The Conjuring 3: The Conjuring 3 is a summary of the content

Basically, Haunted Horror: The Conjuring is a story based on the real-life murder of Arne Cheyenne Johnson in 1981 that shocked the entire United States with its horror and strangeness. case.

Specifically, The Conjuring 3 will be based (at least in part) on a full trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in 1981. Standing in the dock, this killer is always a ink asserted that the dehumanizing actions he performed were “caused by the devil”, being possessed by the devil, causing him to do wrong things without even knowing it. Notably, this is the first case in American history that a defendant used supernatural forces to deny all crimes he committed.

The Conjuring 3 movie review

In particular, to increase the level of authenticity for this film, Warner Bros. decided to invite Arne Cheyenne Johnson directly to participate in the production and give interviews.

Initially, the film opens with an exorcism on an 8-year-old boy named David Glatzel performed by a priest and also stars Ed and Lorraine Warren. 11-year-old David Glatzel is said to be possessed by 40 demons at once, causing the Warrens and the Catholic Church to get involved.

However, after the exorcism was successful, another tragedy occurred, his sister’s fiance Arne Cheynne Johnson stabbed the landowner to death and blamed it on the devil.

Arne gradually discovered that there were always strange sounds and images around her. After that, he became deranged, mistaking the people around him for the devil, so he killed him. Even in prison, the ghost did not stop haunting, but also ordered Arne to find a way to take his own life.

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It seemed like one of the reasons that was quite hard to believe, but the Warrens believed it and testified to help him, including getting him into the first US trial of the year. The defense pleaded not guilty because the defendant was possessed by a demon.

The Conjuring 3 movie review review

In general, the content of the film gives viewers a bit of a strange and familiar feeling when it still revolves around the old characters with their special abilities, but instead of as a motif revolving around exorcisms and meeting The movie gives viewers the feeling of a horror movie mixed with a detective in the journey to learn about the case.

Although in this direction, the film feels less horror than other films, but offers a more realistic perspective based on a true case. However, there are still scary scenes or scenes of demon possession that are quite scary enough for viewers to feel shivers. For me, when I finished watching the movie The Conjuring 3, I felt that the content of the movie seemed a lot “smoother” compared to other parts, the scenes were quite easy to understand and grasp.

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Pictures and sounds of the movie

In general, the film brings images with quite old tones, showing well the feeling of being a bit ancient in accordance with the actual plot of the movie that took place in 1981. The image in the film is also meticulously elaborated from the page. restore the character to the surrounding objects. However, there are some quite artificially possessed segments that make me feel uncomfortable, it seems that the filmmaker is trying to create an obsession for viewers, but to me, it feels quite good. counterproductive.

Character acting

In terms of character acting, this is really a huge plus for the movie. Our main characters have over-expressed and almost put their heart into each role, giving viewers the most real and natural. The emotional expressions of the film depicts the scenes very well. With supporting roles, they did not leave much of an impression in the film, but in general, they all played quite well and performed their scenes well.

Conclusion about The Conjuring 3

In general, The Conjuring 3 is a pretty good movie and worth watching, especially for anyone who is a fan of the Conjuring Universe, this is definitely a film not to be missed. Hopefully with Salenhanh’s movie review , it will help you choose for yourself the best movies after hours of study and hard work.