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10 Best Movies Tom Cruise

Collection of the best movies of actor Tom Cruise for you to choose and watch them. The movies below are not only loved in Vietnam but also around the world and are rated by IMDb with very high scores.

Top Tom Cruise Movies


Tom Cruise : Taps (1981)

The 1981 film Taps was adapted from the novel “Father Sky” by Devery Freeman. The film, directed by Harold Becker, features Tom Cruise and Sean Penn, who will meet new moviegoers. In 1982 the Golden Globe Award for ‘deserved film was shown among the most popular television series of the period. The film begins with the decision to destroy the Bunker Hill Military Academy, which has reached the age of 141.

Good Movies Tom Cruise: Our Mission Hazard III (2006)

Show Mission: Impossible 3 is one of the best agents of all time. Ethan Hunt leaves the secret service and starts a new life with his fiancée Julia Meade. They won’t leave agent Ethan, who was rather dark in the past, comfortable in his private life. Ethan’s former colleague John Musrave will be revealed once again with a new quest. Unstoppable by anyone, Owen Davian will descend on Ethan Hunt to catch gun smugglers. GoodAction Movie You should definitely check out the Mission Impossible series, also on the list.

Movie Tom Cruise: Vanilla Sky (2001)

The film Vanilla Sky is adapted into a screenplay from the 1997 film “Abre los ajos” written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar. Directed by Cameran Crowe, the production is the most dramatic psychological work released in 2001.thriller in between. David Aames, the film’s protagonist, is seen as a charismatic publisher with everything money can buy. Trying to solve a multitude of problems that he cannot solve, David will be heartbroken by a girl named Sofia who attends a birthday party.

Tom Cruise: Top Gun (1986)

The movie Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, is one of the most emotional action films of 1986. The film follows the challenging struggle of Navy pilot Pete Mitchell to win the title. Top Gun Award. Pete, who arrives at the Miramar naval base to win the prize, will witness fierce competition from senior pilot Tom Kasansky, who has sailed with him. The film is directed by Tony Scott, one of the successful names in American action cinema.

Tom Cruise: Oblivion (2013)

American film director Joseph Kosinski’s novel Oblivion, Radikal Comics, was re-adapted in 2013 and met movie buffs. Editing in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre takes on a completely different dimension than Tom Cruise. Someone in the military junta in Oblivion will decide to send an experienced soldier named Jack to a planet called “Earth”. It’s about what happened to Jack, who was sent on an expedition to a planet where humanity was destroyed as a result of an alien invasion.

Movie Tom Cruise Tropical Storm (2008)

Directed and starring Ben Stiller, Tropic Thunder deals with the comedic sides of actors in a training camp called Dale Dyle, where action actors are trained. Players will have great difficulty returning to real life after camping. The action actors, who started acting in war movies, performed humorous scenes in amazement while being trained in real war conditions.

Tom Cruise: Jack Reacher (2012)

The film Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike, came out in 1996 in the hands of Chiristopher McQuarrie, who received the Academy Award for Best Screenplay. The film begins with six gunshots resounding on a quiet morning in the region of burgburg. Police teams that arrive at the scene will find 5 innocent people killed in the wild. The suspect of this massacre, from the hands of a very professional marksman, will be arrested and counted within 24 hours. Despite all the efforts of the burgburger’s murder office teams, the suspect, who has not yet released a statement, searches for “Jack Reacher!” will freeze everyone’s blood with sentence.

Movie Tom Cruise: Color of Money (1986)

The film Coler of Money was adapted into the cinema from Walter Tevis’ The Color of Money, written in 1983. The 1986 Hollywood film is about dealing with the dangers posed by unexpected success. Eddie Felson, who had mastered billiards, was left behind because of age fatigue. He will suddenly realize that young Vincent, whom he met in the neighborhood bar, is already playing pool like himself. Bringing Vincent and his girlfriend with him, Eddie will begin participating in all the billiards tournaments in the country.

Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible (1996)

Mission: Impossible is based on the popular 1960s TV series. The film follows Ethan Hunt, a leader in a secret service, with a failed Prague operation and a direction of betrayal. Determined to clean up on his own, agent Ethan will decide to escape. The film, which has been ongoing since 1996, managed to garner appreciation from the audience.

