Top best lipstick brands


    Lipstick is one of the indispensable makeup items for women, each color of lipstick shows a different personality and style, highlighting your image in the eyes of the opposite person. Let ‘s learn about the best lipsticks with Salenhanh .

    Which lipsticks are for you?

    Before going to our article on lipstick recommendations, how about browsing different lipsticks so you can make a better buying decision? Don’t forget to check out our lipstick article that you must have.

    Matte lipsticks: They reflect much less light so they’re not shiny. They give lips a silky look, while providing a luxurious effect that makes the color look richer. Matte lipsticks generally last longer and stay vibrant because they have less of a softening effect. The only problem is that some matte formulas cause some dryness on the lips or at least feel dry while wearing.

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    Satin lipsticks: They can also be referred to as semi-matte between a matte and glossy finish. They have a soft sheen that helps lips look a little softer and fuller. Since they have a relaxed effect, they tend to be the best of both worlds (matte-glossy). They have a little more moisture than others and make you feel better with longer durability.

    Polish: They have a high gloss that can be as appealing as a matte lip. Usually due to high humidity, they provide a moisturizing effect on the lips and are most comfortable to use.

    Transparent Lipsticks: While giving your lips a very light color, they also make your real lips appear. This is a very important point for those who are looking for a natural look.


    The best lipstick brands

    Lipstick is the most important actor of makeup! Even if you don’t wear heavy makeup, it alone is enough. Nude or dark red. There are several keys to discovering great lipstick shades. First, it’s helpful to leave color experiments in the afternoon to remove shadows from the account until you find what you’re looking for. Another discovery method is; Ask your friends to share their favorite color and appearance on the lips. We take it step by step to find the lipstick you can’t live without. Here are the best lipsticks with their names.

    Mac lipstick

    It is undoubtedly the most famous brand in the world of cosmetics. He is also one of those who have achieved a guarantee of providing high satisfaction and best quality. Its creamy and rich formula is ideal for glossing and defining lips. MAC formulas are known to be highly pigmented, creamy and long-lasting. One of the most popular aspects of this product is; maintain smoothness. There are hundreds of shades of MAC lipstick. You can start your combination by choosing a color that is compatible with your lip color, or you can go to the classics and bask in the energy of red.


    You can see what colors are the biggest rivals of red lipstick for 2020.

    Recommendations for MAC red lipstick:

    One of the most ideal options for a cleansed and cared for face; after all the red lipstick. If you are very particular about choosing red lipstick, you can go for this liquid lipstick, which offers long-lasting durability and has a matte stance. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor!

    Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

    This brand, brought to life by famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, has managed to become one of the favorites in the field of lipsticks in a short time. These lipsticks allow fuller, wider lips to appear, regardless of lip size or shape. The rich variety of colors available is another plus.


    Charlotte Tilbury lipstick recommendations:

    Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution could be cut out for a first date. It provides long-lasting while moisturizing the lips. It has a full matte effect and moisturizing power.

    Chanel lipstick

    It makes you feel spectacular and sophisticated! Chanel has the most known and trusted lipstick selections in the world. It’s definitely one of our favorite lipstick brands with tried-and-true color options. As Coco Chanel said, “A girl must have two things: style and beauty”. Here is the Chanel lipstick that promises exactly this.


    Recommendations for Chanel lipstick:

    It reflects the effect of pink and lilac very nicely; How about trying Chanel Rouge Coco Flash? Its brightness and true power are one of the reasons for its preference.

    Nars lipstick

    We recommend the stunning colors of the Studio 54 Collection. If there are colors that you are particularly shy about, go through them and choose the “o” color.


    Studio 54 products, which have won our hearts with their packaging, include pieces designed by NARS inspired by the glittering scene of the famous Studio 54 nightclub. Your strong side and ambition is reflected.

    Pat McGrath Lipstick

    Makeup artist Pat McGrath is definitely one of the favorite lipstick brands with her own brand’s expert formula. Pat McGrath Labs lipsticks that steal hearts with their rich pigment products are indispensable with their creamy texture. You can start the first meeting by giving a chance to the brand’s best-selling products, which are also very successful in Lip Gloss.


    Recommended Lipstick Pat McGrath Labs

    The Luxetrance Lipstick is much brighter than the brand’s iconic MatteTrance lipstick. Its flawless formula also manifests itself in this lipstick.

