15 Best Movies of Dilraba Dilra

Dilraba is known as the “beauty of Xinjiang”, she is one of the emerging actresses of Chinese cinema. Possessing beauty and beautiful appearance makes many people jealous. Good films of Dilraba Dil such as Diamond Lover, Naughty Quang Chi Luyen were recognized by readers, she won the award “Most Favorite Actress” in 2015. Next, she also participated in many film projects and received many prestigious awards.

Emperor Le Nhiet Ba

To understand more about this talented Chinese actress, let’s refer to the information in this article.

Who is the Emperor of Heat Three?

Dilraba Dilraba (born June 3, 1992) in Xinjiang, China, in a family of cultural and artistic traditions, his father is a singer of the Xinjiang Music and Dance troupe. Dilraba Dilra was interested in art from a young age, she also actively studied piano, violin, dance, choreography, etc., but at that time Dilraba did not think about movies and acting.

In 2001, when she was 9 years old, her father took her to the art academy to compete. At that time, she just thought that she was going to attend an art class. After being admitted to Nhiet Ba, she knew it was a professional dance academy. Dilraba Dilra also started studying ethnic dance from here. When she graduated from this Academy in 2007, she became a dancer of the Xinjiang Music and Dance troupe.

In 2013, Dilraba Dilra made her first appearance in the TV series A’Arhan as the female lead. The film, after its broadcast, received a nomination for best film at the 30th Feitian Awards.

In 2014, she received the attention of the audience after participating in the hit fairy tale historical drama “Co sword period”. In 2016, Dilraba Dilra played the lead role in the movie “Mala Transforms Next” and won the 2016 Outstanding New Actress award at ENAwards.

TOP good movies of Dilraba Dilra

Here, Review PDA will bring you the top of the most popular movies and TV series of Dilraba Dilraba.

1. Burning Fire Like Ca (2018)

The film was released to the audience in 2018, this is a film adapted from the novel by famous author Ming Xiaoxi. In the movie Dilraba Dilra plays the role of Lady Liet Nhu Ca – the heir to the whole Liet Hoa village.

The movie is on fire like a song

2. One Thousand and One Nights (2018)

The movie Thousand and One Nights by Dilra Ba and actor Dang Luan talks about the characters Lang Lang That and Bach Hai because of a lucky accident that fell into a real love story.

In the film, Dilraba Dilra plays Lang Lang That – an employee at Boi Ma Hotel. She is an honest person who likes to help people but is very self-deprecating and weak. Besides, Lang Lang That really liked his colleague Bach Hai (played by Dang Luan) but did not dare to express it.

Thanks to an unexpected event, Lang Lang That and Bach Hai participated in a test of a high-tech electronic bracelet to help improve sleep. The broken bracelet caused Lang Lang That’s brainwave frequency to switch to Bach Hai’s dream. This incident makes it possible for her to enter his dreams.

Movie A Thousand and One Nights Dilra Le Nhiet Ba

Because this is the opponent’s dream, in this virtual world, Lang Lang That temporarily eliminates the defects in real life, she also tries to help Bach Hai overcome his obsessions and thoughts, The chest is not very beautiful.

Because this is the opponent’s dream, in this virtual world, Lang Lang That temporarily eliminates the defects in real life, she also tries to help Bach Hai overcome his obsessions and thoughts, The chest is not very beautiful.

3. Tam Sinh Tam The Cham Thuong Thu (2019)

In the movie, Dilraba Dilra plays Bach Phuong Cuu. She was attacked by a demon beast and was rescued by Donghua Dijun, and she kept it in her heart.

To repay the favor, Phuong Cuu followed Dong Hoa. Gradually, she discovered that her gratitude for gratitude had gradually turned into love.

Three births three worlds occipital love thu

Thanks to the role of Bach Phuong Cuu, Dilraba Dilra also received the nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series at the 23rd Bach Ngoc Lan Awards.

4. Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa (2017)

After its debut in 2017, the film has received many compliments from critics and the audience. This is the most successful film adaptation of Chinese cinema in 2017. With the participation of famous actors: Duong Mich, Trieu Huu Dinh, Dilraba Dilra, …

The film is adapted from the novel Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa by author Duong That Cong Tu.

In the movie version released in the same year by Tam Sinh Tam Thi Thi Thiet, it is one of Duong Duong’s good films next to the beautiful female lead “billionaire fairy” in the film: Liu Yifei. This is also one of Liu Yifei’s best films.

Three births, three worlds, and a decade of peach blossom

Love for the Fall of 2017 is a historical film about Bach Thien fox who lived to 140,000 years old to wait for a love. However, her love story was really unlucky.