Movie Tom Cruise: Barry Seal: The Smuggler (2017)

The action film American Made, written by Gary Spinelli, was released in 2017 under the direction of Doug Liman. Barry Seal, a drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar in the 1980s, was also a CIA agent. The Seal, which carried out one of the largest operations in American history, also began smuggling weapons to the CIA.

Good Movie Tom Cruise: Unfounded News (2003)

The movie Shaved Glass, written and directed by Billy Ray, once again revealed that his side was never hidden, and that he caused major problems. Stephen Glass, who works at the New Republic, is a successful journalist who shines every day. Stephen always captures his true success with lies. This man, who has the ability to convince people, will attract all the attention with his fake news.

Tom Cruise: Deadly Game (2002)

Narc, written and directed by Joe Carnahan, revolves around the efforts of two police detectives to find the killer. Dismissed from the police profession, Nick Tellis enters his professional life due to a murderous cop being murdered. The dead cop’s ex-partner will direct Nick’s investigations.

Tom Cruise: The Outsider (1983)

It was ported to the screen from Susan Hilton’s book ‘Not Included’. The film, which involves the story of two gangs, is very strong in content. Two groups of young people gathered in the town broke up because of economic and social conditions. The Greasers gang consists of the children of economically disadvantaged families, while the Socs gang consists of the wealthy children of the family. The ongoing conflict between the two sides will break out when two young men from the Greasers gang flirt with 2 girls from the Socs gang.

Tom Cruise: Operation Valkyrie (2008)

Valkyrie is a war film shot in 2008 in collaboration with the US and Germany. The film, starring Tom Cruise, tells the series of events that take place during World War II. German of the Army Period Commander Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is preparing to assassinate Adolf Hitler. This operation, called Valkyrie, will be ready to show all skills against the power of the Nazis.

Tom Cruise Good Movie: Unlimited (1998)

Limitless is adapted for the screen from the book “Black Field” written by Irish writer Alan Glynn in 2001. Eddie, living an unusual life in New York, will change his life the day he leaves girlfriend when meeting an old friend on the street. Eddie will find that he can use his entire brain with the pill he takes from his friend. Eddie, who will suddenly enter a completely different life, will soon see the side effects of this power.

Good Movie Tom Cruise: July 15th Birthday (1986)

Adapted from the novel “Born on the 4th of July” by Oliver Stone, the film is about the effects of war on people. Ron Kovic of the United States decided to join the Vietnam War for his country. Kovic, whose body was half paralyzed in difficult conditions, returned to the country as a veteran. Having a difficult time psychologically, Kovic will realize that his country has been betrayed if it does not show the necessary revenge for the veterans.

Good Movie Tom Cruise: A New Beginning (1996)

The film Jerry Maguire, filmed in the United States in 1996, is about the destruction of the entire order of a man who has everything in his life. Working as a senior representative in the International Sports Authority, Jerry has a passionate love for his fiancée Avery. In a relationship where everything goes well, Jerry is quite unsuccessful sexually. Jerry, who was hugely successful in his professional life, would be fired with the tagline “What we think and say: our business is the future”. Our main character, who will face all the difficulties of life, will have to start everything from scratch.

Good Movie Tom Cruise: Our Mission Hazard 5 (2015)

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is released as the 5th film in our Dangerous Missions series. The film, starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson, tells Ethan Hunt and his team about an uphill battle. Will the team, who will be on a new mission against the international rogue organization that plans to destroy the IMF, will manage to overcome the most difficult task that will befall them?

Good Movie Tom Cruise: Close Your Eyes Completely (1999)

Directed by Arthur Schnitzler’s Eyes Wide Shut, the film is directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film was released in 1999, about the marriage of an extremely happy wife and husband. Seeing Alice conversing with another man during an invitation they attended, Bill would be surprised what to do with anger. After that night, Bill, who had committed himself entirely to sex, would be blown into a sex life full of strange thoughts.

