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The film revolves around a very happy Wilson family, including husband and wife Gabe Wilson, Adelaide Wilson and two children, Zora and Jason, who are together on a vacation off the Santa Cruz beach with their friends. they are the Tyler family.

They decided to stay in the house where his wife, Adelaide Wilson lived during her childhood and suffered from severe psychological trauma since childhood. Things take a turn for the worse as Adelaide always feels like there’s a fear going on around her and it’s completely out of the ordinary when night falls. And then Adelaide gradually realized that around her and her family was the presence of uninvited guests in red clothes with the same appearance as her family members. They are the Wilson doppelgänger and call themselves “The Tethered”.

US movie review

What’s worse is that even though they look exactly the same, their expressions, personalities, and thoughts are completely opposite. The whole family was divided. Gabe was taken out of the lake by his clone Abraham. Zora is chased by Umbrae. Jason was forced to “play” with Pluto. And Adelaide is handcuffed to the table by Red. And each member’s job is to find a way to destroy the clones to take their own life. But then they discovered that, not only their family encountered these scary clones, but also the family of their friend Tyler and millions of other people were also encountering these clones that had been slaughtering the clones. original body in real life.

However, clinging to the happenings throughout the story, viewers couldn’t help but be curious when Adelaide and Red (the clone) actually switched places from the moment they met in the greenhouse at the beach. Adelaide is Red, and Red is now Adelaide. However, why is Adelaide a clone but kind, while the real mother in Red’s form is so cruel? Why does Adelaide live and communicate normally like the original and the other copies do not? Who are these guys in red? Why do they appear and have the same shape and face as the members of the Gabe family? How to destroy them? Those are the things that most viewers have to be curious about and then when they understand the whole movie, viewers will think further about the images,

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When Jordan Peele invited Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o as the main characters, many speculated that this film would bring about a movie related to racism. However, this is absolutely not the case in the movie, it seems that the director has tried to avoid completely letting people misunderstand the film about racial discrimination but wants viewers to have deeper thoughts. , more broadly about what the film wants to convey. The film not only brings horror and tension moments like pure horror movies.

With a clever and unpredictable presentation of a story even towards the end of the film, viewers don’t seem to have a moment to stop focusing on the whole story from daily life interactions, confrontations, etc. made between families…everything has meaning and lessons for the viewer.

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Each conflict has been handled so nicely that it helps the audience to ‘hold their breath’ throughout the film because of the tension. Maybe crime scenes with ghosts everywhere can be a bit scary and brutal for many people, but going deeper is the obsession with what’s inside each person is well implanted. into the movie.

Again, the greatest fear man faces is man himself. The dangers we face all stem from our behaviour. This horror film is suitable for self-reflection about what we have done in life and they become the shadows of crime and murder if we can’t control it.

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Acting of the actors in the movie US

About the acting of the characters in US movies is one of the great plus points that brought US great success right after its debut. US brings together the most popular actors of Hollywood to bring excellent roles when the characters have to play up to 2 roles in each scene. Both gentle people and evil clones. The roles of the child actors in the movie are also great, creating a realistic, natural as well as clearly expressing the character’s psychology through each scene.

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In addition, the film also integrates many interesting and amusing details to help viewers laugh, especially when the man Gabe appears. The scenes are beautiful, do not cause many unexpected scare elements, but completely conquer the viewers with the mysterious, tense atmosphere as well as always worrying about the characters themselves.

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