Latte and the Magic Waterstone movie review

Latte and the Magic Waterstone is an exciting adventure cartoon of funny animals in the journey to find the magic stone, the stone that has a great influence on the extinction of all species in the small forest. . But getting this stone back is not easy because the magic stone is in the hands of the bear king, who is very cruel and brutal with terrifying power that all animals must be wary of.

About squirrel hedgehog and magic stone

Latte and the Magic Waterstone movie review

The film is the dramatic adventure of Latte, a cute, cheerful and life-loving hedgehog who always considers herself a princess in the forest, and viewers will immediately fall in love with this character thanks to the interesting story that she tells, where she is like a brave and brave hero even though she is just a seemingly harmless little hedgehog on the outside. Of course, what Latte told is not considered true by everyone and most of the inhabitants of this forest are also used to the fiction stories she conveys.

Movie theater squirrel hedgehog and magic stone

However, with her aggressive nature and wanting to assert herself, Latte the hedgehog eloquently announced to everyone that she would perform the most difficult tasks and bring back this beloved forest the inherent peace of it. Surely the children after watching this movie will also extremely like this character and want to be a part of the story, of course every hero needs a dream, but in addition to a dream, there must be a determined to dare to face difficulties like our hedgehog Latte. But does the hero need a companion? Of course, Latte Hedgehog also has a wonderful companion, which is his friend Soc Tjum,

Review cartoon group of squirrels and magic stone

Unlike Latte, who is a bit impulsive and overconfident, Soc Tjum is a bit timid, careful but very sharp and agile. It can be said that this is a perfect compensation image as if to remind young people that: In addition to our own spirit, will and determination, to be successful we also need to be careful, sharp in thought and action and will then overcome difficulties to find their own success like how Latte and Tjum overcame the evil bear king and reclaimed the magic stone for their forest.

All the images in the film are very beautiful, carefully polished and extremely lovely, giving viewers not only children but also adults great moments of relaxation as well as learning lessons. summed up in the entire journey of our 2 main characters. In addition to these characters, we will also encounter Uncle Crow, Miss Rabbit, friend Pig, or even the Bear King… each character has their own unique personality that portrays a part of a human being.

Cartoon squirrel hedgehog

Not only that, throughout the journey, there are funny and humorous situations of both characters that bring viewers laughter, a comfortable and very entertaining mood. Review salenhanh bet that you will feel the time of the movie goes by so quickly and with a lot of meaning.

Really this is one of the great animated movies that you should go see with your family and friends, both relaxing and fun and also very meaningful. I really like animated movies with an adventure plot like this. It just feels like we are following the character to explore and fight to bring good things to life.

The porcupine and the magic stone

If you haven’t experienced this movie yet, book your tickets and go to the cinema with your friends, relatives and family to see the Hedgehog, Squirrel & Miracle Stone right this June.

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