition and courage.

So he chose to be single for life. Lee Young Chun is one of the targets of the Risk Management Team. He is the only spirit that Park Joong Gil and Jade Emperor completely protect at the same time.

Tomorrow ‘s cast (2022), the characters they bring, and the meaningful stories put this series in the top ten spots of Netflix Indonesia. Are you also one of his loyal audience? So who is your favorite character in this movie?


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