Single seat cover / rubber seat

To reinforce the racing smell, owners of the All New CB150R 2021 can consider accessories in the form of seats. The use of these accessories will give your motorcycle a slight change in both appearance and experience similar to the style of a racing motorcycle.


Installation is also very easy, given the fact that these accessories are located only in the rear seats, its function is to cover the rear seats so that it feels more like a single seat, helping to give it a sportier feel. The material is quite durable ABS plastic with a very affordable price.

Fender eliminator


If you want to look sportier, you must consider choosing this extremely handy accessory, which is the new fender. The use of these accessories will create an impressive highlight for the car and at the same time keep the car clean, free from mud, and protect the engine of your beloved car.

Hood cover

The use of these accessories will create a different highlight for the front appearance of the All New CB150R 2021. In addition to being sportier, accessories in the form of visors also work to protect the speedometer from dust. front.


Installation is also easy as it only needs to be re-glued. But make sure the glue is strong enough, because the wind from the front is quite fast. Especially when driving at high speed.

Engine Protector / Engine Protector

Using accessories in the form of this engine guard will protect both sides of the engine block. Because this part is often scratched when riding a motorbike. In addition, the use of engine protection accessories will also protect the legs against heat radiating from the sides of the engine block.


CBR150R 2021 All New accessories use plastic material, but are claimed to be heat resistant. The installation also only needs to be glued with the adhesive provided in the purchase package.

Car fuel tank outer gasket

To protect the tank from scratches, car owners should use an accessory like this tank pad. Its use will protect the rear flask from scratches that are often caused when changing a jacket.


But besides that, the use of boost pads can also enhance the look of the tank. Because the tank pad is provided with a sporty carbon motif. The material used is also high quality with the rubber being thick enough and precisely crafted to fit the curve of the tank.

Fuel cap gasket

The function of the fuel cap attachment is really more about aesthetics. Its placement on the lid of the jar adds a carbon accent to its look. Although small, these accessories are quite capable of adding a sporty impression to the tank.


However, it is more optimal to use it with the barrel cushion accessory because both have carbon accents. Additional fuel cap gasket fittings are required. The material is a convex plastic patch.

Radiator protector

These accessories are important to protect the radiator. Furthermore, the radiators are susceptible to gravel bouncing off the front wheels. So to be safe, the use of heat sink protection accessories will help a lot.


In addition, this radiator protector will also make the radiator more eye-catching. The material itself uses aluminum mesh. For installation, it must be bolted in the space provided.

Above are the Top 7 accessories for the latest CB150R 2021. Hope this article of Top Salenhanh will help you choose the best products for yourself

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