Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer review

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    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is a quality multifunction inkjet printer that can perform many office tasks but still ensures sharp print quality and low operating costs to help businesses save maximum costs. Printing.

    In addition to the traditional multi-functions of printing, copying, and scanning, this workgroup printer offers fax capabilities and can store 200 speed-dial entries making it fairly easy to connect and send files to recipients. Save time on your office work thanks to a monthly capacity of up to 3300 pages.

    ET-5850Let’s find out details with Salenhanh through the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer review and review below:

    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer review and review

    The ET-5850 has some power to it, close to 40 pounds. It measures 16.7 x 32.4 x 18.1 inches, which is quite large. That’s not surprising, as it houses two 250-sheet paper cassettes, a 50-sheet special media tray, a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF), and a duplexer. In addition to performing two-sided prints, the ET-5850 can scan and copy original two-sided documents via the ADF.

    The large 4.3-inch touch screen works very smoothly and has high sharpness, making it much easier to observe the operation of the machine and manipulate it. The large on-screen buttons make menu selection simple, and you can swipe the menu icons on the screen similar to how you would normally on a smartphone. Help screens and animated tutorials are well organized and easy to follow. There are no physical navigation buttons. On the rear panel are the USB, Ethernet and phone line (fax) ports. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct networks are supported.

    Review ET-5850

    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850: Print speed

    The ET-5850 put the pedal to the metal in our tests, delivering very fast performance in every print, copy, and scan test. It printed our five-page text document in 19.6 seconds, or 15.3 pages per minute (ppm). That’s significantly faster than the HP Smart Tank Plus 651, at 34 seconds, or 8.8 ppm, and a bit slower than the HP Smart Tank Plus 651.

    Canon Maxify MB5420 (Our previous Editor’s Pick for Small Business), at 17.5 ppm. The average for cartridges and high-yield cartridge models is 31 seconds, or 9.7 ppm. The business workgroup printer averaged 22.1 seconds, or 13.6 ppm in our tests.

    EcoTank printed our six-page color PDF of mixed text and graphics in just 32.8 seconds. The 11 ppm inflation rate is part of the 2.6 ppm average (or, 2 minutes and 19 seconds). The HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printed the same document at an icy speed of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, or 1.7 ppm. The Canon Maxify MB5420 printed it at half the speed of the EcoTank, which took about 1 minute.

    Using a special rear media tray, EcoTank produced a high-quality font-size glossy photo print in 2 minutes and 21 seconds. The Canon MB5420 is slightly faster, printing the same photo in 2 minutes and 5 seconds. High-yield toner averaged 4 minutes and 31 seconds, while the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 was even slower, taking 5 minutes and 4 seconds.

    The ET-5850 is equally impressive when it comes to producing two-sided prints, taking just one or two pages per minute compared to single-sided prints. EcoTank spits out double-sided text documents at 14.5 ppm. For comparison, the Canon MB5420 did so at 11.7 ppm.

    The ET-5850 also quickly prints two-sided color documents, at 9.5 ppm. For comparison, the Canon MB5420 did so at 6 ppm. Slower models include the Epson EcoTank ET-4750, at 3.4 ppm, and the Canon Pixma TS9120, at 2.3 ppm.

    Sarn product ET-5850

    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 print and copy speed

    The ET-5850 produced a black and white copy in just 6.7 seconds, the fastest time we’ve recorded for an all-in-one inkjet printer. It’s more than four times faster than the average for the ink tank and high-yield models, at 28.8 seconds, as well as the fastest of any business model. The Canon MB5420 is the next fastest business model, making the same copy in 7.6 seconds.

    EcoTank is also lightning fast when it comes to creating a color copy, doing so in 10 seconds, a fraction of the time needed for most all-in-one models. Equally impressive, the Canon MB5420 produced a color copy in 13.4 seconds. The average for business models is 31.1 seconds. In our testing, the high-yield models were a bit slow on this task, taking 49 seconds on average.

    Like its duplexer, the ET-5850’s automatic document feeder (ADF) is fast. Using the ADF, EcoTank copied a five-page single-sided text document in 21.7 seconds, or 13.8 ppm. In contrast, the HP Smart Tank 651 took almost 11 minutes to copy five pages of text, less than half a page per minute. The British INKvestment J805DW made the same copy in 44.2 seconds, or 6.8 ppm.

    The ET-5850 continues to work at blazing speeds when copying two-sided multi-page documents, taking just 1 minute 11 seconds (8.5 ppm) to create a two-sided copy of a 10-page duplex text document . The Canon MB5420 was slightly faster, at 8.8 ppm.

    Scanning speed was also fast in both of our tests. The ET-5850 quickly performed a high-resolution scan of an 8 x 10-inch photo, producing a 600 dpi JPEG in just 17 seconds (the fastest we’ve measured for an all-in-one inkjet printer). This is almost twice as fast as the Canon MB5420, at 31.7 seconds, and the business category average of 31.1 seconds. The HP Smart Tank Plus 651, on the other hand, took 2 minutes and 16 seconds to perform the same scan.

    Similarly, the EcoTank scanned in record time, producing a 300 dpi grayscale PDF in just 5.6 seconds, compared to an average of 7.1 seconds for business inks. The HP Smart Tank 651 performed the same scan in 8.3 seconds. The Canon MB5420 performed a scan in 9.4 seconds.

    EcoTank also scans quickly using its ADF. It performed a five-page 300 dpi PDF scan of a text and mixed-color graphic document in just 40.3 seconds, or just over 8 seconds per page. Scanning a two-sided original via the ADF, EcoTank generated a two-page 300 gray PDF in 21.5 seconds.

