Yang Yang Biography

Yang Yang (Yang Yang) (born September 9, 1991) is a Chinese actor.

Yang Yang – The most famous male god in Showbiz

As an actor who is considered one of the most famous male gods in Chinese showbiz today, in addition to his success in the roles of Yang Yang, he is also a handsome face that many brands pay attention to. He is currently the representative for the brand RIO, OPPO phones, Guerlain, …

Actor Yang Yang was noticed by the audience for his role as Cao Shi in the movie Tan Lac Than.

In 2008, he was chosen to play the role of Jia Bao Ngoc in the movie Tan Hong Lau Mong. This movie officially marks the success of this young actor’s acting career. From this movie, he won the award “Best New Actor” on “BQ Magazine’s Annual Favorite Voting Table”.

In 2011, Yang Yang starred in the film The Melody of Youth, with the role of Ning Hao, the primetime drama aired by China Central Television. Next, the movie he played in his first role was called Jian Party Wei Ye, which earned 3 million yuan at the box office.

Top Duong Duong movies

He continued to play the main role in the film Food Men and Women (2012).

In 2013, Yang Yang took part in the role of Jian Yuanxin in the legendary drama “New Gods”, with this role, he was voted the best Cao Shi ever.

In addition, he also participated in many historical dramas such as: New Teenagers Four Great Names, The Last Battle

In 2014, after co-starring with Chau Dong Vu to play Bao Tau Than Tham in the role of Chien Si Ngo, he continued to play the role of Hua Duc in the movie Ta Er.

At the beginning of 2015, Yang Yang played the role of Nhuoc Bach in the full-fledged young woman, starring with Ho Bang Khanh, causing a fever in the summer of 2015. At the same time, the TV show Hoa Ty De 2 aired, the movie Ta Er Cong. screening, making Yang Yang’s name stand out even more.

He joined Trinh Sang to play the role of Tieu Nai in the film Love you at first sight. This movie received a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

He and Liu Yifei participated in the movie Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa with the role of Da Hoa.

The film Crossing the World of My Brother joined Deng Dang Sieu, Bach Bach Ha, the film premiered in September 2016 and broke the record to become the highest-grossing domestic romance film.

Movie Yang Yang


Awards and titles achieved: actor of media interest in 2015, famous actor of the year (at IQIYI 2016 night), the most influential people in China 2019.

Besides, the young star is also a “familiar face” of a series of magazines. More specifically, in January 2016, Yang Yang became the first Chinese star to participate in the torch relay for the 2016 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Of course, no one can deny the talent of this young actor, Yang Yang’s films are all highly rated films, with his handsome student appearance and natural acting, The guy has captured the hearts of millions of fans.

Yang Yang is considered as a promising young actor of Chinese cinema in particular and Asia in general.

Top good movies of Yang Yang

Today, Salenhanh will bring to you the top of Yang Yang’s best movies . Let’s watch Yang Yang’s good films in his spare time, to feel the acting talent of the Chinese screen god.

1. Love you at first sight (2016)

In 2016, the audience could see what can be said to be Yang Yang’s most successful work.

The content of the film is about the beautiful and romantic love story of the beautiful and gentle beauty of the Faculty of Technology Bei Vi Vi (Trinh Shuang) and the handsome, cold “great god” Tieu Nai (Yang Yang). close).

Love you at first sight Duong Duong

They both have the same hobby that is games, after getting married virtual on the game they decided to meet in real life, of course that meeting turned into a beautiful love that makes anyone have to love. jealous. It’s so romantic, isn’t it?

The success of the film has helped Yang Yang’s name closer to the audience and helped him become one of the male gods of Chinese cinema. With his good looks and performance in the movie, Yang Yang and the movie spread quickly and his name was spread.

2. Toan Phong Girl (2015)

This is a 2015 Chinese television series adapted from the novel by writer Ming Xiaoxi. The drama was broadcast on Hunan TV from July 7 to August 26, 2015. In the drama, Yang Yang will play the role of Master Huynh Nhuoc Bach of a Taekwondo dojo.

The content of the film revolves around the character Bach Thao (Ho Bang Khanh) – a girl full of energy and ambition, who loves Taekwondo martial arts.

The full-fledged girl Duong Duong

As a student at the dojo of Nhuo Bach (Yang Yang), although she is easily bullied, there is nothing to stop her dream when it comes to her own principles that never change once she has decided. The film also scored in the audience’s eyes because of the sweet love between her and Nhuoc Bach.

3. Teenager’s Movie Four Great Fame (2015)

This is a Chinese historical martial arts film produced in 2015 and premiered in the same year, based on the novel The Four Great Reputations by writer Wen Rui An. The film attracted a lot of attention from the audience because of the gathering of many handsome male casts.

The film revolves around four great names including: Lanh Blood, Loveless, Pursuing Destiny, Tie Thu. To protect the peace of the country, the four people repeatedly broke terrible blood cases, even ignoring the danger of fighting with the evil forces of An The Canh (Ha Thinh Minh).