But then she met Crown Prince Da Hoa in Cuu Trung Thien, thought the fate was successful, but still could not come together, even pushed the two into extremely difficult animosities.

Through this film, the main couple, Duong Mich and Trieu Huu Dinh, have reached new heights in their careers, while young actress Dilraba Dilra is more known to the audience and is a springboard for her. develop. Besides, Dilraba Dilra also received the best supporting actress award for the role.

5. 21 Carats (2018)

Carat is a unit of mass measurement used for gems, the film is built from the drama of the same name starring Ha Canh and Ta Na.

In this movie, Dilraba Dilra will be playing alongside Quach Kinh Phi to cooperate.

21 Carats

After the rich girl “spends money like paper” Liu Jiayin (played by Dilraba Dilra) went bankrupt, she went to the rented room with theater actor Vuong Ke Wei (Quo Kinh Phi). Wang Jiwei leaves her in a corner of the city, helping her get rid of her luxuries, spending habits, and rebuild her life.

But bad things keep coming to them unexpectedly. Because of a food poisoning incident, Liu Jiayin reluctantly had to return to her rich previous boyfriend. A year later, the two met at the market, continuing their unending fate.

6. Beautiful Ly Hue Tran (2017)

Beautiful Ly Hue Tran is a remake of Beautiful Korean Girl. In this movie, Dilraba Dilra plays Ly Hue Chan.

Lys Hue Tran is beautiful

The film tells the love story, protecting the first love in a strange way of an ordinary girl who used to have everything, but after growing up, no one cares and a boy has come out of his shell. “ugly” of school days.

7. Grocery stores to relieve sadness – 2017

The movie “The Best Grocery Store” is built from the Japanese novel by writer Higashino Keigo called “The Miracle of Namiya Grocery Store” and directed by Han Kiet. Jackie Chan, Dilraba Dilra, Vuong Tuan Khai and Dong Tu Kien play the main roles. This is also an interesting Jackie Chan movie as an old grocery store man.

Grocery store relieves sorrow

In the film, Dong Dong “fake male” (played by Dilraba Dilra), on the surface is contrary to morality, far from theoretical ideas in books, but sensitive inside. Tieu Ba (Vuong Tuan Khai), introverted, is not good at speaking, but deep inside, he is weak. A Kiet (Dong Tu Kien), is the oldest brother in the group of 3, cold, quite bizarre and hot-tempered. After breaking into the grocery store, I wanted to leave the most.

As it turned out, this abandoned house used to be a grocery store named Namiya. In addition to selling groceries, the shop owner also receives free advice for everyone’s thoughts. 33 years after the owner’s death, a miracle happens when three thieves receive advice letters from the past.

8. Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice – Pride and Prejudice (2017)

Another work is adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous author Me My Mieu. The film’s content revolves around the love of female author Duong Nam Nam (Dilraba Dilra) and a rich guy, Chu Hau.

At first, she accidentally broke Zhou Hou’s marriage proposal, then the two had a series of funny, difficult situations and then the two eventually developed feelings for each other.


However, when standing between the crossroads of career and love, how will they choose?

This is a film where Dilraba Dilra is highly appreciated in acting by the press and the audience.

9. The King’s Woman – Le Co Truyen (2017)

The film was released to the public in 2017, the film work is adapted from the series Qin Shi Ming Yue by famous Chinese writer Wen Shiren. In the movie, Dilraba Dilra plays the beautiful and beautiful Le Co. In addition to her beauty receiving compliments, her deep acting was very well received by the audience.

The story

The main content of the film is the wars, scary plots and revolves around the complicated love story of three characters Le Co, Doanh Chinh and Kinh Kha.

In addition to the presence of “little angel” Dilraba Dilra, director Luu Tan also chose an equally splendid cast such as Truong Bin Bin (Business Chinh), Luu Sang (King Kha), Ly Thai.

10. Fall In Love Like A Star (2015) – Heart touching

Co-starring with Dilraba Dilra in the film is the handsome actor Ly Dich Phong. The cast is highly appreciated and the plot is attractive and attractive, the film has quickly received the attention of the audience.

The content of the film is set in the showbiz entertainment industry, where there is a lot of noise in public opinion and a beautiful but difficult love story between a famous star and his manager.

Fall in love like a star

To Tinh Vu (Ly Dich Phong) emerged as an idol of young people, he is loved by many people and also pursued by many girls. Dien Tam (Duong Mich), the dedicated manager of Tinh Vu, she has accompanied him throughout his career development. Therefore, Tinh Vu is both grateful and loves Dien Tam. But the love story is not public, so they face a lot of difficulties.