    Estee Lauder Lipstick

    Estée Lauder, a favorite with lipsticks guaranteed to be elegant, will give your lips the facelift you’re looking for with a classic red lipstick like the one above. Shape the lips with light and saturate them with bright colors. Shape your curves while enjoying the power of volume. The power of luxury remains in your hands.


    Estee Lauder lipstick recommendation

    Pure Color Envy Matte Sculping Lipstik is one of our favorites. A lipstick that shows lips in a beautiful and curved shape. It also moisturizes the lips continuously throughout the day and saturates them with intense color at the same time. A color option is also possible for all skin tones. Its super creamy texture glides on smoothly and is applied evenly to all sides.

    Armani lipstick

    The irresistible allure of being seduced by a luxury beauty brand. There is a wide selection of lipsticks in options ranging from classic options to liquid lipsticks. It is certainly no coincidence that it is on the list of the best lipstick brands. The moisturizing formula and creamy texture make your lips feel incredible.


    Recommended Armani Beauty Lipstick

    Rouge D’armani Matte Lipstick combines an intense matte color and ultimate comfort, but also in a non-drying formula. The extra comfortable use that lasts during a trip is also a plus. The color that resembles a red called tomato red is one of our favorites.

    Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick

    As you can see, fashion designers continue to favor this indispensable list of the best lipstick brands. Beauty and fashion are a natural harmony. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is one of the brands with a strong fan base worldwide with beauty products. YSL Beauty’s wide range of lipsticks, especially in transparent to thick color options developed based on glossy, satin and matte formulas, are quite impressive.


    YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture The Slim and its color called Contrast Fuchsia are among the most popular. Even a perfectly shaped lip is easy to create thanks to the genius straight edge.

    Clinique lipstick

    Clinique’s lipsticks, as well as various skin care products, are among those that make up their own fan base. The French brand has a serious color cosmetics section with a wide selection of lipsticks. You can choose a classic color or an alternative color. Its moisturizing formula and long-lasting color are remarkable.


    Clinique lipstick recommendation

    Always on our radar with color options that make it easy to find the perfect shade for your skin tone. Our recommendation is; Chubby Stick Lip Gloss Moisturizing Cream. While the crayon-shaped structure provides ease of application, the extra moisturizing cream content including mango and shea oils also has the moisturizing power that dry lips are looking for.

    Christian Dior lipstick

    Of course, it’s not uncommon for fashion icons to turn to beauty. Christian Dior, which does this smoothly and has an important place in the beauty industry, has a spot on this list that it deserves as one of the best lipstick brands. You can choose from a bright color, a matte finish, or a classic satin finish. Dior has a variety of shades, styles, and finishes that have earned them a reputation as a force in the beauty world.


    Recommendations for Dior lipsticks

    Move into a new era in lip makeup! Dior Addict Lipstick features a hydra-gel core with a top coat effect for a sexy mirror shine. The super soft core of moisturizing is concentrated in the center. After driving, you will notice an extra brightness and lasting color effect with amazing comfort.

    Revlon Lipstick

    If you are very new in makeup, it can be difficult to find the right choice for lipstick selection. Luckily, the heritage lipstick brand Revlon is available. It’s moderately priced and the accessibility from anywhere makes it a total hit. In addition to rich and long-lasting pigments, there are also color options in alternative tones.


    Revlon Lipstick Recommend

    Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain is a product that beginners can easily apply to makeup. With its easy formula, it is possible to fill out the bills quickly.

    Lipstick Stila

    Stila, which has a fanbase of its own with its hit eyeliner, is also one of the best lipstick brands, especially liquid lipsticks that give the effect you want to see on your lips. Stila has a wide selection of lipsticks, but liquid lipstick is one of the standout products. Its permanent strength, rich color options and moisturizing effect are among the most important reasons for its preference.


    Recommendations for Sila . lipsticks

    Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick reveals why its creamy formula and timeless shades in classic color (a really solid red) are why so many people love this product. .

    Kylie Lipsticks

    This lipstick brand, which makes lips look fuller, is of course also on the list. This brand, founded by Kylie Jenner, became one of the most popular lipstick brands in the 2010s. The brand, founded with a choice to focus solely on lipsticks, has always delivered secrets. honey for perfect lips. Lip kits, which include lipsticks and lip pencils, are among the most popular.


    Recommend Kylie Lipstick

    If you really believe in the importance of lipstick, Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick is definitely for you. As a successful matte formula, this lipstick should be on your radar with its ease of use and exceptional formula.