Youngster with four great names, Duong Duong

In the film, Yang Yang plays the role of Wu Qing, one of the Four Great Names, this character has a gentle, warm appearance, has a talent for using hidden weapons, with the advantage of Yang Yang’s appearance, has “cut the heart” many times. female audience. The film is considered a favorable start in 2015 for this handsome guy.

4. The King’s Avatar (2019)

This is a 2019 Chinese live-action web series based on the web novel of the same name by Hu Dielan. Yang Yang (Yang Yang) is the main character in the film as Diep Tu.

Full-time Master Yang Yang

Movie content: in the online game Glory, Diep Tu is famous as a top 1 gamer, he was expelled from his professional teams. After leaving the team, he lived at an Internet cafe and was hired as a manager. When Glory launched the new server, he entered the game play again, with the knowledge of gaming experience, the memory of the past was his fearsome weapon.

5. Phim Glory of the Special Forces (2020)

Special Chien Dieu is the project that marks his return in 2019.

The film was officially shot in April 2019 and shot in 120 days. Taking the military theme, Yang Yang played the male lead and was praised by many people for his masculinity. And the female lead role was assigned to the beautiful actress Vuong Hieu Than, with her acting ability and experience, they became a talented couple in this movie. The film Special Warfare Glory Directed by famous director Tu Ky Chau.


In the movie Yang Yang plays a talented, brave and manly soldier named Yen Pha Nhac.

Born into a family with a tradition of military service, Anh decided to join the army to assert himself. Under the training of captain Ly Cuong and determination and enthusiasm in practice, Breaking the Music soon achieved good results.

Thanks to that, he was selected to join the special combat team, becoming an extremely important name in every campaign.

6. The Dance of the Universe (2018)

Vu Dong Can Khon is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by writer Thien Tam Tho Dau, this is a historical drama with many episodes.

In the movie Yang Yang plays Lam Dong, an ordinary teenager, his father is a master but has been severely injured by bad guys and cannot recover. Although he was despised and harassed, Lam Dong still tried to practice and hone his skills, waiting for the day to avenge his father’s harm.

Dance of the universe yang yang

This is the film that marks Yang Yang’s return to the small screen. He achieved a lot of expectations and surpassed the previous criticisms of the movie Tam Sinh, Tam Thi Thi, Peach Blossom.

7. Movie Left Ear (2015)

The left ear has the English title: The Left Ear, is a 2015 Chinese film film based on the novel of the same name by author Rao Xue Man, the screenplay was adapted by the author Rao Xue Man himself. .

Yang Yang's Ears

The film brought his name into the early days of entering the cinema field “Left ear”. In the film Yang Yang plays Hua Duc – a talented and athletic student, but he is quite good. However, from the moment Hua Duc became entangled in the “love net”, the guy from being a good student gradually fell, downhill, clearly no longer himself. This role helped Yang Yang leave a mark in the hearts of viewers.

8. The Movie Across My World (2016)

Across the World is a romantic drama adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Chinese writer Zhang Jiajia.

Passing through Duong Duong's world

The film revolves around the normal life of young people in a hurry in a prosperous city, Chen Mo, Zhu Dau and Mao Shi Ba are sworn brothers each with a different life and story. Yang Yang plays Mao Shiba, with the advantage of his acting ability and good-looking face, he quickly won the hearts of fans.

9. The movie Dao Mu Pen Ky (2015)

Dao Tou Pen Ky is an online movie adapted from the novel of the same name by the Chinese writer Nam Phai Tam Thuc. This is a drama about a group of grave robbers hunting for precious artifacts from the Warring States period, the film consists of 8 parts, each part will last 12 episodes.

In the movie, the character Truong Khoi Linh is played by Yang Yang and along with other famous actors such as: Ly Dich Phong, Luu Thien Ta, Truong Chi Nghieu, Wei Wei, Duong Yen.

Dao Tomb pen signed Duong Duong

Not a handsome, romantic white shirt marshal and with this challenge Yang Yang must play a cold and mysterious role. However, he was very successful in this role and made fans love him more and more. Yang Yang shows us that he is a talented actor.

10. New Hong Lau Mong (2012)

Dream of the New Red Chamber is a Chinese television series produced by Han Sanping and directed by Li Shaohong. This is one of the most expensive TV series ever made and is the latest adaptation of the popular novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

New Hong Lau Mong Duong Duong

Tan Hong Lau Dream is a genre of Chinese historical romance film with the participation of actors such as: Ly Tham, Bach Bang, Truong Di, Tuong Mong Tiep, Yang Yang, … In the film Yang Yang plays the main role. Fake Bao Ngoc. This film not only helped Yang Yang become famous, but also brought him the best artist award.

The content of the film revolves around the love story of Jia Bao Ngoc and Lam Dai Ngoc, set in an aristocratic Ming dynasty, the film shows the multifaceted life of a large family from the very beginning to the end. collapse within eight years.

