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SLIME – ISEKAI Memories New Working Redeem Codes

Salenhanh has meticulously scoured and curated a selection of gift codes for SLIME – ISEKAI Memories from reliable sources and is excited to share them with you. If you’re on the lookout for captivating gift codes to enhance your gaming journey in SLIME – ISEKAI Memories, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

Make sure you seize these valuable gift codes before they slip away. Salenhanh strongly believes that these codes will not only enhance your SLIME – ISEKAI Memories gaming experience but also propel you towards achieving remarkable accomplishments.

Embrace this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your gaming passion. May your time spent in SLIME – ISEKAI Memories be filled with triumph and joy!

Latest SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Gift Codes Compilation

Gift code listRewards
SNI2f911ff4Receive 1000 free diamonds
SVI3582d3afGet free diamonds
TAI63a25d3Receive fanpage events gift code
FRI52d76b4cFanpage events code
BHI3fcc46d3Coins, Spins, and Gems

Latest SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Event Gift Codes Compilation

Gift code listRewards
SNI20e4ed46Receive 1000 free diamonds
SVI24e0c455Get free character
VVI9bfce4cGet free JBN
TAI4958a038Receive fanpage events gift code
FRI3741f448Fanpage events code
BHI561ba4dCoins, Spins, and Gems

SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Code Redemption Guide

  • Step 1: Log in to the official SLIME – ISEKAI Memories website
  • Step 2: Select the SLIME – ISEKAI Memories gift code box on the left-hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the SLIME – ISEKAI Memories code to receive rewards

SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Fanpage Event Code Redemption

  • Step 1: Visit the SLIME – ISEKAI Memories fanpage
  • Step 2: Choose the SLIME – ISEKAI Memories code hashtag
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to receive the latest SLIME – ISEKAI Memories code

Introducing the SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Game

Step into the world of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” with a brand new 3D battle RPG experience!

Embark on a new story, overseen by Fuse, the original light novel author. Enter the scene is a mysterious girl named Shinsha, claiming to be Rimuru’s daughter.

Relive iconic moments from Season 1 of the anime through fully voiced cut scenes! The stellar voice cast contributes their talents to both battle voices and interactions within the town!

Utilize the nation-building system to construct your ideal version of Tempest! Build and strategically position a variety of structures and facilities, including citizens’ homes, restaurants, the blacksmith shop, the laboratory, magic-enhancing facilities, and more.

Engage in a 3D command-based battle system! Controls are user-friendly – simply select cards for your hand. Yet, beneath the simplicity lies deep strategic gameplay as you harness abilities drawn from the original source material. Immerse yourself in stunning finishing move animations that transport you into the heart of the anime!

Visit the Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Website for more: https://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/

[1,000 Ryo Chest Monthly Pass][10,000 Ryo Chest Monthly Pass] These passes offer an automatically renewed monthly service with various items. Players can experience the service free of charge during the first month.

■Payment, Service Periods, and Renewals

  • This service renews automatically for one month after purchase.
  • Subscription renewal occurs unless canceled by the player 24 hours before its expiry.
  • Uninstalling the app will not terminate the subscription. ■Cancellation Process
  • Players can cancel their subscription using these steps:
  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Click on the menu icon on the top left
  3. Choose “Regular Purchases”
  4. Locate the regular purchase you wish to cancel and select it
  5. Click “Cancel Regular Purchase” and follow the displayed instructions
  • Deleting the app will not cancel the subscription.
  • Content can still be enjoyed until the expiry period even after subscription cancellation. ■Additional Information
  • Avoid closing the app during payment processing to prevent potential access issues.

Read the Terms of Service: https://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/terms/ Privacy Policy: https://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/privacy/

For SUPPORT, visit: https://bnfaq.channel.or.jp/title/2784

Explore Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Website: https://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/

By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the Bandai Namco Entertainment Terms of Service.

Note: This game offers in-app purchases to enhance gameplay and expedite progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in device settings. For more details, refer to: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1626831?hl=en

This application is distributed under official rights from the license holder.

© Taiki Kawakami, Fuse, KODANSHA/“Ten-Sura” Project © Shiba, Fuse, KODANSHA/“Ten-Sura Diary” Project ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Developed by WFS


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