11. Beautiful Bodyguard (2016)

Different from the private, luxurious and splendid image of the 9x beauty, Dilraba Dilra was very impressed when playing the role in the action martial arts movie Beautiful Bodyguard.

Beautiful female bodyguard

The original name was Malala Transformation Ke, a film that was not so popular at that time when Dilraba Dilra and Ma Khai were still young stars. The chemistry and impressive acting ability have brought the two’s names closer to the audience, a stepping stone for their future development.

In the film, Dilraba Dil plays the role of Quan Tieu Di, a strong-willed girl who comes to the bodyguard training camp.

Here, Tieu Di made friends with 4 other people, becoming a united group, sharing blessings and suffering together. One day, the final exam to graduate and one person had to make a sacrifice so that the other 3 could continue and Tieu Di did it. Surprisingly, it was her action that helped her pass the most difficult test.

12. Ancient Sword Ky Dam (2014)

This is the film that brought Dilraba’s name to the public. Besides, it also marks the return of Duong Mich in the movie adaptations of the game after the success of Tien Kiem.

The film Ancient Sword Ky Dam (2014) was adapted from the Game Swordsman about a boy carrying a mysterious murderous aura – Bach Ly Do To.

Ancient sword period talk

In an effort to save his mother’s life, Do To became the target of bad guy Au Duong Thieu Cung. With the help of Phong Tinh Tuyet, Phuong Lan Sinh. Tu To defeated Au Duong Thieu Cung, stopping his ambition to dominate Penglai.

13. The Legend Liu Shan Men – Luc Phien Mon (2016)

The film is the most popular project of Chinese television. Right from the preparation and filming stages, Luc Phien Mon has consumed a lot of paper and ink from the press.

The film is directed by Hoang Tuan Van and Luu Quoc Huy, with the participation of actors such as Dilraba Dilra, Phuong Trung Tin, Ung Dao Minh. In the film, Lam Phong will take on the male lead role, paired with him is the 9x beauty Dilraba Dilra – the girl who has just successfully completed the female lead role in the movie Thap Ly Dao Hoa with the participation of Duong Mich. .

The Legend Liu Shan Men

The content revolves around the investigations of Luc Phien Mon and the leader – Tu Than Moc. After the emperor of the Ming dynasty fell into a coma, the ruling system of the court became chaotic, mandarins raged, exploiting the people, the strong fought for power. Since then, many stories have been revealed. Luc Hanh also meets To Dat Thanh (played by Dilraba Dilra), starting a romantic but tearful love story.

14. Diamond Lover (2015)

Me Doa (Dilraba Dilra Nhat) is a girl with normal appearance. She fell in love with Tieu Luong – director of a diamond manufacturing company. Realizing the difference in status was too great, he did not dare to express his feelings.

And then an accident happened that changed her fate. She underwent an operation, becoming a stunning beauty. She decided to apply for Tieu Luong’s company to work.

Enemy diamond seeker pear heat ba

Later, both heartbroken and unemployed, she realizes that her outer beauty can’t get her anything. She is determined to become a jewelry maker. It is thanks to Me Doa’s optimism and efforts that she has conquered the dream boy Tieu Luong.

15. Stairway to Fame (2016)

The Ladder of Love is a story that takes place in the famous city, the film revolves around the struggle of three close friends, Truong Hao Thien, Tong Tu Duong and Lo Phong from their school days. After graduating from school, they followed different paths and turns. From there, they have to choose between interests and aspirations, between intimacy, friendship and love.

Stairway to Fame

Before the broadcast of the drama, there was an audience who questioned that the series was up to 78 episodes, lest the story would fall into the “prolonged” scene. However, director La Can Nhien and screenwriter Huu Tranh had a straightforward answer. Writer Huu Tranh said that the plot of the film is closely linked, from climax to climax, not even giving the audience enough time to breathe, it can be said that the film lacks oxygen. “There is no loophole.

16. Happiness is within reach (2020) – Love Advanced Customization

Happiness at hand is one of the latest film projects of Dilraba Dilra and actor Hoang Canh Du.

The content of the film revolves around the relationship between Chu Phong (Dilraba Dilra) and the director of an e-commerce company Tong Lam (Hoang Canh Du), from enemies to friends and then to lovers. Although there are many conflicts, they feel the sincerity of the other and develop feelings at times.

Happiness within reach

In addition to acting, she also made a great contribution to the Chinese music industry with many musical products, music songs in Chinese films and participation in many TV shows.

Above is a list of the top best movies of Dilraba Dilra , compiled by Salenhanh in the good movie category. Thank you, hope you enjoy the movie!

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