11. The Legend of Tan Lac Than Legend (2013)

The Legend of Xinluo is a Chinese musical drama film produced at the end of 2012, completed in early 2013, and is the most popular Chinese TV series with the participation of actors such as: Yang Yang, Khuong Hong, Ly Y Hieu, Truong Dich, etc. In the movie, Yang Yang plays Cao Shi, son of Cao Cao.

Legendary new god Duong Duong

The content of the film revolves around the relationship of Chan Mi and Cao Cao’s two children, Cao Phi and Cao Shi. Chan Mat and Cao Shi were originally a young couple, but because Cao Phi is the heir to the throne, he forced Chan Mi to break up with Cao Shi as Cao Phi’s wife.

12. Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa (2017)

Tam Sinh Tam Thi Thi Thi Dao Hoa is a movie adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Duong That Cong Tu.

The film was released in 2017 with the participation of Yang Yang in the film, the film was very enthusiastically received from the audience and received a lot of appreciation.

There is also the presence of the famous actress “billionaire fairy” Liu Yifei. The film is about a touching love story spanning three lives and three lifetimes between Thuong Than Bach Thien (Liu Yifei) and Crown Prince Cuu Trung Thien Da Hoa (Yang Yang). This is also one of Liu Yifei’s best movies.

Three births, three worlds and decades of peach blossom Duong Duong

In the TV version, “Three Births, Three Worlds, Decades of Peach Blossoms” is a film by Duong Mich with the male lead Trieu Huu Dinh. Besides, the TV version is also one of the best Dilraba’s films and helps bring the name of “little flower 9x” to the public.

The movie “Three Born, Three Worlds, Ten Lis” starring Yang Yang and Liu Yifei was released at a time when the TV version was a huge success.

Therefore, the film is highly anticipated by the audience. After the release of the film, he received a series of criticisms that Yang Yang became the object of the audience’s mockery for his bad acting, inferior to Trieu Huu Dinh who took on the role of Da Hoa in the television version.

13. The Deadly Detective (2015)

Bao Tieu Than Detective is a 2015 romantic, action, comedy film directed by Glara Law, the film is a co-production between China and Hong Kong, with the participation of actors such as: Yang Yang, Nguyen Kinh Thien, Chau Dong Vu, Duong Tu San,…

Exorcist and detective Duong Duong

The film is set in the period of the Republic of China in the French Concession Shanghai. Detective Pham Nhu Nhat (Nguyen Kinh Thien) is tasked with protecting the rich lady Tong Tieu Kieu (Duong Tu San), but because of her disappearance Pham Nhu Nhat becomes a suspect, Pham Nhu Nhat has to find Tong Tieu Kieu to prove his innocence and escape from the government and Tieu Kieu’s boyfriend (Yang Yang).

14. Hoa Khai Ban Ha (2015)

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by the writer with the nickname Cuu Da Hoi, Yang Yang in the film plays the role of Luc Nguyen along with some other actors such as Lam Vu Than as Ha Nhu Phong, Ly Tham as Ha. Nhu Hoa, Truong Gia Nghi as Trinh Tu Tu,…

The film has the content about Nhu Phong and Nhu Hoa, abandoned children who were adopted by their grandmothers, although the two are brothers, it is just a name. Later, Nhu Phong and Nhu Hoa gradually develop feelings for each other. .

15. The Dance of Youth (2011)

This is one of the films starring Yang Yang, the melody of youth is a Chinese film, including actors Gu Jiu, Michele Wai, Chiang Meng Tie, Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul, Yang Yang, Chu Mich. Youth Melodies is a 10-episode Chinese television series.

The film is about the enthusiasm of young people when entering the life of young energetic young people after graduating from university, they enter life with a very long distance of success, they need to work hard to shorten the distance between them. that way again.

Duong Duong Youth Dance

The film shows us life, life is not like a dream, if you want to succeed, you have to try and try harder and there are people who will give up and fall on their way of life if they don’t try to adapt to life. this harsh life.

16. Movie Kien Tran Ky Duyen (2014)

This is a drama directed by Dia Yeu Nhien, which is highly appreciated by the audience, produced in late 2013 and early 2014, with the participation of cult actors such as: Truong Chi Khe, Yang Yang, Chiang Kinh Phu…

Kien Tran Ky Duyen Duong Duong

The film’s content is about Do Xuan Hieu, a girl with short hair with her characteristic personality, hobby and talent in Tarot reading. After studying abroad, she returned and lived with her friend Hoang Mong Thanh, from the day she appeared, the Hoang family was constantly in trouble, so it stimulated her curiosity and made her happy. Becoming a reluctant detective, living in the Royal Family, she becomes entangled in a love triangle, making things more complicated.

Above is a summary of Yang Yang’s best movies in  Salenhanh ‘s good movies section . Along with a handsome face and relatively good acting ability, “Dai Than” quickly won the audience’s love for him.

If you love this “marshal” guy, then surely you should not ignore the above movies that Salenhanh movie Review sent to you, wish you happy watching movies!

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