[Review] Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404


    The Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaning appliances I’ve used during my time as the main housewife in my dear little family.

    Thanks to this device, house cleaning gradually becomes lighter and easier with a convenient 3-in-one design that quickly removes dirt in many different locations in your small apartment.

    So what are the outstanding features of the Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner? I will evaluate the outstanding advantages of this high-end vacuum cleaner on behalf of Salenhanh .

    About Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 . vacuum cleaner

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    Advantages of Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 after 2 months of use

    + The cordless vacuum cleaner should be easy to operate anywhere in your apartment
    + The machine has a compact design, can vacuum in the basement, under the bed
    + Can remove the body and turn them into a machine Compact handheld vacuum cleaner
    + Very clean vacuuming, can suck up hair and spider webs
    + There is a switch to increase the suction speed of the vacuum cleaner
    + There is a water tank to attach the cleaning cloth
    + Easy to remove and install Clean machine
    + Fast battery charging time

    Parts of Philips vacuum cleaner

    Parts of Philips vacuum cleaner

    The design of the Philips vacuum cleaner

    First when evaluating the Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner , the first and most prominent point that I want to introduce to you is the design of this vacuum cleaner device.

    The product has a compact design with a weight of less than 5 Kg, making moving and manipulating when vacuuming quite light and comfortable, different from previous bulky vacuum cleaners that I have used. .

    Learn about vacuum cleaner FC6404

    I don’t know if you guys use any lighter vacuum cleaner devices, but I personally used 2 vacuum cleaners before using Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 , and they must be twice as heavy as this product)

    In addition, instead of using a power cord, the FC6404 uses a rechargeable battery after use. Thanks to that, the machine has a cordless design, so you can easily bring them anywhere in the house you like, up the stairs, bedroom or anywhere you want to clean.

    The best all-in-one vacuum cleaner

    If you are worried that the vacuum cleaner products that use the battery often have a slow suction speed and short usage time because the battery runs out quickly like I was when I was about to “buy” it, don’t worry. It’s very buffalo, the operation must be more than 40 minutes after fully charged, and in terms of suction speed, the ferry is always there. The machine also has a push button on the body to increase the suction speed if you are not satisfied with the power of Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 .

    Oh, I forgot, I have not mentioned the convenient detachable ability of this vacuum cleaner. Should have brought it up because this is a pretty good feature of the product, but I missed it, so I will continue to write it below.

    Why choose a Philips vacuum cleaner?

    The Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner can disassemble the body and turn them into a compact, convenient handheld vacuum cleaner for women to clean other areas of the house such as: cleaning the sofa, cabinets, kitchen shelves, ceiling fans or certain nooks and crannies that ordinary vacuum cleaners can’t handle. Ah, my husband also often uses it to clean cars, leather seats, and floors.

    philips handheld vacuum cleaner

    The capacity of the dust box is 0.6l guys and it is put directly into the box, you just need to remove the container and dump the dirt out very quickly and conveniently.

    Equipped with the most advanced PowerCyclone Technology

    This is one of the modern technologies that makes the vacuum cleaner work more efficiently and more powerfully through 3 steps of vacuuming and handling dirt. Helps quickly separate dust from the air while reducing drag and providing the most powerful suction for Philips vacuum cleaners

    Review of Philips multifunctional vacuum cleaner

    In addition, the Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an intelligent TriActive Turbo nozzle that makes house cleaning much more convenient with many different locations and types of dirt.

    What does the TriActive Turbo nozzle of the Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner do?

    As a brush system equipped with a motor along with the support of powerful air flow, the Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner quickly removes all kinds of dirt.

    Smart vacuum cleaner head

    Especially with this system, you can completely easily remove animal hair such as dogs and cats, hair… quite easily. Currently, my family has 2 kittens and I find the device to suck animal hair very well, better than the previous 2 devices I have used, At the same time, the machine can also add a mopping system that can be attached. Right into the bottom of the vacuum cleaner with a container of water or cleaning solution with a capacity of 0.2l is not much different from a mop, but in terms of efficiency, it is much better.

    Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 . vacuum cleaner

    Is the battery of the Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner durable

    Currently, I have been using the device for 2 months and have not seen the phenomenon of battery bottles in the device, so if I consider the actual experience, I do not have an exact number of the battery’s durability apart from using the device. Using 18 V Lithium Ion Battery can work continuously for 40 minutes and fully charge the device’s battery about 5 hours

    Easy cleaning

    I also tried to find out from the user community to have the clearest view of the product’s battery durability, but I don’t have an exact number. However, you can also rest assured because most of the user reviews are very high and do not see people sharing the phenomenon of the battery bottle during use, in addition, the warranty period of the product is 24 months, so that should be pretty good.

    Phillips PowerPro Aqua FC6404

    Therefore, I will add this part later for you if one day my vacuum cleaner has a damaged battery, a battery bottle or my Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6404 vacuum cleaner battery has problemsX