    Kevyn Aucoin Lipstick

    Kevyn Aucoin, the inventor of the contour concept, is of course also on this list with products of his own brand. The makeup brand is a complete resource for any type of product, especially the rich color saturation it gives lips, making it a favorite of the list. Its rich pigment, moisturizing formula and long-lasting durability are the key points.


    Kevyn Aucoin Lipstick Recommendation

    Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Color Lipstik is a lipstick that provides bright color and is extremely moisturizing. You can get rich colors in just one ride. This creamy and luxurious formula lasts for hours without feeling heavy.

    Smashbox lipstick

    A special brand that lovers of bold makeup have been demanding for years. Iconic beauty brand Smashbox, which takes the place of a brand that gives people what they want, is also the first choice of lipstick-obsessed people. From liquid lipstick; matte and metallic textures or lipstick palettes with dark undertones… Move with the standard options or alternate colors if you like. Its strong color effect, moisturizing formula and long-lasting durability are its plus points.


    Recommended Smashbox Lipstick

    Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstik is one of those lipsticks that create great effects for the lips. There are alternative color options that follow the skin tone of the lipstick that shape the lips and provide a comfortable, flexible application.

    Maybelline lipstick

    Maybelline is not a very strong brand in the beauty world? Its standard availability and quality levels make it preferable. The brand, which is a complete package of makeup products, has a wide selection in its successful lipsticks. Traditional style, matte and glossy options… The choice is both easy and difficult.


    Maybelline lipstick recommendation

    Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink rewrites these liquid lipstick rules without feeling bad and uncomfortable. He also promises to stay on his lips all day. Probably one of the most food resistant lipsticks ever.

    Bobbi Brown Lipstick

    All lipstick brands founded by iconic makeup artists are in the top ranks of the league. Bobbi Brown has such a branding effect. During fashion weeks around the world, Bobbi Brown is always behind the scenes and the products most makeup artists prefer for kilk. Liquid lipstick, matte and satin finish, traditional choice, modern formula. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate the moisturizing and long-lasting formula.


    Recommended Bobbi Brown Lipstick

    The newly added Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick to Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Lip Collection is a perfect fit for those looking for a bright finish. With striking color, it provides a distinctive and full lip look. The lipstick, which offers ease of application, provides intense color while providing an immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect with its formula enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and herbal extracts.

    Laura Mercier Lipstick

    Ask any name that is an authority in makeup, and they probably have at least a few products in Laura Mercier’s makeup collection. This groundbreaking brand has always focused on products that are targeted to meet the real needs of everyday makeup users. In the lipstick category, Laura Mercier is of course on our list of the best lipstick brands due to its versatile formula and ease of use.


    Recommended Laura Mercier Lipstick

    Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstik is one of those must-have lipsticks, enveloping and defining lips with a silky touch. Infused with Mediterranean seaweed extract, this lipstick moisturizes and smooths lips. It also provides strong color intensity.

    Guerlain lipstick

    French success in the cosmetic industry also prevails in the Guerlain brand. It is absolutely indispensable for the best lipstick recommendations. Whatever the weather, you can be sure that it will keep your lips soft and moist. The secret is; mango oil content.

    Guerlain lipstick recommendation

    Creamy Shping Lip Color impresses with its colorful design. You’ll love the saturation of this lipstick, giving it a pure luxury effect when it comes to jewelry.

    Marc Jacobs lipstick

    Think of a lipstick brand that looks like the real thing in your collection. You don’t have to imagine because this interesting distinction belongs to Marc Jacobs Beauty. The brand, in our lives with its innovative gel textures and lipstick coatings, comes in rich shades, pigments and hydrating formulas that give you bold color with just one touch.


    Recommended Marc Jacobs Lipstick

    Lip Creme is a very successful lipstick that covers the lips with saturated pigment and provides a lasting effect for 10 hours. Its moisturizing and long-lasting effect also makes it more prominent.

    Tom Ford Lipstick

    There are so many options when it comes to lipstick, right? The Tom Ford brand is one of the most popular lipstick brands due to its fancy emphasis. It has a high gloss, super matte and even metallic lipstick for a unique beauty that will leave everyone talking. Enjoy bold colour, moisturizing formula and a range of shades.


    Tom Ford lipstick recommendation

    Gold Lip Color always maintains its claim on the bestseller list and dazzles with its amazing ride. Its super creamy texture provides a great reason not to give it up.