Canon LBP 3300 printer review

Thiết bị máy in Canon 3300

The Canon LBP 3300 printer is a printer device with outstanding features that gives users a great printing solution at an extremely low cost. Canon 3300 is considered one of the most popular printer product lines besides the canon 2900 printer thanks to its compact design but possesses fast print speed, good resolution and surprisingly low operating costs. surprised.

Canon 3300 . printer equipment

Although nearly ten years have passed since the first days of the Canon 3300 printer appeared on the market, so far, there are still many offices still using this single-function Canon printer product. is a great testament to the quality and durability that Canon 3300 possesses.

Let ‘s find out details about this Canon 3300 product with .

Detailed review of Canon 3300 . printer

Canon 3300 . printer specifications

  • Single function black and white laser printer
  • Print speeds of 12 ppm 2-sided and 21 ppm 1-sided with black and white prints
  • Sharp resolution up to 600×600 dpi
  • Fashion prints the first page in just 9 seconds
  • Light printer weight: 11Lg

Canon 3300

Review Canon 3300 printer product review

Design of Canon 3300

Canon 3300 is a laser mono printer with an extremely compact, eye-catching design with a dominant white tone, giving the device a rather elegant appearance, and at the same time with a compact design, Canon 3300 is a The perfect choice for offices with limited space.

With Canon 3300, finding a place to put the machine in the room is not too difficult, you can even leave this printer on your desk because it is compact and quite eye-catching.

Canon 3300 . Review

Superb printing speed

The Canon 3300 printer has print speeds of up to 21ppm for 1-sided prints and 12ppm for 2-sided prints, one of the great print speeds for a low-cost printer that has been released. been on the market for decades. At the same time, the first print on the Canon 3300 is also very fast thanks to Canon’s exclusive drying technology that heats up quickly, saving costs and power consumption when in use.

Sharp print quality

Not only possessing a good print speed, the print quality on the Canon 3300 is also very sharp, clear, and even thanks to the print resolution of up to 600×600 dpi. Delivering quality pages that are not much different from today’s newer printer product lines.

Genuine Canon 3300

The phenomenon of ink smearing when printing is also very rare during a period of time when the Salenhanh staging system has been used. This is one of the big plus points because I use a mid-range printer product and the phenomenon of ink smearing is quite common, but with Canon 3300, the problem of ink smearing is quite limited.

Large paper tray, save time

With a paper tray of up to 250 sheets, an amazing number for a low-cost printer device. It can be said that when using Canon 3300 you will not spend much time changing paper continuously, this is one of the quite excellent parameters for a printer device with an average print capacity, suitable for Small offices or home printing.

Canon 3300 Durability and Operating Cost

“There are few printers with low maintenance and operating costs like Canon 3300 and Canon 2900 ” Those are the most accurate comments about this legendary printer. Possessing high durability, little damage during use, and if any damage occurs during use, replacing components for the product is very easy, saving maximum time. time and cost. If you have a bit of knowledge about printing, you can directly repair it at home.

Canon 3300 . Printer

The cost of ink is also one of the points that make this printer special. Normally, the cost of ink is one of the most concerned factors because they are often much larger than the cost of buying a printer. But with Canon 3300 it is completely different, the average price to replace ink cartridge for Canon 3300 somewhere falls around 100k.

Should you choose to buy a Canon 3300 printer?

Cheap cost, cheap repair, good print speed, sharp print quality, it’s not difficult to understand when a printer has been born for a long time but is still very popular and loved by many people. use selection.

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