Good Movie Tom Cruise: Our Mission Hazard 4 (2011)

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, one of the most popular action movies of 2011, hosts the most exciting scenes of the series. Ethan Hunt and his friends, who will be on a very important mission, will take everything to clear their own IMF unit. In the activity called “Ghost Protcol”, it is not allowed to contact other people and get help!

Tom Cruise: Shooting Night (2004)

Directed by Michael Mann, the movie “Collateral” begins with Vincent hiring a taxi in Los Angeles. Taking a taxi for a new assignment, Vincent offers a good offer to the taxi driver, unaware of the events. The taxi driver, who admits to staying with the killer late into the night, will learn that Vincent’s most valuable life has been killed by Vincent.

Minority Report (2002)

The film Minority Report was adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short story Minority Report. The film, directed by Steven Spielberg, follows the events of Washington DC in the year 2054. Minority Report, one of Tom Cruise’s best films, will cover the work of a few. Technological devices and prophecies allow murders to be detected before they are committed. Detective John Anderton, the leader of the team, will destroy the system he believes works perfectly.

Tom Cruise: The Order (2001)

Directed by Alejandro Amenabar, The Other Film tells about the mysterious sequence of events that happened to Gareve after World War II. Grave, who lost his wife in the war, will be left with a terrible reality before he can heal the wounds of the war. Having a noble family, the woman hired people to come to her mansion. Grave’s daughter Anne is inseparable from her imaginary friend Victor. Trapped in an unexpected cloud of fog, the family hopes to face more gruesome problems.

Tom Cruise: Interview with a Vampire (1994)

Interview With The Vampire was adapted from the 1976 novel “Interview with the Vampire” by Anna Rice. Directed by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, the film is about the bite of aristocrat Louis by the vampire Lestat. Louis, who was bitten by a vampire and turned into a vampire, will go on different missions because he doesn’t want to kill people.

Tom Cruise Good Movie: A Few Good Men (1992)

Directed by Rob Reiner, the film A Few Goog Men tells the story of a laid-back lawyer and conciliator Daniel Kaffee. The lawyer, who prefers a settlement between the two parties instead of going to a lawsuit, will carry out an extremely intense investigation against the murder that caused the death of a soldier. Meeting with the two soldiers who caused the soldier’s death, Kaffe won’t be able to go through with his words despite saying that they will get a discount if they accept their crimes.

Tom Cruise: The Last Samurai (2003)

Depicting Japan’s modernization, the movie Samurai finally comes to life with a mysterious offer from high-ranking captain Nathan Algren from Japan. Called for military training by the Japanese in the 1870s, the captain would be tasked with explaining the intricacies of modern methods of warfare. Saved by the samurai leader by accident, Nathan will learn to live like a samurai.

Good Movie Tom Cruise: Mission Hazard 6 (2018)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the sixth film in the series directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Legendary agent Ethan Hunt has a hard time with the IMF team he works with. When the last mission goes wrong, the CIA, against the CIA, will be blacklisted by the CIA due to its failures. As all these troubles continue, the chain of events that will plunge the world into great chaos will emerge.

Movie Tom Cruise: At Tomorrow’s Border (2014)

The movie The Edge of Tomorrow is adapted from the book “All You Need Is Kill” published in 2004. The film, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, was directed by Doug Liman. The theme of the movie; It depicts an alien invasion that has taken over the world and has increasingly dire consequences. During the invasion, where the army begins to be destroyed one after another, a man who lost his life will be reborn. Back to the day when the invasion has not begun, the hero will fight the alien invasion that no power can destroy.

Movie Tom Cruise: Magnolia (1999)

The film Magnolia, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, has been awarded Golden Globe Awards in 16 different branches after its 1999 release. The film, cop Jim Kurring, will encounter a corpse in the line of duty. its service. Jim, who is on different adventures while trying to fully solve the event, will meet people with 10 different tragic life stories at a time.

Tom Cruise: Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man, directed by Barry Levinson, won an Academy Award in “Best Director”, “Best Actor”, “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Picture” in 1988. The film. starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, follows Charlie’s humorous and dramatic adventures with Raymond, who suffers from another illness, and lives the glamorous life in Los Angeles.

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