Survive the night movie review

Survive the night is an action film with the appearance of veteran star Bruce Willis, who has been successful with many cult roles in the films 12 Monkeys (1995), The Fifth Elements (1997), Armageddon (1998), Sin City (2005) and especially the role of police officer John McClane in the series Die Hard (1988) are among the films that marked his name on the road to becoming a cop. Hollywood’s top action stars.

Survival night

However, in recent years, Bruce Willis’s career has gone downhill with many films that have faded and been underestimated by viewers both in terms of content and acting. In the movie Survival Night will be released on July 3, Bruce Willis will collaborate with actor Riverdale Chad Michael Murray.

Let’s review with Salenhanh to learn about the content of the movie Survive the night.

Synopsis of the movie Survive the Night

The film revolves around the character Frank (Bruce Willis) a retired police chief, domineering and quite difficult. He lives with his wife Rachel (Jessica Abrams) in a small town. He has a son, Dr. Rich (Murray), but their relationship is gradually deteriorating after Rich’s career collapsed after a negligence caused the death of a patient and was involved in a lawsuit. Over time, he went bankrupt, forcing him to take a job at a rural clinic.

Review survival night

Despite having huge disagreements with his father, Frank, Rich and his wife (Lydia Hull) and teenage daughter (Riley Wolfe Rach) are forced to move in together. Career failure, bankruptcy, conflict with his father … it seemed that it was too much bad luck for Rich, but no, after an unsuccessful robbery at a convenience store, two brothers Jamie ( Shea Buckner) and Matty (Tyler Jon Olson) shot dead and Mathias was also hit by a bullet in the leg.

was so badly injured that it required medical attention, clearly unable to go to the emergency room. Jamie, driving frantically through unfamiliar territory, discovers a hospital in rural Georgia. He overheard Dr. Rich being praised by a nurse for his experience. When Rich finished his shift and left, Jamie decided to follow.

Review survive the night

Not wanting to risk being treated at the hospital, Jamie and Matty decided to kidnap Frank’s family to force Rich to treat his wounds, while keeping quiet about their whereabouts. However, with the experience of a policeman, Frank understood that after the wounds of the criminals gradually recovered, his family also gradually faced death because they would destroy his whole family to protect him. defend one’s own conduct.

The thing to do right now is to delay time, and think of ways to deal with dangerous killers, to do this, it is necessary to have good coordination with your son. is Rich. The child is having a lot of disagreements with Frank. So how do they get out of this dangerous situation? Does anyone have to die? Let’s go to the cinemas right away to see, I will temporarily keep the ending of the movie a secret.

Survival night review review

Survive the night movie review

Survive the night is one of the low-budget films, the plot and the events of the film seem so predictable that the film almost lacks the necessary drama in an action movie. motion. There is a lot of violence and action, including a car chase, but everything has too many points of lack of logic and the movie’s pacing is too slow to make viewers feel bored.

Survival night review

This makes when the film ends, it does not give the viewer a feeling of “high”, and at the same time does not preserve many images or meanings inside the film. However, with acting from Hollywood veteran actors such as Bruce Willis and Riverdale Chad Michael Murray is also a plus point for the film. In the past time when horror movies almost dominated the theater rooms but were not appreciated, changing the wind with the action movie Survival Night is also a very suitable choice.

Survive the night movie information

  • Rating: CHEAP
  • Genre: Action
  • Production companies: Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films, SSS Entertainment, SSS Capital
  • Actors: Chad Michael Murray, Bruce Willis, Shea Buckner, Tyler Jon Olson, Lydia Hull, Riley Wolfe Rach, Jessica Abrams, Sara Lynn Holbrook, Jef Holbrook
  • Directed by: Matt Eskandari
  • Screenwriter: Doug Wolfe
  • Movie length: 89 minutes