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Simon’s Got a Gift is one of the films that received a lot of praise from the very first days of its release. With fantasy content mixed with a bit of romance, gentle but not boring, Identity Thief is one of the good choices for those who are looking for a good movie to watch with friends, family and friends. Dear.

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Synopsis of the movie Simon’s Got a Gift

The film revolves around the story of Simon, an orphaned boy from a young age, raised and raised in an orphanage since he was born. He always feels lonely and dreams of having a real family but It’s been 8 years that little dream has not been fulfilled.

The sadness of never seeing his parents, not knowing the reason why he was abandoned makes Simon lost in a world where other children are always loved and raised in his father’s loving arms. mom. This caused him to become taciturn, quiet, and friendless.

Review movie identity thief

Thanks to a boat trip, Simon made friends and made two new friends, Thomas (Simon Susset) and his sister Mad (Vicki Andren). Then he was invited to spend the weekend at the two’s house and this was the first time he learned what family is like, the love, care and tenderness of a family full of father and mother.

During an outing, when they all participate in a game and have to tell a secret of themselves, when Mad reveals his prediction of his death before the age of 20 from heart disease, Simon brings to a secret that probably no one would expect: He can transform into someone else as long as he has touched that person.

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Not long after, tragedy struck while they were playing in the woods: Thomas fell into a deep ravine and went missing during an outing with Simon, Simon decided to use his own powers to transform into Thomas and take enjoy the life with a true family that he has dreamed of since he was a child. Yet the torment of his sins continued to follow Simon even into adulthood.

One day he decided to turn back into himself for a few hours, Simon was seen by Mad and she decided to strike up a conversation and re-acquaintance with the person she had been fond of since childhood. As the two’s feelings deepen, Mad has to go through excruciating pain when he discovers that his brother Thomas is actually Simon.

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At this time, love is one of the best things for them to be willing to sacrifice, forgive each other and face the most difficult problems together. So how will things turn out? Can the two come together and then can Simon be happy after what he’s been through? Continue discovering Simon and Mad’s amazing love story at the nearest cinemas. Surely this will be a great movie for you to go see with your “special” friend.

Review the movie identity thief

Review the content of the movie Identity Thief

It can be said that Identity Thief has brought viewers a great story and contains a lot of meanings about friendship, love, selfishness as well as sacrifice in each of us. If Simon was once a selfish boy when he decided to lie to everything to be able to have the life he always wanted, the adult Simon gives viewers a completely different feeling.

The content is profound, the film’s content is attractive and at the same time gives viewers good messages that according to Salenhanh , anyone after watching the movie, more or less, will have interesting feelings about life and about life. own family.

Trailer of the movie Identity Thief

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