    Scanning the same two-page document in color took 27.9 seconds. Adding more pages doesn’t slow down EcoTank: It scanned a 10-page, two-sided original quickly, producing a 300 dpi PDF in 1 minute 39 seconds, or just under 10 seconds per page.

    Review ET-5850

    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850: Print Quality

    The EcoTank ET-5850 produces high-quality prints. Text looks sharp and is as close as you can get with an inkjet to the razor-sharp letterforms of a good quality laser printer. Two-sided printed text looks sharp.

    High quality graphic prints. There is some slight banding visible in flat areas, but it is spaced enough to not be distracting. High-quality inkjet paper seems to reduce banding. Colors look saturated and natural, transitions between tones are smooth and details look sharp.

    Images printed on glossy paper look very attractive, with rich colors and sharp details. EcoTank tends to emphasize reds and yellows, creating warm tones that seem a bit unnatural. Glossy areas in photo prints tend to lose some subtle details.

    Copies of text documents look attractive, with letterforms appearing slightly larger than the originals. Sometimes, copy quality is affected due to obvious or incorrect ADF of the loaded paper. On copies of multi-page text documents, this results in some jagged and mismatched lines of text. At worst, a five-page copy has one line of misleading text on three of its pages; another 10 page copy has one page with one row of skewed text. However, some other documents are accurately reproduced, and the graphics reproduced on paper often look faithful to the original.

    Scan documents with mixed text and attractive-looking graphics in PDF format. Scanned documents look accurate and detailed. However, scanning of glossy photos is done at default settings, which tend to be darker than the originals. While details are sharp and skin tones look natural, dark tones tend to turn abruptly into shadows, giving them an underexposed look. Shadows look too dark and flat, losing detail in the original print.

    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850: Ink Cost and Yield

    The ink cost for the EcoTank ET-5850 is extremely low. A bottle of black ink costs $29.99 and lasts about 7,500 pages. Color ink costs $22.99 each and is rated for the final 6,000 pages. Two bottles of each ink come in the box. There are three packs of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink, but it costs only 2 cents less than if you buy the three inks individually. All inks are pigment-based.

    These estimates provide a cost-per-page of 0.4 cents for text pages and 1.6 cents per color page. For comparison, the cost of the HP SmartTank 651 per page is 0.3 cents and 0.8 cents, respectively. Using high yield ink cartridges, the Canon MB5420 costs much more per page of 1.5 cents (text) and 7.1 cents (color). The Brother INKvestment MFC-J805DW costs 1.2 cents per page for text and 5 cents for color. The average for high-yield printers is 0.6 cents per page for text and 3 cents per page for color, while the average business ink is 1.9 and 8.9 cents, respectively. In both cases, this is a significant improvement over standard inks, with average costs per page of 5.9 cents and 14.9 cents, respectively.

    An additional consumable that needs to be factored into the cost is the maintenance box, which stores the toner that is discharged during printhead cleaning. This part costs $23.99 and will be a significant expense if it needs frequent replacement. At press time, Epson has not sent us an estimate of how often users may need to replace the maintenance box. In our testing, the LCD screen showed that the maintenance cartridge was about 60 percent filled after using half a bottle of black ink and about five-eighths of color ink. If the rate is constant, the box may need replacing every 5,000 or so pages, adding nearly half a cent per page to the cost of printing. However, it’s also possible that the initial setup takes up the bulk of the maintenance box usage and the box will last much longer.

    Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850: Setup and Software

    To set up the ET-5850, I removed about a dozen pieces of blue packing tape, and then filled four ink tanks. Filling the jar from the included bottles is simple: You screw the cap on each ink bottle, and place it on top of the corresponding bottle, and wait for gravity to work its magic.

    I ran the install from CD-ROM on my Windows 10 PC and followed the instructions to charge the ink, which took about nine minutes. When prompted to print a test page, the ET-5850 automatically expands the output tray.

    Epson ET 5850

    The CD-ROM includes two scan programs. ScanSmart is required to use the “Scan to PC” scan function from the ET-5850’s touchscreen. In Windows 10, the ScanSmart home screen offers two-sided and single-sided scanning options and multiple file saving options. One function you might miss out on, however, is automatic cropping. The scan area menu only offers document sizes like letter, A4, etc. If you scan smaller objects, such as a 4 x 6 inch photo or a triple cover, you will get a lot of white space. you’ll need to cut out later. The Epson Scan 2 program provides TWAIN compliance.

    I have the ET-5850 set up via USB (cable not included) and on my wireless network. In both cases, the setup is simple.

    Printing from mobile phones is quite seamless. The iOS version of the Epson iPrint app works fine on the iPhone 7 and is intuitive, except for a few unsupported formats. For example, the function photo print function took me to the Photos gallery to select a photo to print. But, since the app doesn’t support the iOS Notes format, selecting the Epson iPrint app directly from the Notes results in an unsupported format of the message. The same is true for .png files (screenshot). However, the workaround was easy in both cases: Instead of choosing Epson iPrint from the share menu, I selected native printing and then selected the ET-5850 from the list of printers. The ET-5850 supports Apple AirPrint and Mopria and also has an Android version of the iPrint app.

    Epson’s iPrint app also offers voice printing via Alexa, Google, and Siri. On iOS, the iPhone app has an “Add to Siri” button on the main page with four options: Print the last photo I took, scan this document, run the document capture, and show me the printer’s ink levels. I used the first option with the “image print” command and my latest snapshot printed successfully.

    Boot time is almost average. The ET-5850 takes 14 seconds to power on and display the home screen menu. Creating an instant black-and-white copy took just 9 seconds, compared to 6.7 seconds during the typical test.

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