Anime titles are often quite entertaining and can follow the plot of the video game they are based on, or follow an alternate route, or be a completely different story. Today Salenhanh brings you a list of the top 15 best anime games

Top anime games

Good Anime Game: Sword art online

We’ve all heard or seen this one in one way or another, it came out with a bang and has won millions of fans ever since. It has a light-hearted plot, and the harem is the public’s favorite, it’s a good show, even though I’m not a fan of the genre.

Good Anime Game: No Game no Life

If you like SAO, then you can’t miss the game at all. It has a bunch of loli you can’t miss. Visually, it is a very beautiful and colorful anime and it is also very interesting and fun to watch. The main characters are quite peculiar, and you will find a very interesting relationship between brothers.

Best Anime Game: Persona sagas

Anime is based on video games, and often tops many video game saga lists, but let’s talk about its animation. Visually it is quite good and you will find many opinions on the internet about its plot, both good and bad. Personally, I don’t play games but like this show a lot.

Good Anime Game: Overlord

It was a dark fantasy anime, with three seasons and two movies so it was pretty good at the time. The story is a classic, the boy falls into a video game and tries to return to the real world, but why is he an amazing skeleton with a legion of darkness under his command? The action is amazing and promises hours of entertainment.

Good Anime Game: Log Horizon

This is not the typical classic of people stuck in a video game, it doesn’t even use virtual reality, here the characters become one with their designed avatars , it shows the adventure of an RPG video game, but has more emotions than the very moving character.

Good Anime Game: CORPSE PARTY

People will say it has no video game argument; and that’s true, but it covers the game based on it. The Corpse Party is a bloodline and beheaded children; A group of students are transported to a cursed school plagued by demons and monsters that brutally seek to kill them, it’s a dream come true for diehard fans.

Good anime game: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

A 35-year-old man working as a programmer is at the lowest point of his adult life; and after taking a nap, he wakes up rejuvenated and in a new world that will completely change his life. Right; the debate may be a bit cliché, but the series is very entertaining and funny; with some serious moments that will hook you from the very first episode.

Good anime game: Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

One of the most popular of this genre. Again, it has the classic argument of a boy falling into a foreign land, here of course we have the peculiarity of seeing him die in all the brutal and cruel ways the mind wonders. your fuck can imagine. This series is pretty good, it will always feel like one of the best.


Its arguments stand out, especially because of its resemblance to rpg games, and its ridiculous situations and endless humor. You won’t get bored with its episodes, featuring flying panties, overpowered explosions and of course a harem that will provide amazing fanservice and ecchi scenes; Of course, it references video games but parodis them in the most entertaining way.

Good Anime Game: NET-JUU NO SUSUME

We finally get a female character (even though her avatar is male); a thirty-year-old woman who has lost all interest in the real world; Depressed, she finds solace in the virtual world. In one of these; she plays a handsome young man with smooth hair, but of course, being a good newbie (or unknown to gamers), she won’t stop dying; But her salvation comes when a beautiful young woman lends her a hand.

On the other hand in real life; The blonde and handsome office worker keeps bothering her to the point of affecting her virtual life. In this animated short we will find an endearing entanglement of the ultimate fun, with hilarious situations that don’t detract from the game’s spirit.

Good Anime Game: Hack//GU Trilogy

This is special, it’s the first person I see and that’s why I have a little crush on it. I love the design of the main character; (who, by the way, looks a bit like Allen Walker); and the plot is surrounded by an aura of mystery and suspense that you just have to watch.

Good Anime Game: AKAGI Madhouse

In 2005, Madhouse brought us this series, the author of which belongs to the man who later created Kaiji, his longest running series, which you will also find in this top. It tells us about the unfortunate experiences of Akagi, a young boy who, without much interest, decided to risk his life to play a dangerous game of mahjong to save the life of a stranger. , who has everything to lose. Now, he had to deal with that debt; if he loses, he will lose more money.

Interestingly, this cartoon is able to maintain tension even though we are only talking about a game of mahjong. But what the madhouse can do, is create an atmosphere of chaos, charged with a tension that can almost be chewed; We recommend future audiences to learn the basics of the game, as the anime doesn’t explain the basics.


Can you imagine a school in which there is a meritocracy, plain and simple, about how good you are at betting and deceiving others in games of chance? Well, that is the basic premise of this anime in which we will meet Yumeko Jabami, a slightly deranged girl who will dare to challenge the established hierarchy.

If something stands out here, aside from the massive hype, dangerous and delirious games and somewhat insane protagonist, it’s the incredible animation of MAPPA research, who never now fail on the technical side. Over the course of its 12 episodes (to be honest, to be brief) we’ll enjoy a number of games where Yumeko will give everything to fight against established rules. Also keep in mind that this year ECC will publish the main manga and subtitles.

Good Anime Game: DEATH PARADE

What happens when you die? According to this anime, we arrive at a mysterious place called Quindecim, a bar where we will decide, through games worthy of any English pub, with an unexpected twist, if we will go to Heaven or Hell.

What’s interesting about this proposition is that each episode presents compelling self-destructive stories in which morality, pitfalls, humanity, and selfishness are questioned. Not everyone admits defeat in the same way, nor is everyone willing to lose knowing their fate; Meanwhile, we’ll meet the mysterious members who run this curious place, uncovering their stories and why they ended up there. I highly recommend the anime also invites one to the sound reflections.

Good Anime Game: KAIJI Madhouse

It had to be here. One of the most important in terms of manga genre is Kaiji, the manga has a long journey in Japan, which has more than 50 volumes. Does it have material for a lot? Yes, and more when you have the imagination of Nobuyuki Fukumoto, who always has a puzzling and compelling script that pops out of his sleeve leaving viewers eager to see more.

Kaiji is an outcast, someone who has lost everything and has nowhere to go. So unsurprisingly, one day, when a mysterious man dressed in black invited him on a cruise where he could become a millionaire, he didn’t think twice; However, he will not be alone, for many people like him, ruined and desperate, will do whatever it takes to win the game and get their lives back.

And this is just the beginning: Kaiji’s journey will give him a headache more than once, and when he thinks he’s won, there’s always some small print that keeps him going to keep risking his life. mine. Few games are more addictive than this series, as it constantly invites you to watch another episode, and another, until you realize you’ve gone through the entire season. This is possibly one of the best samples of the genre that you need to check out.

We hope you like it! If we missed any of your favorites, don’t hesitate to comment, visit us for more on these top lists, see you later!!

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