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At the beginning of the film, we will come to news reports about the disappearances and mysterious deaths of many people in the dense forest located in the north of Leningrad region for 3 decades. The strange thing is that these corpses are all naked and the clothes of the unfortunate people are neatly folded next to them.

According to the people of the Leningrad region, they believe that these deaths are caused by an evil spirit that exists inside the forest. Since then, the forest has become a place no one dared to venture into, except for a rescue team with the participation of an officer who followed the rescue team into the forest in search of a 14-year-old child believed to be was lost inside the forest.

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During the search, the team suddenly discovered a teddy bear emitting a voice and as soon as they looked up, the group was shocked when in front of them was a naked woman with a lifeless face. Just went through a big shock. As a professional rescue team, following the principle of saving whoever is found first, bringing them to a safe place is the most important thing before searching for the next person, the whole team decided to bring the second person. This poor woman went to the hospital for treatment, although the missing 14-year-old boy has not been found.

On the way back, the rescue team constantly encountered troubles like the car was stuck in a quagmire. It took a lot of effort for the group to get out, but soon, the way back was also blocked. by trees after a landslide. The main road could not be reached, so the rescue team decided to take a detour based on the map, but then got lost inside the deep forest, where they discovered a strange forest with the appearance of ancient drawings as an omen. Unlucky harbinger of the appearance of an evil spirit in the swamp.

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Right after the group had to stop in the jungle to search for the rescue dog of the team that naturally ran deep into the forest, an unexpected accident happened. Some unseen force took control of the mind of a rescue team member, Andrey, and caused him to drive himself into the swamp and die. The only means to escape the forest has also been lost, the group is now in real danger when the evil spirit in the forest begins to attack and kill each member of the rescue team. Who is the naked girl that the rescue team found inside the forest? Can the rescue team survive and return safely? Go to the theater to find yourself the most accurate answer.

Review the content of the movie Night Devil Deep Forest

The above is what I have tried very hard to summarize into the content of the movie, and about the evaluation and review of the movie night demon deep forest, the movie really doesn’t really stand out for a lover. Like me, I love horror movies.

Deep Forest Night Devil Reviews

The film’s content is a chaotic mess, the plot is fragmented (Maybe the movie was cut so the content becomes fragmentary and confusing), the characters think differently and the ending of the movie is real. I can’t even understand it.

Right at the beginning of the film is a reportage and disappearances, then about the rescue team with instructions and working principles of the whole team and the scene of landslides while the staff is working right away. the door of a cave. Naturally, the next scene is still the rescue team and the security guard just now, but they are on the way to search for a missing 14-year-old boy.

The footage changes constantly as the viewer is a member of the rescue team following the team searching for the missing boy. The first 30 minutes of the film are mostly close-ups, like on a camera worn on the head of a rescuer of the group, causing the scenes to shake continuously, making viewers quite dizzy.

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The sound of the movie is also not really outstanding, in addition, the characters in the movie talk too much, but this is a Russian movie so it is quite a headache, the subtitles are too fast with 2 languages ​​English and Vietnamese. sometimes can’t read.

In terms of horror, almost an entire movie does not have a phase enough to make viewers feel heartbroken, even the spirit of the widow inside the forest does not appear clearly.

As for the content of the film, it is really too confusing, from Andrey’s shadow leading to the house to find articles that expose the girl that the rescue team saved as the one who killed her husband and that she is the main character. She is the legendary Widow but it turns out she’s protecting everyone. Before killing herself, the girl said that she couldn’t protect everyone and left that task to a female member of the rescue team, but she died and could not do anything.

Deep forest demon

Then suddenly the movie ended in surprise like: “The movie is still available, but the time is up at the theater, so stop the movie, goodbye”. Boom, the reporter was rescued by a rescue team and the evil spirit in the forest no longer appeared.

Hard to understand, or is it possible that Admin Salenhanh missed any details of the movie while nervously analyzing confusing situations in the movie? Anyone who has seen and understood the content of the movie can comment below to help Admin better understand the movie? Help me explain.

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